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/ Book Review / Deviation (The Sophisticates #1) / Christine Manzari /



Release Date-9th August 2013
Genre-Young Adult
Kindle Edition-430 Pages

Being a Sophisticate of the Program seems like it’d be a pretty sweet deal: a little genetic alteration and anyone can be smarter, faster, and stronger. It’s a dream come true. All you have to give up is your freedom. 

Cleo is a Sophisticate and she has a bright future in the Program. But she has a secret. When she gets upset, bad things happen. Explosive things. Things she can’t control. 

When her secret is discovered, she’s sent to the Academy to train in the military branch of the Program. She’s destined to be a human weapon in the war that’s been going on since Wormwood occurred nearly 30 years ago. She soon learns that although her ability is unique, there are others like her — other Sophisticates with lethal skills and odd code names like Archerfish and Mimic Octopus. 

Immersed in a dangerous game of supernatural powers and dubious motives, Cleo doesn’t know who to trust. Ozzy, the annoyingly attractive cadet who has perfect aim in weapons class and deviant lips behind closed doors, begs her not to use her powers. He’s the golden boy of the Program, but can she trust him? Or will she find herself a target, caught in his crosshairs?

Deviation (The Sophisticates, #1)

Deviation by Christine Manzari
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So “Deviation” is the first book in the Sophisticates series: A first for me with this particular author and also one that pleasantly surprised me in as such that it really managed to capture and retain my attention throughout.
This is a YA novel, but don’t let that put you off as this has so much to offer any age reader and I am seriously glad I gave this a go myself.
So the concept behind this novel was ever so intriguing a program of superhuman genetically engineered children called Sophisticates.
These special individuals are raised and housed by the government and their future use is for the purpose of national security and a deterrent to terrorism and global threats.
They are essentially the property of the government and as such there freedoms and life is limited.
This first book follows Cleo: a sophisticate with a little something extra.
After Cleo starts exhibiting strange abilities she is shipped out of her academic university and into the military designation of sophisticates to retrain.
As she settles down into her new role Cleo has to get to grips with a completely new hierarchy.
Mean girls, new relationships and also Ozzy who seems to wants to be more than just friends.
So this was a great read that I really did enjoy.
I also really liked the fact that this didn’t take itself to seriously: that although we were dealing with some major issues here that essentially at its heart the individuals portrayed here were still teenagers with all the usual teenage angst and normal mundane issues this generation seem to experience.
You know what I mean boys, popularity whose taking who to the dance.
But also if you read between the lines this also had a more sinister message to impart: one that essentially is telling the story of an almost slave-like existence where all life decisions are being made by someone higher up on the chain.
When you dissect the bones here it’s almost chilling these adolescents even have trackers implanted to show their actual location at all times.
So I have been reading a few examples from this particular genre lately and got to say this has been my favourite for a while: I will even be continuing on here as I really want to know what’s next in store for Cleo, Ozzy and the rest of the gang.
So If you’re looking for a good YA read then I am happy to recommend this one to you: it really managed to capture my imagination an excellent solid read.
Thank you to the Author and NetGalley for providing me with a review copy of “Deviation” (The Sophisticates, #1) of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


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/ ARC Book Review / Watching You / Shannon Greenland /



Release Date-2nd July 2018
Publisher-Entangled Publishing
Genre-N/A Romantic Suspense
Kindle Edition-305 Pages


Viola’s always been that girl from that family, so a scholarship to a prestigious private school in Florida was supposed to be her ticket out of poverty and into a brand-new life. But Viola’s secrets have followed her. Her relationship with the intelligent and gorgeous Riel should have been the salvation she needed—he understands her troubled past better than anyone. But then weird things start to happen.

Frightening messages.

Missing personal items.

The unsettling feeling that she’s being watched.

Viola’s never been one to give her trust easily, but she’ll need to trust in Riel if she’s going to survive her stalker. Because she’s not fighting for a new life anymore—she’s fighting to stay alive.

Watching You

Watching You by Shannon Greenland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release Date-2/7/18

“Watching You” by Shannon Greenland was a well-written page-turner of a read.
My first experience with this particular author and pleased to say it was a positive one.
Genre-wise I would place this in the Young Adult/New Adult category.
I’m undecided between the two as there is some mild content near the end the might lean this more towards the New Adult camp.
It’s nothing hard-core and is really rather mild in nature but does stop this short of being a completely clean read.
What I did like about this particular content was how realistically it was portrayed rather refreshing and makes quite the change from the norm.
So moving on slightly; this was romantic suspense set in and around a prestigious boarding school. where our main girl Viola is attending on a scholarship that shes slightly fudged about on the application process to receive.
Here she runs into her new crush the gorgeous and Spanish Reil.
Almost instantly upon meeting Reil, she senses a deeper connection; but there are certain obstacles that seem to be standing in her way of a friendship the most important being the scholarship that Viola has acquired under less than honest circumstances.
There are so many parallels in her life that she can compare with Reil and this understanding and solidarity understandably brings her feeling much closer to her new friend.
So with her goals of school well underway Viola settles into her new academy life but it’s not long before events for her start to take a rather sinister turn.
And with the added complication of mean girls and her well-hidden secrets becoming common knowledge.
Viola is not enjoying her senior year as much as she originally anticipated.
So I really did enjoy this a lot; Yes it was probably more romantic than overall suspenseful and was slightly predictable in some places.
But and here’s the main kicker for me; I couldn’t put this down and for the reason alone this deserves for me its whole five stars.
I actually started reading this at my bedtime with every intention of a couple of chapters and then getting some much-needed shut-eye.
Well, that was a complete wash-out; I ended up reading this all through the night and finished in one sitting, talk about bags under the eyes the next day.
And it was so worth it; “Watching you” in itself is not an overcomplicated story but it did deliver for me that thrilling excitement that I was actually looking for from this.
Managing quite easily to keep my attention throughout.
It has some great characters and so much to recommend itself making it a complete no-brainer in terms of would I recommend this.
And I think its safe to say I definitely would; this is one read that I am happy to give the green light to.
Thank You to the Author and Entangled Publishing for providing me with an ARC copy of “Watching You” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm

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/ ARC Book Review / Mercy Brown Part 1 / Tiki Kos /



Release Date-6th March 2018
Genre-YA Paranormal
Kindle Edition-140 Pages

I’ve always been the prey.

All seventeen-year-old Mercy Brown wanted to do was finish her last year of high school without any glitches. Now, vampires are tearing apart the small town of Goodsprings. While teaming up with her friends, Sebastien, the mysterious new boy, and Amanda, the book-crazed bestie, Mercy will learn a secret about herself and that blood really is thicker than water.

To catch a predator, I will become the hunter.

Tiki Kos’ dark and monstrous story tells a tale of a girl who loses everything but finds her true calling in a town where she was the outcast but is now the saviour.


Mercy Brown (Mercy Brown, #1)

Mercy Brown by Tiki Kos
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Release Date-6/3/18

Well This was an interesting read a fascinating take on the old YA favourite Trope of vampires.
Set in a small backward town Local girl Mercy Brown is a misfit teen who along with her bookworm bestie Amanda is just trying to survive high school unscathed.
Enter misunderstood broody vampire Sebastien; the mysterious pale new boy in town; who genuinely seems to like Mercy for herself, which is actually quite a plus-point in his favour.
Sebastien and his vampire family have arrived in this backwater town with there own secret agenda at play one that Sebastien himself is not fully on board with.
It’s not long after they have settled here that events really start to escalate; soon spiralling out of all control and Mercy, Sebastien and Amanda are left fighting for there very existence.
So this was a short read with some mildly amusing Twilight references.
I did enjoy myself a lot but because this was so brief it was somewhat difficult at times to fully connect with what was going on.
Mercy as a character was fabulous; a real kick-butt feisty female.
Sebastien himself was harder to get a handle on I didn’t really feel we got to know that much about him here; mainly just unimportant surface stuff.
I’m hoping that we will get to connect and dig much deeper with him in part 2.
Some of the characters used here did come across as a tad one-dimensional as well and how this was eventually wrapped up was also a trifle rushed for My taste also and could have done in my opinion with a tad more fleshing out overall.
I just felt this was quite a slow burn story them BAM!!!
everything then just kind of happened at once; really snowballing.
If “Mercy Brown” had been a longer read I think it would have worked out much better in the long run; it just wasn’t lengthy enough to do it the actual justice it deserved.
Saying that I still enjoyed this like a lot and really can’t wait to see what happens in the next instalment.
This was a read that definitely kept me on my toes throughout.
Before I go just want to mention that transcript at the end of this book about “Mercy Brown” being an actual real person; so fascinating; such a nice touch indeed.
Also, the front cover here was so very eye-catching; really loved it.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC copy of “Mercy Brown (Mercy Brown, #1)” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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/ ARC Book Review / Tacet a Mortuis (Whispers from the Dead) (Whispers from the Dead) (The Elite Kings Club, #3) / Amo Jones /



Release Date-14th May 2018
Genre NA Romantic Suspense
Kindle Edition-302 Pages

Hail to the king, and watch him reign, this game was somewhat fun, until the finale came…

Now we’re here, with carnage and despair, and the only questions left to answer, are the ones that do not appear…

A king loses a war, and a swan sheds her wings, chaos collides with peace, as the crows begin to sing…

Enter if you dare, because I swear the end is near, but nothing is as it seems, and everything is so bare.

So what the f*ck is going on at Riverside,
I think I think… everyone is about to die.

Tacet a Mortuis (Whispers from the Dead) (The Elite Kings Club, #3)

Tacet a Mortuis (Whispers from the Dead) by Amo Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ STARS
Release Date-14/5/18

“Tacet A Mortuis” What can I say about this mind-altering piece of fiction.
I actually felt like I had entered an alternate reality here; so great was my confusion at times.
But despite this, I still loved this book like so so much.
I felt like I had been waiting for this story and answers for like absolute forever.
So my first item on the agenda was to re-skim book two “The Broken Puppet” to reacquaint myself on the whole silver Swan enigma.
Then being in the right head space I dived in, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.
And boy it didn’t take long before I was back there immersed in this confusing tale of obscurity and lifelong secrets.
A mystery shrouded in aeons of tradition where the Kings are the pivotal players and every move is a calculated risk.
And at the very centre of all this confusion is our “Silver Swan” Madison Montgomery.
And where in previous books I have given her a bit of a free pass in regards to her sometimes immaturity; here I really just wanted to totally lamp her arse.
Her behaviour at the beginning of this book was abysmal.
The fallout from what Madi perceives as a betrayal from Bishop was harsh man and really didn’t catalogue Madi in a very good light at all.
I found myself totally switching from Team Madi to Team Bishop; so great was my disgust at her immature actions.
it’s just a bloody good job she does manage to redeem herself at a later date; that’s the only thing that saved her from my steaming wrath.
So book three is actually told in a slightly different fashion than previous instalments.
Instead of just Madison’s POV this time we are treated to the inner sanctum of what is Bishop’s cold calculating psyche.
And as an added bonus; an occasional cameo from Madi’s twin bro Daemon.
And this I found really added an extra layer to proceedings; giving us a much more in-depth and sympathetic profile of Bishop the man and what ultimately makes him tick.
You get to see such a different side to Bishop here; more loving and protective overall but still a complete bad-ass to outsiders or anyone he perceives as a threat to his girl.
And after the initial fallout from book two the dynamic established between Madi and Bishop is the best to date.
Maybe because we are getting a much more rounded perspective of them both.
We do get some of the questions that have been rattling around our heads finally answered here; thank god.
But in true Amo Jones style, we are still not let in on the whole entire picture.
There is still so much more to discover and yippee another book to boot.
Was so stoked to discover that titbit.
I’m just hoping we stay with Bishop and Madi.
Please god, more Bishop especially; I beg of you.
“Tacet A Mortuis” is as usual with this series; red hot in the sexual department.
And I’ll say it again; where were these gods of sexual prowess when I was a girl.
Mmm, nope not seeing any; move along.
But suspending disbelief slightly; Bishop and Madi really spark flames here with there combustible energy and sizzling chemistry.
setting the pages on fire with there antics.
Bucket of water needed, please.
There was also a great supporting cast to compliment the A team; all really well developed.
Some old faces and some new players.
And as I said earlier some closure.
But damn it I was hoping for all the answers here and I’m still left somewhat confused.
Oh well onwards and upwards.
So despite me wanting to drop-kick madison throughout “Tacet A Mortuis” I’m still giving this Five stars.
I ummed and awwed a bit and did consider dropping half a star; just on account of Madi.
I eventually decided against this; I was so hooked and invested in the storyline here that I have to give it its due.
I couldn’t put this down and “tacet A Mortuis” was adhered to my hand throughout this whole experience.
So it’s getting a full house.
I cant recommend this series enough; it’s truly an intriguing read.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Tacet a Mortuis (Whispers from the Dead) (The Elite King’s Club #3)” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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/ Book Review / The Silver Swan (Elite Kings Club, #1) / AMO Jones /



Release Date-7th March 2017
Genre-Dark NA Romance
Kindle Edition-261 Pages

Riddle me this…
“I am neither dead, nor alive, and I’m not something little Madison can hide.
But you will be dead, by the time this is done…
the timer starts now, and the games have just begun…”

Madison Montgomery comes from money and power, but when someone close to her commits the ultimate crime, Madison must live with her tainted name for the rest of her life. When she begins Riverside Preparatory Academy, the private school her father has swept her into in The Hamptons, she hopes for a fresh start. What she wasn’t hoping for was the pack of bad boys who run the school; ten, to be exact. When Madison gains the attention of their leader, Bishop Vincent Hayes, a whole new world that she didn’t think existed is exposed to her. A whole world that starts and ends with The Elite Kings Club and these boys, are about to flip her world upside down. Secrets are overflowing and family lies are about to be exposed. Is there more to Madison Montgomery than even she knows?

The Silver Swan by Amo Jones

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 photo bce070b4368e4a2df5aee53a8c430e91_zpsygkqxkbq.jpg

 photo The Silver Swan Teaser 2_zpsp9oauwdw.jpg


OMG, What did I just read I’m speechless here.

 photo Girls-are-shocked-after-sending-Kristina-home_zpsc8lgrpah.gif

So I’m not gonna major rehash here as the blurb said loads.
I’m just gonna jump in and gave my overhaul on all that makes The Silver Swan (Elite Kings Club, #1) by Amo Jones some seriously sensational fiction. so here goes.
So we have our Madi here, a bit of an oddball, never quite fitting in, she comes complete with a shady past and a brand new step mum, who shes met exactly twice before.
Brand New student at the exclusive Riverside Prep school.
And also a Brand new stepbrother, The cheeky, cocky Nate.
Who daddy dearest has totally failed to mention.
And he then has the nerve to warn Madi to stay away from him as he thinks’s he’s trouble when he’s the one that’s left them both home alone together.
I mean he so deserves the shittiest dad award like for real.
And there are no parents like anywhere, I mean totally defunct are these caregivers to all the teenagers here.
These are some seriously sucky role models.

 photo giphy_zpsvu0oo3br.gif

So Madi’s new school comes complete with ten alpha kings, which her new Bro is one of.
The (Elite Kings Club) rumours abound about this exclusive privileged little boys club, they rule the school and Bishop is the leader of this little posse and he seems to have Madi in his crosshairs.
So first this is not YA, discount the characters ages, this is definitely aimed at Adults.
there is a bit of everything here, creepy-arse rhymes, intrigue, mystery and some super steamy sexual shenanigans.
Though there’s no way teenagers are having sex like this if they are, where were these teenage gods when I was a youngster.
just an observation like, I won’t be marking it down or anything for this, that would be like cutting off my nose to spite my face.
So discounting our Elite Kings god-like bedroom skills, there are some great characters here some I loved and some I loved to hate.
If I had to pick favourites then Nate would be a front-runner his cocky, arrogant but super protective vibe towards Madi just really got to me.
Her two friends Tatum and Tillie coming in a very close second.
Though it became apparent to me that Tillie knows more about things than she’s been letting on.
At least that’s the vibe I got from her near the end.
So, The finale here, oh boy that was a bit cliff-hangerey.

 photo 23515957_zpsm9nu1ose.gif

I mean I need my next fix of this fantastic series like now, so pleased I haven’t got to wait as that would have seriously done my nut in.
As though we have some answers, there’s no actual resolution here and everything is just so darn weird.
With no real explanations at all.
I’m really hoping the next book provides more clarification to events as I seriously can’t stop thinking about this story and it’s driving me literally insane.
On a final note, the cover of this book is so visually stunning that would be enough to give this a try alone.
So if you want a series that’s going to fry your brain with questions give this a go its fiction at its finest and I devoured every word.
I was provided with a copy of “The Silver Swan (Elite Kings Club, #1)” By the author of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm.

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