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Release Date-10th April 2018
Publisher-Parliament House Press
Kindle Edition

Life hasn’t been easy for Isabella. She spent most of her childhood in the foster care system, and now at twenty-two, she has landed herself in prison on drug charges. Her troubled past is what makes her a perfect candidate for the government’s latest scientific endeavour, Operation Gene Re-sequencing. No one will miss her. No one will question her absence. But, when it’s discovered Isabella is immune to their DNA-changing drugs, she is selected to be used as prey for those who aren’t.

Chase and Brayden couldn’t be more opposite; Chase is calm, reserved, and completely insistent that he will control the changes the virus is causing in his body. Brayden, on the other hand, has always been wild and uninhibited. He welcomes the new animalistic nature coming over him. The one thing they have in common? They both have a taste for the cute little inmate who is now sharing their cell.



The Ganga Shift by Mary Bernsen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Release Date-10/4/18

I really loved the Ganga Shift, it was so different and such a unique read.
I really don’t know why I had it in my head that this was some sort of menage story, maybe the blurb.
Just goes to show you shouldn’t make assumptions.
If I was to describe this to someone I’d say it was a menagerie of crossed genres that shouldn’t work but they just do.
The Ganga Shift in execution was bloody brilliant and I was glued to my kindle from the moment I started.
What I especially enjoyed was the inclusion of Hinduism.
I am not a religious person but if I were to identify with any faith at all it would probably be this as I just find the belief system so fascinating.
Don’t misunderstand me this book isn’t overly religious or preachy.
The Ganga Shift manages to intertwine the concepts and beliefs of Hinduism with a background stealth that welds it into the overall story so naturally.
Our tale is told from numerous POV.
Chase, Brayden, Isabella and the occasional viewpoint of Shannon a nurse overseeing treatment.
So you get a really well-rounded picture of what is occurring.
There are also a few other memorable characters that show there face as well some definitely a lot nicer than others.
All in all, this was such a fascinating experience and I am happy to recommend this.
It was well written overall and had no problem keeping my attention.
This story is a distinctly different read than the norm and I am ever so glad I have given it a chance.
Thank You to the Author for proving me with an ARC of (The Ganga Shift) of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Resuscitation (Trauma #3) by Cassia Brightmore

Release Date-October 2nd 2017
Genre-Dark Romance
Kindle Edition-158 pages

A mantra that Dr. Cian O’Reilly has lived by; never allowing any new insiders to pierce his inner circle. Until her. Dr. Athena Payne was his game changer, the woman he wanted to bring into his cloak of darkness; to share in his malicious desires of torture and terror as the executioner of all who escaped justice. But when faced with an alleged betrayal of that trust, how far will he go to seek his vengeance?

Love. Conquers. All.

Three words that Athena Payne has always believed whole-heartedly. In her determination to become a brilliant heart surgeon, her thirst for knowledge tossed her headlong into a hidden conspiracy, a deadly game of death intertwined with the complications of love. Trusting and loving Cian may very well be the last things she ever does as she’s faced with paying the ultimate price for allowing him into her heart.

Save a life. Take a life.

Will the hardest kill Cian’s ever faced be his last? As others circle closer to learning his true identity, interns and attendings alike face the possibility of losing everything they’ve fought so hard to gain.

Trust no one. Let love conquer all. And prepare for a shocking ending that you won’t see coming in this third installment of the Trauma Series.

Lincoln Hospital, where the cure can be your worst nightmare.

Warning: Contains violent and graphic situations not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen. This is the third book in the “Dexter” meets “Grey’s Anatomy” series and ends on a cliffhanger. All books must be read in order to follow the series.

Resuscitation (Trauma, #3)Resuscitation by Cassia Brightmore

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Resuscitation (Trauma #3), By Cassia Brightmore, well where do I start with this one after the cliffhanger of the last book I was so hoping a certain somebody would see sense and desist from his course of actions.
With this not happening I can honestly say I may have hit a HARD LIMIT!!!!
The Deeds undertook in Resuscitation to me are in no way ever redeemable whats so ever.
I just can’t get my head around it I bloody Knew that Dr Death as I’m now referring to him was losing it big time.
I said I felt a lack of connection Between Cian and Athena, this kinda proves it.
How can you profess to love and adore somebody and then treat them this way I was absolutely appalled and astounded.
And in the aftermath what does our dear Athena do she jumps right back in with both feet, joins back up with the murder squad and again starts banging her dear Dr Death.
How can she forgive him!!! Is she bloody insane!!!!
I don’t get it.
So this is my main reason for marking this down from the first two books. “Resuscitation” left a bad taste in my mouth that I struggled to get rid of, I found I just couldn’t make myself forgive Cian.
I’ve rated this a three because despite me reaching a limit here this is a well written interesting read.
And I also couldn’t get this out of my head, so it’s definitely a book I won’t forget in a hurry.
So as per usual Resuscitation’s finale was a cliffhanger, no clue where Cassia is going with this but I will be reading the next in the series, I need to know what happens. and despite my revulsion, I am now definitely invested in the Trauma series.

Heres my review’s for the first two in the series if you would like to check them out.……

And I will leave you with this little taster, just to whet your appetite for Resuscitation

“I am this city’s judge. I am the trial. I am the executioner. I am what criminals should fear at night. I am merciless and I will never fail. I am the Reaper; the bringer of death. My punishments are delivered not swiftly, but accurately and with precision. Consider that before you commit a crime in my city.”

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Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm

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Flatline (Trauma #2) by Cassia Brightmore

Release Date-September 12th 2016
Genre-Dark Romance
Kindle Edition-144 pages


Within the walls of the prestigious Lincoln Hospital in New York City, a hunter awaits. A man with a thirst for blood and an appetite for vengeance. Dr. Cian O’Reilly, the city’s most respected cardiovascular surgeon, is living a double life, one bathed in torture and mayhem as he delivers final justice to the city’s most heinous criminals.

When a new influx of physicians joins the rotation, the struggle for anonymity intensifies as a nosy reporter inches closer to the truth about Cian’s true identity. In a dangerous game of kill or be killed, no one is safe and everyone is a potential victim.

A romance blossoming on the premise of murder. An escaped killer on the loose. A traitor in the midst intent on bringing them all down.

Lincoln Hospital. Where the cure can be your worst nightmare.

Warning: Contains violence and graphic situations not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen. This is the second book in the “Dexter” meets “Grey’s Anatomy” series and ends on a cliffhanger. All books must be read in order to follow the series.

Flatline (Trauma, #2)Flatline by Cassia Brightmore

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm

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🌟🌟🌟1/2 STARS
Right, Flatline (Trauma, #2) By Cassia Brightmore, I struggled a little with this instalment, don’t get me wrong I still enjoyed this, but it was no-where near as good as “Lincoln Hospital”
Hence me marking it down in my ratings slightly.
In fact, It wasn’t until we got that shocker of a cliffhanger near the end, and I was like
That it Jumped from a three-star up to a three and a half, I was so shocked and so instantly reinvested in this series.
So I’m not going to hash over all the back story as I covered that in my review for book one.
which you will find here.…

So “Flatline” carries on where “Lincoln Hospital leaves us with Dr Cian O’Reilly and Dr Athena Payne now practically living together and conducting a secret relationship under the noses of there colleagues.
The only ones fully aware of Cians and Athenas out of hours association are best friend Sabine and the murder squad as I have affectionately nicknamed them.
So in this instalment, we get a lot more hospital drama, some more gruesome kills and a few more of those sexy shenanigans from our gruesome twosome.
Theres also another major player introduced to the hospital playground Dr Rafe Mckay and he’s a bit of a ladies man, he takes an instant interest in Sabina and Athena much to Cian’s displeasure.
And then just when you think not much more is going to happen BAM!!!! a really awful killer twist that I really didn’t see coming.
so here’s what I struggled with,


images (1)

Still not feeling the connection between Cian and Athena, There needs to be less sex, less murder and more actual connecting between these two I’m just not feeling it.
Is it just me? or is Cian losing the plot he seems less vigilante avenger and more psychotic sadistic murderer? has he crossed the line and is enjoying it far too much?
I felt not much happened here it was just more of what we got from book one.
Also, remember Bianca, I think her name was (Correct me if I’m wrong) from book one, in the interest of full disclosure why has Cian not mentioned what actually happened to her too Athena, you know just while we are all being honest and all.
This above point makes me question Cian’s integrity, he’s developed a bit of a god complex and the way he’s just able to push this fact to the back of his mind as trivial, an accident if you will, well it doesn’t speak much for his character.
This is personal but I’m actually starting to dislike Cian, and finding it hard to believe that someone who loved his wife so much could change so drastically in two years.
And finally Athena, I do like her but she seemed to accept and also jump on board the murder squad boat very quickly, just an observation.



So there it is folks, very much swings and roundabouts for me.
I’m invested but with some reservations, I will be reading book three Resuscitation, how could I not with that ending.
So just to close, I enjoyed this and yes I would recommend. Flatline is well written with a dramatic storyline, enjoy.

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Lincoln Hospital (Trauma #1) by Cassia Brightmore

Release Date-April 18th 2016
Genre-Dark Romance
Kindle Edition-178 pages

On the twenty-third day—he hunts, bringing the scum of the earth to justice; his justice. Ending up as a patient on Dr. O’Reilly’s table could either save your life or end it in the most horrific way.

New York City. The infamous city that never sleeps; the place where dreams either shine brightly or shatter into razor sharp pieces of metal. For Dr. Cian O’Reilly, it’s the perfect city to disguise his dark alter ego. As a top surgeon at Lincoln Hospital, he has access to resources far beyond the reach of the average person; the ideal cover for his double life. By day, he’s the epitome of professionalism. By night, the facade is stripped away and his true depraved self is revealed.

When Dr. Athena Payne joins the roster as a new surgical intern, Cian’s carefully constructed life is thrown into turmoil. With her sunny smile and wide-eyed innocence, she threatens to break through his iron-like exterior, exposing the man beneath. Following her dream of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon, her internship at Lincoln Hospital is the first step in achieving her goals. Something about the dark air of mystery that surrounds her new boss, Dr. Cian O’Reilly, leaves Athena questioning just what it is that the good doctor is hiding.

A killer on the loose. A doctor wielding a deadly blade. An intern caught in the midst of first love and a lethal web of murder.

Lincoln Hospital. Where the cure can be your worst nightmare.

Warning: Contains violence and graphic situations not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

Lincoln Hospital (Trauma, #1)Lincoln Hospital by Cassia Brightmore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 photo images_zps3oge5yzg.jpg

Lincoln Hospital (Trauma, #1) by Cassia Brightmore what did I think, well I loved this, of Course.
I’ve always been a sucker for a tormented A-hole of a hero and Dr Cian O’Reilly has the dick factor in spades, so this book had me by the short and curlies from the get-go.
So the premise of this book is that that Dr Cian has taken upon himself the task of bringing to justice those deserving of his less tender care.
So By day, he saves lives as a top surgeon and by night, with his carefully selected team he delivers his own brand of sweet justice, ridding the streets of scum.
So yeh in some ways, Cian did remind me a bit of Dexter, they have the same goals just differing reasons for what they do.but Cian has defiantly got the shittier attitude of the two.
So Dr Athena Payne joins the hospital as a new intern and from day one spark fly between these two. But Cian is struggling with what he wants, (Athena) and he tries really hard to push her away behaving like a real SOB to her Can’t believe how hot and cold he was blowing with her, shame on you Cian, not nice.
Now I don’t want to really give too much away, so I’m just gonna list what I thought Lincoln Hospital’s weak points were, and bare in mind this is just my own personal observation’s.

I would have liked to see more of a development in the romance department, Cian and Athena went from Zero to I Love you in ten seconds flat, as much as I love these two instalove just isn’t my thing.
I thought the kidnapping serial killers was a bit out of place, It felt clunky like it was thrown into the mix just for drama. didn’t quite get this addition at all.
Also when Cian comes clean to Athena, it was so anticlimactic, I really expected much more from this.

despite the above points, this was a good engaging read that I raced through. It had well-developed characters and an easy reading style that flows.
It also had another major plus factor in its favour, A big fat twist at the end that I so didn’t see coming, now that was a shocker, well done Cassia,
I am so ready now to read Flatline (Trauma, #2).
There’s No way I can’t not read it now after that big ruddy expose, I’m still somewhat in shock.

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Don’t Wake Up by Liz Lawler

Release Date-May 25th 2017
Publisher-Bonnier Zaffre
Genre-Psychlogical Thriller
Kindle Edition-320 pages

Alex Taylor wakes up tied to an operating table.

The man who stands over her isn’t a doctor.

The offer he makes her is utterly unspeakable.

But when Alex re-awakens, she’s unharmed – and no one believes her horrifying story. Ostracised by her colleagues, her family and her partner, she begins to wonder if she really is losing her mind.

And then she meets the next victim.

So compulsive you can’t stop reading.

So chilling you won’t stop talking about it.

A pitch-black and devastatingly original psychological thriller.

Don't Wake UpDon’t Wake Up by Liz Lawler

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG, this book was bloody fantastic, one of my favourite reads this year, can’t believe this was a debut author it was that good and believe me I read a lot of fiction.
Don’t wake up by Liz Lawler was one of those stories that is impossible to put down. I was awake half the night reading, as this was such a compulsive story and I just had to know what was going to happen next.
To summarise we have Dr Alex Taylor, A doctor working A&E. One night upon leaving work she is attacked, upon rousing, she discovers herself naked on an operating table, with a masked stranger.
waking from this traumatic ordeal and believing she could have been raped the police are called. The problem is Alex when found unconscious in the hospital grounds by a security guard and her boyfriend Patrick The vet, is fully clothed with not a mark on her and nobody really believes her thinking she has suffered a head trauma and imagined her horrific experience.
Alex then spirals into a downward plunge of alcohol, anxiety and diazepam.
No one will listen to her, and events are escalating. I won’t go into any more detail as I really don’t want to spoil this excellent read for others, let’s just say we have murder, intrigue a bit of romance and a story of phycological warfare that keeps you guessing until the end.
In conclusion, this is one book that you don’t want to miss this year, the writing is excellent and in a sea of fiction, Don’t wake up really stands out as a brilliant dark psychological thriller if I could give it more than five stars I would it was that good.
A job well done, Liz Lawler
I received a free E-Copy of Don’t Wake Up from NetGalley and this is my own honest opinion.

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