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/ ARC Book Review / The Darkness In Faith Boxed Set (The Darkness in Faith) / C.F. Rabbiosi /

The Darkness In Faith(1)


Release Date-2nd May 2018
Genre-Erotic Horror
Kindle Edition-381 Pages

Book 1: My name is Faith: Tortured sex slave turned brutal murderer. Men have abused my body for inhuman pleasures, hurt me and made me feel helpless. But now…

They fear me. I wish I could say that it is all for the good of the world that I kill them slowly and give them a taste of what they have made others feel, but that would be a lie. Turns out, I have a lust for blood and get off on making THEM my slave. They may be way past being offended at that point, but I sure enjoy my living dead boys.

Just one small problem. I am falling for my newest conquest and don’t know anymore if I want to tie him up and kill him slowly. He supposedly sexually assaulted a woman horribly ten years ago and is currently on parole for the crime, but something about those genuine sea green eyes and that beguiling mouth makes me weak. I still want to tie him up but what I want to do to him- will make us both scream.

Something about his darkness and pain calls to my own, and he knows I could kill him at any time, but still fights to possess me in every dripping, consuming and tantalizing way.

Come inside if you dare where real sex slave stories are my inspiration and I’ll tell you the story of a serial murderess and the life altering events that made her a Lover of the Dead.

Book 2: How can I admit to myself that I have fallen for the one thing I fear the most? I should kill him, as I have visited bloody death on many others just like him but…

Instead I have let him inside me. Deeply, painfully and with all-consuming psychotic passion. My body hums when he hurts it, as he’s brought out a hidden side of me that thrives off his rough touch. I have never felt so alive.

Here he is by my side as we travel the country, staying in the finest hotels and savagely getting revenge on those who have sexually tortured me. What a ride. Kill, rough sex. Try to kill each other, more rough sex… And repeat.

But something changes my dark lover with each kill and I fear I will lose him forever. The blood thirsty beast he struggles to keep locked up within thrashes against its cage, and I don’t know how much time we have left together. Oh, but I WILL make the most of it.

Book 3: My enemy becomes my lover…

“Please let me go,” I say.
He takes a deep breath. “I can’t. Why don’t you see that you are meant for me? You’re a killer, you’re a sexual predator, and my dark soul demands I take yours. I need to **** your body mercilessly and make you scream from beneath me. I have no choice because I’ve never wanted anything so bad.”
His lips move to ear. “Say you want me, Faith.” He sucks my neck into his mouth and the ache feels good. He leaves bruises. “I will do anything.”
I cringe and stare into nothingness. This is my way out. If he has become obsessed with me because I escaped him years ago, because his best friend wants me, and because I challenge him, then I can use it to escape. I refocus and allow my demoness to take hold. “I shouldn’t want you James.”
He moves inside me, lifting me up and forcing me back down over his thickness and I cry out. “But you do,” he breathes.
I won’t make it that easy. “You excite me. You make my body sing and scream at the same time.” His **** rubs through me igniting incredible sensations and I haven’t lied to him yet. “I want you,” I say breathlessly. He feels so good because this is so bad and my sanity is being pushed to the limit. I run my fingers across the shaved sides of his head and rip his blond hair backward. I ride him hard. “You’re beautiful,” I say, trying to breathe. “Because you tear me to pieces.”
He grasps my hips, the killer who has never gotten off without hurting a woman first, and digs his fingers into my flesh. With a desperate kiss, his eyes roll back and his body tenses in anticipation.



The Darkness In Faith Boxed Set by C.F. Rabbiosi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Darkness in Faith Banner

Serial Murderess Series

so I’m going to do things a bit different here and review all three books in the Serial Murderess Series together but giving my brief impression on each instalment.
So I’m not normally one for trigger warnings but with this, you need one; this is dark depraved sick stuff proceed with caution.
If like me that sentence is like honey to a bee just be aware that at times this was even a bit too much for me and that’s something I don’t usually say.
There is Rape, murder, torture, necrophilia, cannibalism the list goes on and on so please do take my warning seriously there is the blackest stuff imaginable between these pages.
So this is a hard one, on the one hand, I love to push the boundaries of my tolerances, but here I wasn’t just giving them a nudge I was flat out annihilating and totally flattening everything in its path.
So If you want to just dip your toe into darker waters this isn’t the series to start with; this is completely hardcore.
This series is mainly told from the POV of Faith herself a product of her horrific life experiences in her case a history of rape, torture and slavery.
This girl has some serious issues which have resulted in her fascination with blood and death.
She’s a self-made serial killer who preys on the predators themselves.
Her moral compass is so off course when it comes to dispensing her own personal brand of justice.
So what happens when this necrophilia loving serial killer meets what could be her match made in heaven.
I’m gonna stop you right there; this is not a romance; this is so far from the warm and fuzzies than your ever going to get; Brandon the male interest here, is so not what I would even label; what we like to call an anti-hero.
This is more a psychotic bloody Bonnie and Clyde type journey cross country where Faith and Brandon embark on an all-out pilgrimage to annihilate every person that has ever hurt Faith in the most imaginative ways possible.
The go-to phrase these two start to employ.

This is going to be the most fun we’ve had yet

But this is also a downward spiral into the Pitts of insanity and what happens when you give your demons such a free rein.

The Darkness in Faith
is the onset of the journey where we learn what shapes our two lovers into the individuals they have evolved into.
This is perhaps the mildest of the three books almost a build up to more gruesome events.
It’s still bloody graphic as hell though so be prepared for anything.
In This instalment, we leave Brandon and Faith ready for there mission ahead.

Darkly Dreaming Faith
Portrays there antics as each kill goes down more each imaginative than the last.
Brandon and Faith fall deeper down the rabbit hole with each occurrence sending Brandon on a downward spiral into insanity.
In fact, here it becomes very apparent that Brandon is so much more than he has previously revealed to his new partner in death.
Finally culminating in Faith through self-preservation contemplating going rogue on his butt.

Vicious Faith
The final book in the trilogy and perhaps the most graphic and depraved of all three.
Here all roads come to a head and number five on Faiths list “Gas Mask” in dramatic style manages to turn the tables on Faith.
This was my favourite of the three books and though there where things I had kinda guessed previously here; there were still many shocks that snuck up and caught me unawares.
I adored the shocking conclusion we were given here.
It had an almost karmic justice to it.
Here is where we discover that there are no heroes only predators and events do come full circle in such a shocking finale.

This is not a romance.
There are no heroes in this trilogy only innocents and evil.
This was not easy reading at times but I persevered as I wanted to know the final outcome.
My rating here really reflects my unease with the content matter involved.
“The serial Murderess series” itself really pushed the envelope with me in regards to my comfort levels.
It’s an unapologetic jaunt through a dissolute and perverted playground.
Where everything good and wholesome has been stripped back to the bone and the only thing left behind is viciousness and cruelty.
Enter if you dare but be warned the passage your about to traverse is anything but pretty.
The road ahead of you is paved in blood and tears.
I’m not going to give this a yay or a nay just a give this a go if you think you can handle it and prepare to be appaled.
And again remember my original caution.
Thank you to the author for providing me with an ARC of “Serial Murderess Series” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions are entirely my own.

The Darkness In Faith(1)



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/ ARC Book Review / The Devil’s Plaything (Ceasefire #2) / Claire Marta /



Release Date-19th July 2018
Genre-Paranormal Romance
Kindle Edition-184 Pages



Lust, sex, lies. 
I fell in love.
l bled and broke for him. 
I foolishly played his game and woke to find he’s not done with me yet. 
He’s dead set on stripping everything I am bare. 
I’m nothing but his plaything and he’s pulling my strings. 
But things are going to be different. 
I’m more than an assassin, a monster with a pretty face. I’m his undoing.
I will rise. Seek my revenge. Outwit his deviant schemes. 
This time…I plan to win.

This is a dark erotic paranormal romance and contains certain triggers some readers may not enjoy. Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ ONLY.


The Devil's Plaything (Ceasefire #2)

The Devil’s Plaything by Claire Marta
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release Date-19/7/18

The Only creature who has ever been able to bring the devil to his knees, my beautiful deadly Queen

This was such a delicious concluding instalment to a series that had previously captured my attention so completely with it’s ingenious and fresh perspective on that old tug of war between good and evil and everything that lies in the grey of the in-between.
And after where we previously left off with this I was practically salivating to jump headlong back into the action alongside Mavi, Lucifer and all the rest of the gang.
Having no idea how this was going to continue after that massive cliffhanger of a finale in book one I was ever so curious to see how “The Devil’s Plaything” was going to recover from the burnt ashes it had collapsed into previously.
This is one book ive been wanting to hurry up and hit my kindle like so much and I have to tell you it was so worth the wait folks.
So after a quick re-read of its predecessor, I was raring to go and almost instantly catapulted into a world of confusion where nothing is as it seems and the king of manipulations and lies that is Lucifer seems up to his old tricks; scheming and playing his cards totally to his own advantage.
I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt really I did, but it was just so hard when time after time he seemed to be playing a game that only he was aware of all the rules.
No regard for Mavi or seemingly anyone else, stomping on her obvious affections without a care.
And the more this progressed the deeper the hole he seemed to did himself into with Mavi I really didn’t see how he was going to explain his way out of this one.
And while Lucifer spun his manipulations around the whole saga the contrast in his portrayed intent and actual attention to Mavi was just so confusing, I didn’t know what to think as he was Constantly blowing hot and cold throughout.
And talking of heat the sexual antics between these two were seriously smokin in nature with a raw unapologetic carnality that I bloody adored.
In fact, there was just so much here that I was loving as this was just such a fantastic engaging read.
I think one of my favourite aspect of this series was the unrepentant nature of its characters.
I adore it when we are given an unashamed anti-hero that stays totally true to there inner nature.
A monster that is still kinda a monster to everyone but the one they adore and that’s what we are treated to here; Lucifer is who he is and makes no excuses for his inert essence.
And Mavi herself is more than a match for him her ultimate wickedness complimenting Lucifers corrupt core just so cruelly and with such great finesse.
So this is set primarily in Hell away from Ceasefire which I actually prefered.
We also get to experience Lucifer this time in his true form which was also a mega plus for me.
There are definitely some surprises here that leapt out of left field and totally knocked my socks off.
And there were times occasions that I really hated Lucifer with a bloody passion and wanted to knock him the hell out.
This is one of those reads that once started can’t be put down so great is its pull.
I was transfixed to the bitter end.

They call him a monster. Weaver of lies. The great deceiver. Yet the devil has wept for me. Fought For me. Taken me in his dark Embrace

I cant recommend this book series enough my only criticism here is it had to end.
So looking forward to experiencing much more of this fantastic world and seeing what else this talented author has planned for us next.
I was provided with an ARC of “The Devil’s Plaything (Ceasefire #2)” By the author of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.




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/ ARC Book Review / King Of Hearts (Old Money Roulette #2) / Natalie Bennett /



Release Date-9th June 2018
Publisher-BB Books
Genre-Dark Mafia Romance
Kindle Edition


His secrets. Her sanity

The road to hell…
Well, there is no road to hell.
I already live there.

I was forced to partake in a rigged game of seduction, manipulation, and murder.

Mateo Remmington is my formidable opponent.

He makes the devil look like a saint.

He’s immoral.
He’s ruthless.
He’s a goddamn king.

King of a clandestine empire who sits on a throne covered in innocents’ blood.

I’ve become his obsession.
He’s becoming my deadly addiction.

And if I make one wrong move he’ll end my life.


King Of Hearts (Old Money Roulette #2)

King Of Hearts by Natalie Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release Date-9/6/18

OMG! Loved “King Of Hearts” like so much and I feel like I was waiting forever to read this; I was so excited to get my hands on this second instalment in the fantastic “Old Money Roulette” series.
And sigh; it was over much too soon for me as I raced through this in record time.
This starts off exactly where we left events previously, and almost from the get-go we are ramped right back into the action with shocks and turns galore.
Mateo is in True King style as he attempts to mould and manipulate his Ley all in the name of shaping her new destiny as his queen; strategising events to play this game exactly as he chooses.
Taking Ley along for the ride; while giving her the allusion of choice when really her destiny has already been preordained by yours truly.
When the cards finally fall Elaina is going to be right by Mateos side; The dark Queen to his Corrupt King.
And my god this book was decadent and depraved personified; exactly what I have come to expect and adore from this particular author.
I just never knew where events were going to go next; This author has such a malignant mind that when let free it is honestly a touch unnerving; I was almost afraid to turn the page at times.
But in the same breathe, there’s also such a compulsion to soldier on here; as this is also such addictive reading that once started is impossible to put down until the final reveal; I was glued with an almost sinful sickened delight.
Both Elaina and Mateo are such flawed individuals both with multifaceted personalities.
Mateo being much more transparent than Elaina; who herself hides behind a facade of innocence concealing the cracks beneath her surface.
Mateo makes no apologies and himself stands in full view; almost daring his friends and also his enemies to judge.
while at the same time lending his assistance to Elaina as he attempts to get her to embrace her Immorality wholeheartedly.
So in “King Of Hearts” for every answer, Elaina gets another pops up in its place.
This is full of secrets and lies and is so fast paced it definitely kept me on my toes; feeding me just enough information to titillate but not ultimately satisfy my complete curiosity.
This was also scorching in terms of heat factor with some serious chemistry between our two lovers.
I should also probably mention that this story doesn’t pull any punches; it’s graphic and disturbed with torture that has an almost sick normalcy to it at times; that was just so wrong it was actually right.
This also straddles the dub-con line like a lot, so if this is a trigger; probably best to give this a wide berth.
My own personal morality radar when it comes to my fiction seems a bit screwy and I’ve found the more depraved the more I seem to devour; this I absolutely inhaled.
I’m so dying to read the next part of this addicting saga; So glad I haven’t long to wait, I will be on pins till I get my hands on the next piece of this perplexing puzzle.
I’m now convinced Natalie Bennett could write Christmas crackers and I would appreciate and revel in the almost neurotic normalcy she depicts so well; I’ve yet to read anything of hers yet that I haven’t adored.
This is one series I can’t recommend enough; Give it a go if your stomach is strong enough for the task at hand that is.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “King Of Hearts (Old Money Roulette #2” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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/ ARC Book Review / Prey (Dark Monster Fantasy, #1) / Cari Silverwood /



Release Date-28th May 2018
Genre-Dark Capture Romance
Kindle Edition-122 Pages

To stay ‘alive’, a stoneshifter must make love to a female every ten years.

When Mila discovers her sister will be the next victim on Sacrifice Day, her normal reply would be, sorry, I’m busy. 

After viewing ancient data and seeing the massive size of stoneshifters, Mila decides to rescue Tiana. Her sister is blood and she’d rather not see her tied to the sacrifice table and turned into jam.

Everything goes wrong, of course.

Lord Zarblu, stoneshifter and owner of the enormous black fortress looming over the city, turns his gaze upon Mila.

Like a giant cat with a teensy mouse, Zarblu plays with Mila. Catch…release…catch. Gentle and caring are words that no stone-beast monster should claim, surely?

Desiring something that might kill you is insane yet the sacrifice table begins to look attractive. Zarblu is a big, strong, determined male who’s had a thousand, thousand years to contemplate life.

What if he isn’t quite the monster she thought he was…
What if he wants her to be his sacrifice?

Warning: This is a very graphic and carnal story for those who love the fantasy of being caught by a monster.
This is not the normal level of dark that Cari Silverwood writes. This is the dark you reach for when you’re all darked out and one step from seeing your therapist. Some of this story is FUN. Dark twisted fun, but fun nevertheless.


Prey (Dark Monster Fantasy, #1)

Prey by Cari Silverwood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 STARS
Release Date-28/5/18

giphy (1).gif
What did I just read this book was so strange; I have never quite experienced anything quite like it and that’s saying something as I’ve read a lot of weird and wonderful fiction.
This is Monster Erotica; Yeh I kid you not, bloody Monster’s.
And in “Prey (Dark Monster Fantasy #1” we are introduced to Lord Zarblu a Stoneshifter; who every decade has to take a willing female sacrifice on an altar of lust; to avoid petrifying for the next ten years and guess what he has a monster cock too and the sacrifice is going to need a lot of preparation to accommodate and avoid being ripped to shreds by Zarblu’s monster appendage; death by dick I’ve heard is not a very attractive way to go.
The sacrifice herself Mila; mercenary, explorer and thief; a small female earthling is all gung-ho ready to rescue her sister from the Stoneshifters Altar and from the first instant Zarblu encounters the feisty earthling he wants to replace his current offering with this fascinating earthling; he’s just got to get her to cooperate; easy right.
So Look; if you’re looking for some serious emotive fiction; this is not it; what we do have here is some Fun, hot completely ridiculous alien monster erotica; it’s surprisingly addictive and does what it says on the tin.
this is a short read that I read in one sitting and I did quite enjoy it once I got over my initial; what the hell am I reading moment.
Its sort of like a porno neverending story for adults.
Sorry; I just couldn’t stop picturing the rock biter in that film as Lord Zarblus stone altar form; not very sexy and comfortable at all I would think; so swiftly moving on here from that non-sexy visual.
This short read was jam-packed with alien beings. talking swords, arena fights and a psychotic Android who really just needed to get laid.
Its never going to win literature awards, but it was never meant to; what we have here is a big hot pile of tongue in cheek, steamy dub-con fun.
It definitely won’t be for everyone, but I love weird so I kinda was digging its vibe all the same.
Give it a go you might surprise yourself.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Prey (Dark Monster Fantasy #1)” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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/ ARC-Book Review / Innocent Eyes / Charlotte E. Hart / Rachel De Lune /



Release Date-19th February
Genre-Dark Romance
Kindle Edition-338 Pages

“If he’s gross, I’m bailing.”
That’s what I said to my supposed best friend when she asked me to take her place. A blind date, she said. What harm could it do?
He was charming. Beautiful. God’s finest creation. He wined me and dined me. Made me do things I’d never before dreamt of in the bedroom. It was perfect. Dangerous. Arousing.
But she didn’t tell me the full story. She didn’t tell me about the debt she owed.
And now Quinn Cane wants his money’s worth, and he’s going to make me pay whatever way he can.

“A debt needs to be paid.”
The woman who came to meet me didn’t owe me money. I could tell by her innocent eyes. Still, the debt will be paid either way.
She was something to play with and use as I saw fit, but something about Emily Brooks made me want to keep her. So she became my dirty girl.
Pure. Innocent. Mine.
Then she whispered my damned name and invaded my world, changing its reasoning.
She wasn’t meant to break the rules. But she rolled my dice and won.

Shame. Forgiveness. Dark. Erotic. Romance.
This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ only.

Innocent Eyes (A Cane Novel)Innocent Eyes by Charlotte E. Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 photo Innocent Eyes_Wrap_Cover Reveal_zpssbimu27x.jpg

Release Date-19/2/18

Oh, my goodness not sure where to start with this fantastic piece of fiction.
There is just so much I want to say here and trying to get it all out in a cohesive manner, well oh boy here we go taking a deep breath.
So first I should say I am a massive fan of Charlotte Hart’s work and cannot say enough good things about her dark dominant scribblings, they always hit that sweet spot with me and even when she takes me to places I’m not sure I want to venture it’s a journey that I can’t help but appreciate with that great big shove outside my comfort zone.
Rachel De Lune I am a newcomer to, but I was super excited to see what the collaboration between these two popular authors would bring to the table.
And hey Ho this trip through Quinn Cane’s kingdom along with the poor innocent Emily was delicious.
It was Blood and Tears, Fire and Thorns but also Rainbows and roses, if that even makes any sense.
I guess what I’m trying to say is Innocent Eyes goes through a whole kaleidoscope of emotions and while this is definitely not a pretty as a picture love story it also kind of is.
What makes this so deep is the true darkness and depravity of Quinn Cane’s decadent nature and how he corrupts his dirty girl Emily.
It’s the beacon that manages to bleed through to the darkness.
Emily’s light that helps to cleanse some of the blackness that is Quinn’s tarnished soul while his Dark nature in return paints hers in shades of grey, kind of a meeting in the middle of there true natures.
A merging if you will, each giving the other something they need.
Emily, the corruption Quinn brings to the table to oust the rot from her life, strengthening her natural nature.
While Quinn benefits greatly from Emily’s guiding light, tempering him kind of his conscience.
So, There were times here I absolutely hated Quinn with a passion.
His take what you want selfish attitude basically like a kid with a new toy he wants to break, then put back together, damn the repercussions.
His world, his rules.
In the beginning, Quinn’s actions were truly reprehensible and it was difficult to see how he was going to redeem himself.
I also do understand how he has grown into the individual he has become, doesn’t stop me wanting to brain him know.
Emily herself, she was stronger than she thought, I loved her naive optimism for life.
Also at the same time, I wanted her to grow a backbone, and stand up for herself.
I was still totally rooting for her all the way as whatever was thrown at her she dealt with like a trooper.
You couldn’t help but like the girl.
I found myself amazed at her resilience and ability to see the best in people.
The side characters here were few, but what we did have were so diverse a definite mixed bunch of very different individuals.
Some I especially loved to hate and I am so glad they got the rewards that their shitty actions brought.
We reap what we sow in life and Karma’s a bitch.
Except in the case of Quinn, I’m giving him a free pass on account of his repentance and just because I can he he.
Seriously though he did do a 360 in regards to his emotions and overall attitude so I’m feeling the love at this moment in time.
So this story was jam-packed full of everything, it was a rollercoaster journey of every emotion imaginable and I adored every minute of it.
I do so love me a HEA, even better when its a bitter fight till the finish.
Fingers crossed these two talented authors pair up again as this worked in every way and flowed together seamlessly.
I would never have guessed this was a collaboration.
So A really big shiny endorsement here from my camp.
Cannot recommend this enough.
Give it a go, you won’t be able to put it down.
So glad to have received an ARC of “Innocent Eyes” from the Author’s of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

 photo download_zpshceh1ctb.jpg

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm.

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/ ARC-Book Review / Up in Smoke (King #8) / by T.M. Frazier /



Release Date-19th February
Genre-Dark Romance
Kindle Edition-358 Pages

A King Series Novel.

I’m a man without a conscience. 
I deal in murder and mayhem.
I’m the best at what I do. 
Frankie Helburn is supposed to be an easy job. 
A means to flush her father out of hiding.
Except there isn’t anything simple about Frankie or the secrets she’s keeping. 
She’s stubborn as hell and the sexiest god damn thing I have ever seen, sending dark, dirty animalistic desire coursing through my veins. 
She’s cocaine with legs. A f*cking addiction that makes me question things I’ve never questioned before. Want things I’ve never wanted before. 
I might have her, but she isn’t mine to keep. 
If her father doesn’t show his face, she will be mine. 

Up in Smoke (King, #8)Up in Smoke by T.M. Frazier

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 photo Up-in-smoke-PRE-ORDER_zpsb8u66edd.jpg

🌟🌟🌟🌟1/2 STARS
Release Date-19/2/18

Up in Smoke (King, #8) by T.M. Frazier is my second book by this author.
I have previously read “all the Rage” and though I enjoyed it this is hands down my favourite out of the two.
This is Smoke and Frankie’s story.
And also as an added bonus, I got to reconnect with Rage AKA Bionic Barbie who I absolutely bloody adore, so I was super ecstatic over this little fact.
So the opening chapter here was an absolute heartbreaker.
But It was this insight into Smoke’s past tragedy that helped me reconcile enormously with his actions to follow.
Without this, I think it would have taken me a lot longer to warm to him.
It’s been a while since I read “All the rage” I know he was in that, but my memory of him was kinda fuzzy.
So my main impressions of Smoke as an individual were really all gleaned from here.
That is why as awful as I found that opening scene, it really was needed for me as a sort of barometer for Smoke’s early on overall behaviour.
So Frankie is hiding in plain sight as a Catholic schoolgirl.
Lieing low, but also hiding in fear as she completes what she feels is her calling.
But the thing that she is afraid of is about to catch right up with her.
As the men that are after her father, have got sick of waiting for him to crawl out of the woodwork and have decided to take Frankie as bait.
Either he show’s his face or they are gonna take it out of Frankie’s hide.
Her days are literally numbered.
So when Smoke turns up and kidnaps her right out of school. Frankie posing as schoolgirl Sarah is terrified.
But She’s still going to use every trick in her arsenal to try and escape this situation.
She can’t give him her father and she knows no rescue is on the near horizon for her.
She only has herself and her wits to rely on and with people counting on her, well shes determined to give Smoke the slip.
So this was great reading I really liked both main characters and also the overall dynamic between the two.
Smoke himself was what I would describe as your classic tortured anti-hero, a bad man but with some redeeming qualities.
Though originally here its quite hard to see what these are, you’d need an actual magnifying glass maybe to spot any.
As time goes on he becomes less certain of what he thinks he knows and wants in regards to Frankie.
He can’t help but feel a connection and strong pull towards her and this is the last thing he wants or needs.
Smoke considers himself a bit of a lone wolf but it’s apparent he has more actual link’s than he realises.
Frankie well shes just as bad when it comes to forming connections, she also tries to stave off this inevitable union.
Both running scared in my opinion.
Frankie, well Shes all sorts of feisty, loyal and beautiful and with a moral compass to boot.
What’s not to love.
And When these two eventually give in to there baser needs there definitely going up in smoke.
So this was a total page turner it was action packed, full of intrigue and super scorching when it comes to the temperature.
It would have been a full house for me except for one little detail.
There was a certain incident on Smokes side that I couldn’t overlook and without going into to much detail it pissed me the hell off and I wanted to wallop smoke with my bleeding kindle and then throw every pot, ornament and near handy object at his stupid, thick numbskull head like really really hard, GRRRR!!!!!

 photo giphy_zpskhevjkab.gif


 photo deep-breath-gif-5_zpsirjvdc0u.gif

So I removed half a star because I was super annoyed, it would have been one, but I waited a while to write this review and I’ve calmed down a tad now, as long as I don’t think about it to much.
I wouldn’t have been in such a huff had this happened earlier in time, but Feelings were actually occurring so super no no no.
But despite that one instant all else is good in the world.
So give this excellently written book a try it’s a cracker of a read.
I was provided with an ARC of “Up In Smoke” By the author of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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🕊Book Review🕊Of Die By the Drop🕊 (Shivers and Sins #1)🕊by Kaia Bennett🕊



Release Date-26th September 2016
Genre-Dark Paranormal Erotic/Horror
Kindle Edition-347 Pages

I’d fought to lead a normal life, despite being anything but.
Until the night three monsters forced me to fight for survival instead.
They turned a short walk through the woods into the road trip to Hell.
The leader made me his, made me dread pleasure and relish pain. Made me want things I’d once feared.
They wanted to break me, bleed me drop by drop.
They picked the wrong witch.

Author’s Note:

The light at the bottom of this rabbit hole is tinted obsidian, and I put the characters in this story through the ringer. Not for the faint-hearted, this read explores the dark side of obsession, in all its forms. Adults only from this point. Strap in and buckle up. Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Because the teeth lurking ahead are razor sharp and the blood they seek might be yours. Please, do not attempt to exert your human morals on the fictional beasts you will meet. They’ll just laugh while they rip you to shreds.

Die By the Drop (Shivers and Sins #1)Die By the Drop by Kaia Bennett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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 photo Drop4-1_zpsjiapa8ul.jpg

OMG!!! What did I just read !!!!
I really don’t know where to start with this review.
Die By the Drop (Shivers and Sins #1) by Kaia Bennett is going to be such a super hard one to articulate my thoughts about. All I know is that I need to get my concepts down on paper while they’re still fresh in my head.
And as I have already started to read The second instalment. where we get to play around in Jesse’s head this time, I would like to keep the two experience’s as separate as possible as I’m finding the two seem to have slightly different flavours to them.
So first a huge warning, Please take this author’s disclaimer seriously “Die By The Drop” is not for the faint of heart, it is at times a very hard pill to swallow.
And also on a side note If I had to classify this there is no way I would shelve this under dark paranormal romance, There is nothing in any way shape or form romantic about this story.
In my opinion, erotic horror is closer to the mark with this.
“Die By The Drop” contains graphic themes of rape, murder and torture and it is all described explicitly, no punches are pulled here.
If you think you can handle that level of dark and depraved then, by all means, strap in for the ride, but, you have been warned so please do take notice of this.
So now I have that warning out of the way let’s begin.
first, let me give you a brief outline,
Evie is stolen from her life.
Her everyday mundane existence with her cookie cutter family and her lack-lustre boyfriend Manny.
While attending a party in the woods, Evie feels off not feeling it and with an unexplainable sense of dread she bickers with her boyfriend and decides to ditch.
On the way back to her vehicle Poor Evie encounters two males (Liam and Vaughn) in a terrifying game of cat and mouse the two give chase eventually easily subduing her and setting a nightmare in motion that Evie has no idea is only just starting for her.
They are joined by there brother in arms and leader of there rag-tag little crew Jesse.
This trio of brothers are so in sync, they’ve been hunting together for years and have chosen Evie as their next meal/fuck toy.
As Evie finds herself dying fading away on the forest floor she reaches deep into her psyche and pulls forth from her inner depths an overwhelming will to survive at any cost.
Calling on abilities she has suppressed for years Evie summons her resolve and allows her senses to quicken.
An empath and natural witch Evie uses these gifts to capture the interest of a predator.
intrigued despite himself Jesse calls a halt to proceedings and decides to take the witch along for the ride as a side-diversion.
Evie for the moment is alive, but for how long and will she be the same if she ultimately survives this cross-country road trip of terror and depravity.
Evie is now in the company of Vampires and she herself is their ready-meal of sweet intoxicating witches blood with a side offering of easy sex.
It Gives a whole new meaning to the term playing with your food and meals on wheels, doesn’t it?.

So First, point-I have never read anything from this author before and despite the hard subject matter dealt with here this is so very well written that despite my internal cringing and revulsion I was glued and enthralled with an almost morbid compulsion to continue.
I couldn’t stop reading if you paid me, I was fascinated, repelled, addicted and revolted all at the same time.
So This had to be one of the darkest if not the darkest book I have ever read, just when I thought this had reached the bottommost depths of depravity and it couldn’t possibly get any worse, you’ve guessed it, yep it deteriorated.
I actually found myself hating Vaughn so much his and Liam’s actions I found particularly hard to fathom there lack of humanity and empathy considering they were once human was at times difficult to grasp.
Jesse, I kinda comprehend his lack of humanity considering its an affliction he has never suffered from, notice I don’t say understand or condone as there is nothing that can make the atrocities committed by these three at all understandable.
Their actions are evil whichever way you look at them, in every way, shape and form imaginable.
Bloodlust doesn’t make you cruel, uncaring and evil personified.
The way they taunt and play with their victims does that.
Drunk on their own power and arrogance, thinking that their top of the food chain and everything else is just a blood sack to use and abuse. like a dog playing with a bone.
Evie being the Bone.
I also think that Vaughn being and seeming such a monster was there to kinda make Jesse seem more sympathetic, this did actually work it was like oh yeh Jesse is so evil!!! but Vaughn is so so much worse mindset.
But really when it comes down to it bad is just bad.
Liam, well he was like the badly influenced much younger baby brother going along for the ride, he was so easily influenced and seemed quite simple in his overall dealings, almost seeming like a such a child at times, it was all just about the sex blood and the hunt for him.
The whole underground supernatural storyline with vampire hotels room service with hazmat suits and complimentary meals on the house and V-Strep (A Vampire disease) very inventive adored this aspect of the book.
I enjoyed how this story progressed and you really had absolutely no idea where you were heading, this made for some very unexpected situations encountered along the way.
I liked where we left off with this and though “Die By The Drop” was not the easiest to stomach at times, I do like where we left it and I honestly can say I will definitely be continuing (as I said earlier I already have started.)
How could I not? this is not the sort of story you just quit, it’s one where no matter how great your abhorrence of the individuals involved your compliance is not just an option its a given.
So in case, you didn’t get the memo
Vaughn- Hate his guts strongly.
Liam-Actively disliking Him.
Jesse-want to rip his heart out, let him heal then do it all over again just for shit and giggles.
Evie-Such a strong individual, I want to cry so bad for her. Poor Poor girl.

So I’m going to leave it here, “Die By The Drop” By Kaia Bennet may not be for everyone.
It’s fucked up and all sorts of disturbing, but it is the sort of train that once you’ve got on your there for the ride.
Sheer doggedness kept me there for the journey and when the going got rocky I just clung tighter to my seat to avoid expulsion. I wanted things to change for Evie so much I just wasn’t going anywhere.
I So just wanted her to catch a break.
I expect this tale is going to very much like marmite for people,
It is going be a love/Hate job with few in-betweens.
One last thought and I’ll stop waffling on.
I think the author Kaia Bennet was very brave going the way she did with this it could have blown up in her face big style.
massive gutts from her indeed.
In my opinion, she’s done a fantastic job and while I can’t say it’s always been a pleasure.
Its certainly and most definitely been one hell of a ride.
I am so looking forward to the journey take two will bring.


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💐Review Of Daddy’s Home💐 by Zoe Blake💐


Release Date-28th Nov 2017
Genre-Erotic Romance
Kindle Edition-159 Pages

dark romance from USA Today Bestselling author, Zoe Blake.

No one escapes their past.
Two years ago she ran, but now he has found her.
He will make her pay for her past mistakes.
Trapped alone in a cabin with him, there is no hope for rescue or redemption.
He wants information and refuses to believe she doesn’t have the answers he seeks.
He’s willing to do anything…anything…to break her.
And he will get what he wants.

This book is edgy, dark and dirty. If the possibility of having your boundaries tested does not appeal to you, then please do not purchase.

Daddy's HomeDaddy’s Home by Zoe Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 photo daddy_facebookbannercomingsoon_zps3of83ino.jpg

And here I am again reading some good old Daddy Dom kink. I’m an absolute fan-girl for this type of get your kink on, but I do find in terms of offering’s, this type of sub-genre is pretty hit and miss. Some authors failing to hit that perfect spot entirely with it just coming across as well, extremely icky indeed.
Well, let me tell you Daddy’s Home ticked all my boxes and more, for such a short story, (it’s slightly longer than your average novella) this certainly delivers in spades, the heat factor here is off the hook and then some more so.
So whats this about, discounting the obvious of course, Well Chloe is in hiding. She is laying low after double-crossing her ex-boyfriend Chad and taking off into the back of beyond.
So Chad after absconding from prison is hot on Chloe’s trail. not far behind him is Logan/Daddy all hot in pursuit, everyone’s after the same thing, all assuming Chloe has the package.
Poor Chloe has no clue what this is, or where it could be.
So there you have it, a brief outline of what the reader is plunged straight into, within a very short time of starting this tale.
Almost immediately from the start, Daddy’s home give’s us a full on ride in more way’s than one.
Chloe herself is exposed to Logan’s unique way of extracting the information he’s after, all ready for his employees.
So, we do have a bit of dub/con initially here, which for all its wrongness was actually very hot indeed, Logan just has such an appealing way about himself that pulls the reader in.
There’s a lot of Daddy/Babygirl kink that is not just confined to the bedroom.
But don’t worry there are no dummies and such, it’s just more of the daddy/good girl vibe we have been exposed to previously.
This is very insta-Love and low angst, And the story is mainly Chloe and Logan, who are both very likeable individuals.
There is a lot of spankings for Chloe from her Daddy and while Logan really has the stern hot disciplinarian vibe going for him. Chloe definitely demonstrates the naughty bratty behaviour to a tee.
They are both quite the pair and fulfil in each other the dark taboo need that each has.
The only dislikes I could find here is I would have liked this to be a tad lengthier, I could have spent much longer in the company of Chloe and Logan, I so wasn’t finished with the pair of them.
I also still wasn’t quite sure what Logan actually did it was never explained, I would really have liked this point clarifying and also his last name, never did find that one out either.
But these small things aside, Daddy’s Home really did it for me, it was a definite hit that I highly recommend.
my first offering from Zoe Blake and I can honestly say It will not be the last.
I was provided with an ARC of Daddy’s Home this is my own free and honest opinion.

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Saved by D.D. Prince

Release Date-August 23rd 2017
Genre-Dark Mafia Romance
Kindle Edition-439 pages

Holly has been kept ‘safe’, untouched, and segregated within a sex slave training center for 2 years. But when she has to jump from a burning building into the arms of the mysterious and handsome master of the house, it’s a catalyst for big change. Holly, no longer happy to be blissfully ignorant, starts to play with sexual fire. How badly is she about to get burnt?

This story is for the readers who like to spend time in the dark.
With the anti-heroes.
The damaged ones who don’t think they can be redeemed.
This book is for you.
And for them.

I saved her from a fate many would believe was worse than death. But, I’m no hero. Far from it.
I’m saving her for myself, which might be an even worse fate.

He’s dark. He’s dangerous. He’s the most attractive man I have ever laid eyes on. Everything about him says villain but I can’t help but think that maybe there’s a hero deep inside.

He’s kept me apart from the others for a long time. No one is allowed to touch me. Few are allowed to even set eyes on me.
I arrived here just before my sixteenth birthday. But soon, I won’t be a little girl any more.
How much longer will I be safe? And is safety all that matters?

A dark romance. Dominator series spin-off but can be read as a standalone.
(For the full optimal reading experience, consider reading the Dominator box set)

Potential triggers. Human Trafficking. Dub/Non-Consent.

SavedSaved by D.D. Prince

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 photo images 5_zpsplvnuqwy.jpg

 photo download 2_zpsbmmmbqfq.jpg

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 STARS.
So I really enjoyed Saved by D.D. Prince, in fact, I stayed up all night finishing this as I was that invested in where this was going.
Now This is a tale I’ve been waiting for, for quite a while.
We have had teasing glimpses from previous books set in this world, just to whet our appetites, but this was the main course,so to speak.
A complete downslide into the dark and dangerous world of Alessandro Romero and the murky depths of his depraved lifestyle.
So briefly “saved” recaps the story of Holly’s arrival at Alessandro’s compound and her subsequent imprisonment at his hands.
It shows how she becomes the latest obsession to the very damaged dark man who resides here.
At first, maybe just being a beacon of light in the dark to him, and then later an actual visual reminder of just how stained his hands really are.
But so soon, she becomes so much more, a decedent temptation that he can just no longer resist.
Tick Tock Holly that clock is ticking down to that all-important birthday.

 photo kitty_zpsyvp2yrgw.png

To me, she is the one untainted thing that exists in my world. My world is filthy, black, evil and I’m a big part of the reason for that. But Holly? She’s clean, pure; she’s light. I’m night; she’s day. And it’s only a matter of time before I lose my loose hold on control and turn her to nothing but charred remnants of what she was.

While nosing around, I have noticed a few reviews that have some issues with Hollys personality and attitude and while I appreciate there take I’m going to approach this from the opposite camp and try to articulate why I felt that mindset was what was needed from Holly to achieve a fully functioning relationship with what was the really fucked up Alessandro Romero.
So First, we have Holly’s age, She’s still so young and then her background also works against her, so just where was she going to go if she escaped, Holly’s choices were extremely limited in nature, she has no idea where her sister is and her mothers a waste of breath total dead-beat.
So she has just accepted her situation in some ways like a cosseted child.
It’s not so bad and could be worse is her mindset.
From listening to her inner musings it’s quite apparent to me that Holly has never been the confrontational type letting others like her sister just arrange things around her.
And she complied here, just as she’s been doing all her life.
Holly is essentially at heart a follower and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Second Alessandro was so fucked up in his interactions with Holly that even the tiniest little thing acted as a trigger to him, Imagine if Holly was more an in your face screaming harpy and think where that could have gone.
I really don’t think it would have been pretty at all, and I certainly wouldnt want to put it to the test for real.
And yes initially I do believe Holly was probably suffering from a touch of Stockholm.
but She kind of burrowed under Alessandro’s skin catching him unaware with her brand of sweetness and acceptance which is ultimately what he needed someone so pure that they could attempt to wash clean the blackest of his sins.
I also think this softly softly was the sneaky backdoor stealth approach needed.
And Alessandro’s sins are very black indeed, not surprising considering his background.
I actually think out of all of DD Prince’s boys in this world, Alessandro’s soul holds the darkest stains of them all.
He was not a good man then, and he is not a good man now, treating poor Holly like dirt and then at other times giving her a glimpse into someone so different.
In my opinion, it’s because he doesn’t want to accept this weakness he feels for her so he self-projects, Blaming poor Holly for his own limitations.
So it’s safe to say Alessandro himself is a complete and utter bastard
his behaviour itself is in no way excusable at all, but considering what he has done in his past very understandable to me.
He has done some really evil shit that he now has to learn to live with, especially now with his distant past catching up with his present.
But bearing in mind the sadistic crime family he comes from I would be much more surprised if he was lily white and all super caring, totally unrealistic indeed.
I will say this, that I thought Holly was a complete and utter saint to deal with Alessandro’s brand of crazy and fucked up behaviour towards herself without screaming for her bad-ass brother in laws to come rescue her.
This shows that she is actually stronger than she appears.
Able to deal in the real world.
Maybe her actions could be seen slightly as those of a doormat, I suppose its really all in your interpretation.
Mine was that she was just an unloved vulnerable young girl who wanted to save the world and also believe the best in people, so Yes there probably was a big dash of Stockholm mixed in with her love, but do I really care?
Nah, I loved this fucked up story anyway.
I loved the angst of the unexpected this tale brought it came complete with a tortured anti-hero who just wants redemption in any form he can get and most especially I adored catching up with all the Ferraro’s too, that really was the cherry on the top.
This was a definite hit for me and I would highly recommend if you like your fiction dark.
So just Before I go a trigger warning this book does contain Dub-Con and Non-Con just a heads up so you are aware.

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm

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Taken by the Enemy by Jennifer Bene

Release Date-March 25th 2016
Genre-Dystopian BDSM
Publisher-Blushing Books Publications
Kindle Edition-354 pages

Emmie had spent her life pampered, sheltered, and mostly unaware of just how bad things were inside and outside of the city that she called home – but when reality comes knocking, Emmie must choose between staying and suffering, or running and breaking a promise that could break her heart.

After fleeing the city in the dead of night, Emmie expected the hazards of the forest, but she never thought she would run into real danger or be brutally taken by one of the raiders who had been banished outside the walls. She never thought she would be tied up and forced to submit to their rules, and she never planned to find herself kneeling before their leader – no matter how gorgeous he was.

Lucian had spent most of his adult life figuring out how to protect those banished by the corrupt men inside the city, but when he meets Emmie, he doesn’t just want to keep her safe, he wants to claim her – body and soul. But once he does, and she despises him for it, how can he possibly show her what life can be like when she’s really and truly free, and how can he show her that a good life might be possible with him?

In ‘Taken by the Enemy’ readers are taken on a dark journey of discovery where the truths that Emmie has held close since she was a child are turned inside out, and she discovers that the enemy she’s been raised to fear may just be her salvation. Will she be able to bend to Lucian’s demands for obedience, and the harsh ways in which he enforces them, so she can discover a world where real peace is possible? Or will she turn away from the people who can save them all just to protect her heart?

Taken by the EnemyTaken by the Enemy by Jennifer Bene

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


 photo download_zpsvfbnlfi3.png

“Taken by the enemy” by Jennifer Bene,
Well, I suppose I better start with the good points I have for this before I mention my peeves, it’s only fair. So I got this as a freebie which is always a bonus, so a big thank you for that it’s always appreciated.
Also, I just want to mention that it wasn’t the overall writing with this that made me mark this down, this was surprisingly good.
It was more the writing content itself which I found its content very rapey indeed.
Now just to clarify, I read a lot of dub-con and even non-con and I’m fine with that.
I really love my dark fiction but I think what I struggled with here was the total oppression of the female population.
I felt like I’d been dropped into a totally alternate reality where men are gods with the power to do what they please a male utopia outside the walls of the city. And the poor woman well they obviously didn’t get the memo to steer clear.
Think this just about sums it up in a nutshell.

 photo images 2_zpsa2qjyus5.jpg

everyone in that village is totally batshit crazy.
Even the woman for as soon as there mated there all A-OK with all the punishments and lessons that their fellow sisters now need to conform with. very short memories indeed.


So to give you a brief lowdown of events we have Emmie, who runs from the city, is chased by a boar and rescued by Lucien and his fellow hunters.
She then is yanked from the tree by Lucian where she proceeds to smack him in the face and leg it.
Upon being caught, Lucian punishes His little bird as he as nicknamed her.
By you’ve guessed it spanking and raping her.
He’s shocked she’s a virgin like it would somehow be okay if she wasn’t.
He then drops her off at the stable where the free woman are kept but leaves orders she is not to be touched.

You still with me.
Well, this story is filled with more of the same joy throughout, from naked floggings to everyone must earn there place little bird.(on there back presumably)
Then the whole story went completely to hell in a handbasket as Emmie ends up back in the city with yet more awful things happening to her.
Now, to be honest with you, I couldn’t really abide her she was a bit stupid, and you’d think she’d learn to shut her trap, all it did was constantly get her into trouble, but the poor girl really couldn’t seem to catch a break at all.
Its no wonder she decided she want’s Lucien as he was the lesser of all evils in every scenario.
Now I’ve skipped over a lot of this but just be aware there is a lot of Non-Con in this like loads, just so you know.
Besides the awful subject matter, this was actually well written, that is the reason I have given it two stars.
I also don’t like to not finish books if I can help it, so I did finish this and it was just an ok read.
but that’s just me, you might like it more.
So If you’re just looking for some escapist fiction in this sort of genre well enjoy, I’ve read a lot worst.

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm

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