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/ Book Review / Stay (Love in the Dark Book 1) / Chelsea Camaron /



Release Date-Sep 5th 2015
Genre-Dark Drama
Kindle Edition-193 Pages


Fair Warning … This isn’t a sappy romance. It’s not sweet. It’s far from anything you would want to imagine. This is a story to leave you feeling dirty.

Nothing about us is normal.

Nothing about us is natural.

Can love ultimately be defined in such ways, truly?

This is our story.

He is a hit man, the very one who took my family the night that changed us both forever. Something in my eyes stopped him from killing me. Something in my eyes called out for him to take me.

At ten, he captured me. At fifteen, he consumed me. And at eighteen, he owned me.

Outsiders think he’s my father … That is so far from the truth.

Our twisted desires fuel the darkness that lies deep inside us both. My innocence never existed, and he takes me as I am.

***Warning: Adult content not suitable for readers under the age of 18. This is a dark romance filled with graphic violence and is not to be mistaken as a light read. This is not your typical HEA. You have been warned.***


Stay by Chelsea Camaron
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

stay 2-2

This was certainly nothing like what I was expecting but I adored it anyway.
“Stay” tells the story of one tragic little girl’s redemption by a very unlikely saviour.
I didn’t find this a particularly dark read but it definitely had undertones with the physical abuse of a young girl prior to her liberation from the hands of the people who should have been her fiercest protectors.
In this, it’s Her Stranger that takes on the mantle of guardian and unexpected benefactor to a young Fallyn.
In her, this stone-cold hitman sees his second chance at protecting the innocence he still sees in her.
An almost second chance if you will after his life imploded so dramatically; ironically it’s his angel (Fallyn) that gives him a purpose to live for; I say ironic because considering his initial intention it really is.
So I really loved this and honestly didn’t see that ending; it took caught me completely unawares.
Though I do think considering Her Strangers need to protect her things would have gone down slightly differently than they did.
After everything that Giano had done to shield and protect her, I can’t see him then subjecting his Angel to such tortures of the soul and scarring her with recurring memories for years to come; one thing was very apparent here her stranger loved her so deeply so I just can’t see it myself.
That is my only reason for removing half a star here.
This is told all from Fallyn’s POV and it was truly intriguing witnessing the slow metamorphosis from Fallyn to Angelina to the point the two identities merge into one whole new entity entirely.
I also loved the fact we are then treated to two epilogues an almost you decide scenario; I adored that and is it wrong that the darker of the two possibilities is definitely where my own choice was edging towards here.
So This isn’t a rainbows and ribbons type of story, it isn’t even a romance if I had to put a label on this it’s all about loss, redemption and temptation, finding a reason to continue the daily struggle that is life.
But where there is darkness there is also light and I truly believe that Fallyn was this for Giano, his redemption; And in a way, despite the conclusion here these two were each other’s, unexpected saviours, there for each other at a certain crossroads in life.
I’m actually welling up here just writing this review so deeply did this story touch my soul.
This is one bittersweet story that will stay with me for a while and am so very glad to see the author has decided to continue this enthraling saga I for one can’t wait to see where this goes.
A warning before I go this does very briefly at the beginning portray a scene of Fallyn’s abuse by her father; just thought I’d give a heads up in case anyone is triggered by this.
Thank you to the author for providing me with a review copy of “Stay” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions are entirely my own.


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/ ARC Book Review / The Red Ledger ( part 2 ) / Meredith Wild /

thumbnail_The Red Ledger #2 Cover


Release Date-29th May 2018
Genre-Dark romantic Suspense
Publisher-Waterhouse Press
Kindle Edition


She’s the only link to his past… 

Six years ago, Tristan Stone was everything to me. My whole heart, my future. We were unshakeable, bound tighter by any force that tried to drive us apart. Then he disappeared from my life, leaving me in tatters, broken and running away to one of the most intense cities in the world. Somehow he found me, but now nothing is the same… 

Tristan claims someone wants me dead. He’s scarred and dangerous, but all of that seems to melt away when we touch. I might be the only one who can give him his memories, but I want more. The lover I could never forget is trapped inside the heartless man he’s become. I won’t stop until I reach him. I won’t stop until I find the answers he’s not giving me. 


The Red Ledger: 2 by Meredith Wild
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Release Date-29/5/18

This is the second instalment in this exciting series and we are plunged right back into the action almost from the beginning here.
This time around we are in the States after Tristan sent Isobel off there to safety; not to worry; it’s not long before he’s hot on her heels as Isobel seems to suffer from a little thing called; NOT FOLLOWING ORDERS!!!
Considering he’s the killer and shes out of her comfort zone I would think she would show a bit more wit if she wants to stay alive; it’s common sense 101 really.
So I rated this and the previous novella the same; but in my opinion, this one has the slight edge for me; I just felt much more of a connection between Isobel and Tristen and I also felt that there was much more going on here in terms of mystery and intrigue to keep my attention.
Tristan is a whole lot warmer this time around as he slowly starts to regain fragments of his past.
This really was a short but packed volume and I really appreciated the finale and its potential for growth.
The only downside for me here is that I’m not a great fan of serial novella’s.
I feel they are too short to hook and invest me in the drama.
I can count on one hand the number of these types of fiction I’ve rated highly, luckily “The Red Ledger” series is one of the better novella serials I’ve experienced; it certainly was packed throughout despite being bitesize.
I’m very intrigued to see where this will go next.
A fab little read.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “The Red Ledger: 2” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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/ ARC Book Review / The Red Ledger: Part 1 / Meredith Wild /



Release Date-21st May 2018
Genre-Dark Romantic Suspense
Publisher-Waterhouse Press
Kindle Edition-116 Pages


He’s death for hire… 

Some people measure life in hours. Days. Weeks. I measure mine in kills. A covert military mission gone wrong robbed me of my memory and any link to my past. This is my existence now. I execute and survive. Nothing more, nothing less. I was ready to write Isabel Foster’s name in my ledger of unfortunate souls until she uttered the one word that could stop the bullet meant for her. My name. 

She knows my face. She knows me. She’s the key to the memories I’m not sure I want back. Now nothing is simple. I still have a job to do, and my soul isn’t worth saving. I’m not the man she thinks I am. I can’t love her. And sparing her life puts us both in the crosshairs. 


The Red Ledger: Part 1 by Meredith Wild
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Release Date-21/5/18

Meredith Wild was a new author for me so I was going in blind here.
And for such a short read “The Red Ledger” was surprisingly packed full of twists and turns from start to finish.
there was never a dull moment here and the initial blurb for this didn’t disappoint; so many are less than what is described and built up.
So this delivered on its promise and definitely left me wanting much more, and with so many questions left unanswered, I am really looking forward to devouring the next piece.
Still, Have no clue why Isobel Foster has been targeted by persons unknown; discluding the obvious of course of her father’s job.
And also still a trifle bemused how Isobel’s lost love Tristan ended up with the contract for her ultimate demise.
And this shadowy organisation Tristan is now contracted to; that has now placed a bounty on both there heads.
Who is Jay? And what does she hope to achieve here?
Because I’m damn sure there more to her agenda than she is actually disclosing.
I’m hoping all these questions and more will finally get answered in the next instalment; can’t wait.
This was such a fascinating read and the only thing that pulled it down slightly for me was I wasn’t entirely convinced at how swiftly Tristan went from cold to caring in regards to Isobel.
Despite that slight nitpick this is one that I highly recommend.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “The Red Ledger: (Part 1)” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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/ ARC Book Review / ISAN-International / Sensory Assassin Network / Mary Ting /



Release Date-1st May 2018
Genre-Dystopian YA
Publisher-Vesuvian Books
Kindle Edition-331 Pages




Meteors devastated the Earth. World Governments developed plans to help surviving citizens. The United States disbanded and salvageable land was divided into our quadrants—North, South, East, and West—governed by The Remnant Council.

Struggling to survive, seventeen-year-old Ava ends up in juvenile detention, until she is selected for a new life—with a catch. She must be injected with an experimental serum. The results will be life-changing. The serum will make her better. To receive the serum, Ava agrees to join a program controlled by ISAN, the International Sensory Assassin Network.

While on a mission, she is abducted by a rebel group led by Rhett and told that not only does she have a history with him, but her entire past is a lie perpetuated by ISAN to ensure her compliance. Unsure of who to trust, Ava must decide if her strangely familiar and handsome captor is her enemy or her savior—and time is running out.

ISAN – International Sensory Assassin Network by Mary Ting
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Release Date-1/5/18

ISAN (International Sensory Assassin Network) was a read I enjoyed very much.
I have been reading quite a few YA novels at the moment and this was one that intrigued me massively.
So this was my first book by this particular author and “ISAN” overall was a clean YA read.
The blurb initially piqued my attention in a good way and this was one I was really looking forward to getting stuck into.
so if I had to split this down into parts I would say the second half of this book is of a much faster pace than the first.
I would also have myself liked for the beginning of”ISAN” to be of a faster pace with maybe more in-depth world-building.
For me, this would have pushed this from a four-star up into a five.
But when this eventually did get going it was fast paced with plenty of action and definitely kept me on my toes throughout.
With a vast array of diverse individuals “ISAN” delivers on all fronts.
I am still finding my feet in regards to what is occurring and the hidden agendas buried within the narrative here, but I am also very much looking forward and ahead to where this may go in the future.
The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see where they lead.
So all-though there is a romantic element here in “Isan” this very much takes a back seat in the overall storyline plot.
This has more of a post-apocalyptic dystopian vibe than a romantic one and the setting hooked me right from the beginning.
“ISAN” is told from Ava’s POV I myself would have definitely preferred a more well-rounded perspective from multiple characters, but that’s just me.
I Also should mention that this is also quite a lengthy read of at least five hours and it also ended on a giant cliffhanger.
I’m almost positive from this there is going to be a twist coming, there just has to be, It cant be left like that.
So I found this to be a great dystopian read that also had an extremely imaginative narrative.
It was a fabulous start to what I am sure will be a great new series.
Eagerly awaiting the next instalment now.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “ISAN – International Sensory Assassin Network ” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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/ ARC Book Review / MERCY- A Hitman Romance / Lindsay Marie Miller /



Release Date-31st January 2017
Genre- Romantic Suspense
Kindle Edition-412 Pages



I fell in love with a hitman.
The one hired to kill me.
I just hope he doesn’t break my heart.

Nineteen-year-old Anna James is an Ex-President’s daughter with a bounty on her head. A sudden thirst for teenage rebellion lands her in a crowded nightclub, where she locks eyes with a beautiful stranger across the room.

Ten years her senior, elusive and brooding Julian rescues Anna and then whisks her away to an undisclosed location in the wilderness. But Julian is like a force of nature—cold as ice one minute, warm and tender the next. Frightened and distressed, Anna is reluctant to trust her hero.

Especially when she discovers that Julian is the man hired to kill her.

Mercy: A Hitman Romance

Mercy: A Hitman Romance by Lindsay Marie Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

giphy (1)

Release Date-21/1/17

So “Mercy: A Hitman Romance” by Lindsay Marie Miller was very much swings and roundabouts for me and initially I thought It was totally going to be a three-star rating all the way, then just over halfway through this book something happened to change that.
The author managed to totally blindside me, I mean I really didn’t see this coming at all.
The ball was thrown completely out of the park.
And in doing so “Mercy” was pulled from an Ok mediocre read to a
WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K !!!! just happened moment.


Loooved that so much, it’s been a while since I’ve been caught off guard quite like that.
So I will try to explain what my gripes were here.
first, really didn’t like the cover picture of this book at all.
I hate to sound judgmental and all, but it just wasn’t at all how I imagined Anna to be.
She was meant to be a sheltered naive nineteen-year-old.
She also, I found, came across initially as quite an immature child, lacking the life experience to see the overall bigger picture.
I did find this extremely irritating, but it just goes to show how our life experiences shape us as individuals, as I imagine a similarly aged girl, with a normal upbringing, would have likely been much more grown up in behaviour, I know I was at that age.


So back to that front cover, Well, the representation of Anna, really looked just like a high-class call girl.
And that’s no offence to call girls everywhere.
I’m sorry she just did with her boobs pushed up in that bright red dress.
It was just all sorts of wrong in appearance.
And the male on the front, Well he looked like a chauffer sigh.
But that aside it was mainly Anna’s immaturity and Julian’s arctic mood swings that I initially found off-putting.
Julian’s moodiness was bordering on bipolar at times, there was just no rhyme or reason to his behaviour at these times and that really perplexed me.
Why was he was acting like such a tool?

And I also couldn’t reconcile with his wanting Anna when she acted like such a child.
And this is coming from a women whos partner is twenty years older than her.
I met my other half when I was Twenty-one and he was Forty-0ne and I imagine he would have run for the hills, If I’d behaved quite as young and idiotic as Anna.
Julian, in my opinion, seemed more like a father than a lover to her.
I also wasn’t a great fan of the way the physical aspects of this relationship played out.
I even had to re-read a few passages, as I couldn’t be sure that they had actually done the deed the descriptive was so vague in overall nature.


This is just me personally as I like my men to be portrayed as much more raw and graphic in overall nature and intent.
Also, Annas relationship with her parents.
She really needed to grow a pair and tell them where to get off.
Girl, you want to be a grown-up?
then start behaving like one.
Tell mummy and Daddy to bloody butt out.
So now I have that off my chest, here come the goodies.
When this really got going I was shocked.
This was completely different to what I was expecting and everything I thought I knew was incorrect.
I Can’t say too much without letting the cat out the bag. but let’s just say this had twists and turns aplenty.
Most that I had not a clue were approaching.
And these secrets and lies also left me reeling, with my mouth open, agape.
“Mercy had me sobbing like a baby, I was absolutely distraught and bereft in places here.
This ultimately turned out to be a great read, and I especially love it when you think you’re in for one thing and then you get something else entirely when things change directions on you in such dramatic fashion.
Bravo that quite a feat to manage.
This isn’t a dark read in my opinion.
It’s more about sweet second-chances and love.
Much more romantic than I was expecting.
So if you like your romance more on the lighter side of the spectrum, this ones for all those closet romantics out there.
And I am happy to recommend.
So Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Mercy A Hitman Romance” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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/ ARC Book Review / The Reaper (La Asesina Bonita, #2) / Michelle Brown /



Release Date-5th April 2018
Genre-Dark Mafia Romance
Kindle Edition

Warning: this book will contain triggers and is intended for a mature audience 18+

Anthony’s hands are drenched in blood as The Reaper, he’s become accustomed to it.

He wanted Rosalina’s empire. 
He would have stopped at nothing to take it. 
But instead, she stole his heart.

What happens when The Reaper is told to “handle” the Pretty Killer?

This is book two of the La Asesina Bonita Duet 

Warning: this book will contain triggers and is intended for a mature audience 18+ 



The Reaper by Michelle Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 photo download 1_zps9r5naak2.jpg

Release Date-5/4/18

So “The Reaper” Starts where Pretty Killer Leaves off and this was by far my favourite out of the two short novellas.
The action here was ramped right up from the get-go with never a dull moment and we get to spend some more quality time with Rosalina and Tony.
So this time around we concentrate more on the reapers story.
With Rosie discovering there’s much more than she originally realised to her new lover.
Tony is also a great match for Rosie’s sadistic nature ultimately making these too one great power couple.
I also really enjoyed the overall dynamic between these two.
I loved there back and forth banter, it was really refreshing.
There was also one scene in particular here where Tony definitely let his inner Reaper lose and I loved it so much.
It was a fitting and just punishment, Karmas really is a bitch.
Overall I found this to be an enjoyable short read, my only issue here was the overall length.
I would have prefered it to have been longer.
It’s hard to sometimes convey the emotion and intent behind the words when the story is told to quickly.
However, ultimately this was an interesting read that I enjoyed.
Thank You to the Author for proving me with an ARC of “The Reaper” (La Asesina Bonita, #2) of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own

 photo download_zps5dai8lmc.jpg

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/ ARC-Book Review / Up in Smoke (King #8) / by T.M. Frazier /



Release Date-19th February
Genre-Dark Romance
Kindle Edition-358 Pages

A King Series Novel.

I’m a man without a conscience. 
I deal in murder and mayhem.
I’m the best at what I do. 
Frankie Helburn is supposed to be an easy job. 
A means to flush her father out of hiding.
Except there isn’t anything simple about Frankie or the secrets she’s keeping. 
She’s stubborn as hell and the sexiest god damn thing I have ever seen, sending dark, dirty animalistic desire coursing through my veins. 
She’s cocaine with legs. A f*cking addiction that makes me question things I’ve never questioned before. Want things I’ve never wanted before. 
I might have her, but she isn’t mine to keep. 
If her father doesn’t show his face, she will be mine. 

Up in Smoke (King, #8)Up in Smoke by T.M. Frazier

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 photo Up-in-smoke-PRE-ORDER_zpsb8u66edd.jpg

🌟🌟🌟🌟1/2 STARS
Release Date-19/2/18

Up in Smoke (King, #8) by T.M. Frazier is my second book by this author.
I have previously read “all the Rage” and though I enjoyed it this is hands down my favourite out of the two.
This is Smoke and Frankie’s story.
And also as an added bonus, I got to reconnect with Rage AKA Bionic Barbie who I absolutely bloody adore, so I was super ecstatic over this little fact.
So the opening chapter here was an absolute heartbreaker.
But It was this insight into Smoke’s past tragedy that helped me reconcile enormously with his actions to follow.
Without this, I think it would have taken me a lot longer to warm to him.
It’s been a while since I read “All the rage” I know he was in that, but my memory of him was kinda fuzzy.
So my main impressions of Smoke as an individual were really all gleaned from here.
That is why as awful as I found that opening scene, it really was needed for me as a sort of barometer for Smoke’s early on overall behaviour.
So Frankie is hiding in plain sight as a Catholic schoolgirl.
Lieing low, but also hiding in fear as she completes what she feels is her calling.
But the thing that she is afraid of is about to catch right up with her.
As the men that are after her father, have got sick of waiting for him to crawl out of the woodwork and have decided to take Frankie as bait.
Either he show’s his face or they are gonna take it out of Frankie’s hide.
Her days are literally numbered.
So when Smoke turns up and kidnaps her right out of school. Frankie posing as schoolgirl Sarah is terrified.
But She’s still going to use every trick in her arsenal to try and escape this situation.
She can’t give him her father and she knows no rescue is on the near horizon for her.
She only has herself and her wits to rely on and with people counting on her, well shes determined to give Smoke the slip.
So this was great reading I really liked both main characters and also the overall dynamic between the two.
Smoke himself was what I would describe as your classic tortured anti-hero, a bad man but with some redeeming qualities.
Though originally here its quite hard to see what these are, you’d need an actual magnifying glass maybe to spot any.
As time goes on he becomes less certain of what he thinks he knows and wants in regards to Frankie.
He can’t help but feel a connection and strong pull towards her and this is the last thing he wants or needs.
Smoke considers himself a bit of a lone wolf but it’s apparent he has more actual link’s than he realises.
Frankie well shes just as bad when it comes to forming connections, she also tries to stave off this inevitable union.
Both running scared in my opinion.
Frankie, well Shes all sorts of feisty, loyal and beautiful and with a moral compass to boot.
What’s not to love.
And When these two eventually give in to there baser needs there definitely going up in smoke.
So this was a total page turner it was action packed, full of intrigue and super scorching when it comes to the temperature.
It would have been a full house for me except for one little detail.
There was a certain incident on Smokes side that I couldn’t overlook and without going into to much detail it pissed me the hell off and I wanted to wallop smoke with my bleeding kindle and then throw every pot, ornament and near handy object at his stupid, thick numbskull head like really really hard, GRRRR!!!!!

 photo giphy_zpskhevjkab.gif


 photo deep-breath-gif-5_zpsirjvdc0u.gif

So I removed half a star because I was super annoyed, it would have been one, but I waited a while to write this review and I’ve calmed down a tad now, as long as I don’t think about it to much.
I wouldn’t have been in such a huff had this happened earlier in time, but Feelings were actually occurring so super no no no.
But despite that one instant all else is good in the world.
So give this excellently written book a try it’s a cracker of a read.
I was provided with an ARC of “Up In Smoke” By the author of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

 photo 24615191._SX540__zps1ohjndn5.jpg

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm.

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/ ARC-Book Review / Poison Kisses Part 1 (Poison Kisses #1) / Lisa Renee Jones /



Release Date-6th February 2018
Genre-Romantic Suspense
Publisher-St. Martin’s Griffin
Kindle Edition-86 Pages

Amanda Skye made me want her. She made me trust her. She made me love her. Then she betrayed me. And now, a madman brings us together again and before our battle with him is over, I will make sure that she never forgets my name: Seth Cage. The Fixer for The Brandon Family Empire, but to a covert CIA operation, I will always be The Assassin. And to Amanda, I will be the man who made her moan, sigh, and beg. And I will make her beg.

***Note — Poison Kisses is part 1 of a 3 part serial: All three parts are super sexy with an alpha man who has met his match in a kickass female. There will be naked moments that may or may not include a gun, which may or may not be his gun. ****

Poison Kisses Part 1 (Poison Kisses, #1)Poison Kisses Part 1 by Lisa Renee Jones

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

 photo poison_kisses_by_cheetarah_zpspf4erhbu.jpg

Release Date-6/2/18
Poison Kisses is a novella length edition book, the first part of a trilogy By Lisa Renee Jones.
So we have Amanda Skye AKA The Scientist and Seth Cage The assassin.
After a mission gone wrong which leaves a friend of Seth’s dead and Amanda the woman he thought loved him gone.
Seth wanted out of the game but he is called back in for one last mission when the CIA gets a heads up on Amanda whereabouts and he’s definitely the man for this job.
Each thinking the other has betrayed them the two lock heads from the get-go.
Poison kisses may be short but it does pack a punch.
It is told in a series of flashbacks which works but I would have preferred to have seen more now time rather than then.
I struggled to feel a connection between Amanda and Seth at times, maybe because this was so short.
I’m not really sure why if I’m honest I just wasn’t feeling the love here.
I also wasn’t overly fond of the opening scene which Shows Seth getting down and dirty with some random woman.
I didn’t feel it added anything and was just there for added shock value and to say look at me I’m a douchebag player, love them and leave them that’s me, readers.
I felt this could have been portrayed in a much better way, just my opinion know.
So I don’t really know if I’m invested enough to read part two.
We’ll see, a bonus is it’s not long to wait really, so that good news.
Overall this was an ok read for me that passed a pleasant hour.
It was short but certainly was action packed throughout.
So that’s about it from me.
I was provided with an ARC of “Poison Kisses: Part 1 ” By Netgalley of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

 photo 51HzoSqg5L._SY445_QL70__zpsvbhrjlg7.jpg

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm.

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🌹ARC-Book Review🌹 Deeper (The Deep Duet #2)🌹 by M. Malone & Nana Malone🌹



Release Date-29th January
Genre-Dark Romance
Kindle Edition

I fell in love with the boogey man.

For ten years I have plotted and planned my revenge against the man who was all shadow and death. He took the most important thing in my life away from me and I meant to return the favor.

Except, I was wrong…

Now, because of my mistakes, there are men intent on hurting him. But I will not run from this. I need to protect him just like he would protect me.

Even if that means doing the one thing he doesn’t want.

(Deeper is the finale of the Deep Duet. Start the duet with Book 1, Deep.)

DeeperDeeper by M. Malone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 photo deep_deeper_crbanner_zps62praome.jpg

🌟🌟🌟🌟 STARS
So Deeper is the second part of The riveting “Deep duet” by M. Malone and Nana Malone.
And after where we left this I have been gagging to get stuck right back into this enthralling story and I just have to say Deeper certainly didn’t disappoint, it just keeps getting better and better.
So we start back off here exactly where Deep left us with Diana on the move along with that ever so revealing flash-drive and with Rafe not far behind in hot pursuit.
and Instead of being in self-preservation mode after realising Dianna has lied to and used him all he can think about is her safety.
Which is just so heart-stirringly hot.
Rafe just comes across as such an absolute keeper, I actually loved him even more here, there’s just something so very sexy about a man who is willing to lay his feeling so bare, leaving himself completely vulnerable and open.
I must admit though, I am bloody glad he has finally woken up and smelt the coffee and realised Dianna is not quite what she actually appears maybe now they can start to move forward in regards to trusting each other.
I hope also that Diana realises just how lucky she is that Rafe was prepared to give her a second chance.
So I would love to say that the evasions of truth are so over, but this is Dianna that we are talking about and although Rafe seems more than willing to lay all his cards on the table now, Dianna herself doesn’t seem quite able yet to break the habits of a lifetime and still seems to be dragging her feet slightly in regards to full disclosure.
So right from the start here, We are thrust back into the action and this time around we also get to spend a lot more time with Rafe’s extended family, which was fabulous.
We also get to see a much softer side to Dianna, which really helped warm me up to her.
I think I got a bit more of an insight here into what actually makes her tick and why she can come across as a bit cold at times.

I am also very pleased to say that the disconnect I was feeling in “Deep” is no more, I can now feel Dianna and Rafe’s connection, so all’s good on that front too.
what else, well we also get to experience a lot much action in this instalment.
and also whereas in “Deep” I would say there was more sex, less talk, in “Deeper it was, in my opinion, the opposite which really helped me to get more of a feel for our pair’s dynamics.
So I think that about wraps this one up. I found Deeper a great read that kept my interest right till its satisfying conclusion and I would be happy to recommend this well-written duet.

I received an arc of Deeper of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm

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💋ARC-Book Review💋Dark Deception💋 by Zoe Blake💋



Release Date-23rd January 2018
Kindle Edition-150 Pages

She doesn’t just want revenge.
She wants him dead.
Mirage is a master jewel thief but tonight she is an assassin.
His life was ruined by her lies.
Now he will make her pay.
He will have her on her knees, begging for forgiveness.
It’s time she learned why they call him, Paine.

AUTHOR NOTE: This book is edgy, dark and dirty. If the possibility of having your boundaries tested does not appeal to you, then please do not purchase.

Dark DeceptionDark Deception by Zoe Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 photo DarkDeception_TEASER2-1_zpsrfykt0l4.jpg

Release Date- 23/1/18
So Zoe Blake is fast becoming one of my favourite go-to authors, I really haven’t found anything of hers yet I actually dislike and it’s safe to say Dark Deception is no different.
It was so easy to get lost in this fast-paced Thriller.
So Dark Deception tells the story of two Professional thieves.
Mirage and Paine both work for the syndicate, filling their pockets as well as there own coffers with there ill gotten gains.
After Paine, under orders from the syndicate. takes out Mirage’s lover she makes it her life’s mission to make him pay for this act.
first through destroying his reputation and then when no other option presents itself and though not usually a killer, taking his life.
But the best-laid plan’s don’t always pan out and as events implode Paine and Miri find themselves teaming up as they try to stay one step ahead of there enemies.
Staying alive is now their new directive and as the walls start closing in the two become steadily closer.
Dark Deception as you can expect is super hot.
Miri and Paine’s sexual chemistry jumps off the page and the banter between the two had me chuckling along to myself.
These two are both extremely likeable individuals which in turn made this a super easy read.
The action here never lets up and this was one definite rollercoaster from start to finish.
I loved the fact that Paine and Mirage were both thieves and made no apologies for there profession, I found this to be extremely refreshing indeed.
I also should mention that Dark Deception is also full of Dubious consent throughout, but if you’re familiar with Zoe Blake this should come as no surprise to you at all.
In fact, the heroine Mirage gets off on this sort of behaviour so in fact, you could argue that it’s actually consensual.
They’re both a real pair of sexual freaks loving and embracing the extreme.
There extremely compatible in every way just made for each other and I got to say I was rooting for them all the way.
I so desperately wanted them to have there HEA.
So that’s about it folks.
This book is a fabulous read that I really enjoyed, hope you dig it as much as I did, enjoy folks.
I was provided with an ARC of Dark Deception By Zoe Blake of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm.

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