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Title: Serial Murderess and Lover of the Dead
Series: The Darkness in Faith Books 1-3
Author: C.F. Rabbiosi
Genre: Erotica/Horror 18+

The Darkness in Faith (The Darkness in Faith, #1)

The Darkness in Faith by C.F. Rabbiosi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Serial Murderess Series

so I’m going to do things a bit different here and review all three books in the Serial Murderess Series together but giving my brief impression on each instalment.
So I’m not normally one for trigger warnings but with this, you need one; this is dark depraved sick stuff proceed with caution.
If like me that sentence is like honey to a bee just be aware that at times this was even a bit too much for me and that’s something I don’t usually say.
There is Rape, murder, torture, necrophilia, cannibalism the list goes on and on so please do take my warning seriously there is the blackest stuff imaginable between these pages.
So this is a hard one, on the one hand, I love to push the boundaries of my tolerances, but here I wasn’t just giving them a nudge I was flat out annihilating and totally flattening everything in its path.
So If you want to just dip your toe into darker waters this isn’t the series to start with; this is completely hardcore.
This series is mainly told from the POV of Faith herself a product of her horrific life experiences in her case a history of rape, torture and slavery.
This girl has some serious issues which have resulted in her fascination with blood and death.
She’s a self-made serial killer who preys on the predators themselves.
Her moral compass is so off course when it comes to dispensing her own personal brand of justice.
So what happens when this necrophilia loving serial killer meets what could be her match made in heaven.
I’m gonna stop you right there; this is not a romance; this is so far from the warm and fuzzies than your ever going to get; Brandon the male interest here, is so not what I would even label; what we like to call an anti-hero.
This is more a psychotic bloody Bonnie and Clyde type journey cross country where Faith and Brandon embark on an all-out pilgrimage to annihilate every person that has ever hurt Faith in the most imaginative ways possible.
The go-to phrase these two start to employ.

This is going to be the most fun we’ve had yet

But this is also a downward spiral into the Pitts of insanity and what happens when you give your demons such a free rein.

The Darkness in Faith
is the onset of the journey where we learn what shapes our two lovers into the individuals they have evolved into.
This is perhaps the mildest of the three books almost a build up to more gruesome events.
It’s still bloody graphic as hell though so be prepared for anything.
In This instalment, we leave Brandon and Faith ready for there mission ahead.

Darkly Dreaming Faith
Portrays there antics as each kill goes down more each imaginative than the last.
Brandon and Faith fall deeper down the rabbit hole with each occurrence sending Brandon on a downward spiral into insanity.
In fact, here it becomes very apparent that Brandon is so much more than he has previously revealed to his new partner in death.
Finally culminating in Faith through self-preservation contemplating going rogue on his butt.

Vicious Faith
The final book in the trilogy and perhaps the most graphic and depraved of all three.
Here all roads come to a head and number five on Faiths list “Gas Mask” in dramatic style manages to turn the tables on Faith.
This was my favourite of the three books and though there where things I had kinda guessed previously here; there were still many shocks that snuck up and caught me unawares.
I adored the shocking conclusion we were given here.
It had an almost karmic justice to it.
Here is where we discover that there are no heroes only predators and events do come full circle in such a shocking finale.

This is not a romance.
There are no heroes in this trilogy only innocents and evil.
This was not easy reading at times but I persevered as I wanted to know the final outcome.
My rating here really reflects my unease with the content matter involved.
“The serial Murderess series” itself really pushed the envelope with me in regards to my comfort levels.
It’s an unapologetic jaunt through a dissolute and perverted playground.
Where everything good and wholesome has been stripped back to the bone and the only thing left behind is viciousness and cruelty.
Enter if you dare but be warned the passage your about to traverse is anything but pretty.
The road ahead of you is paved in blood and tears.
I’m not going to give this a yay or a nay just a give this a go if you think you can handle it and prepare to be appaled.
And again remember my original caution.
Thank you to the author for providing me with an ARC of “Serial Murderess Series” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions are entirely my own.

My name is Faith: Tortured sex slave turned brutal murderer. Men have abused my body for inhuman pleasures, hurt me and made me feel helpless. But now…

They fear me. I wish I could say that it is all for the good of the world that I kill them slowly and give them a taste of what they have made others feel, but that would be a lie. Turns out, I have a lust for blood and get off on making THEM my slave. They may be way past being offended at that point, but I sure enjoy my living dead boys.

Just one small problem. I am falling for my newest conquest and don’t know anymore if I want to tie him up and kill him slowly. He supposedly sexually assaulted a woman horribly ten years ago and is currently on parole for the crime, but something about those genuine sea green eyes and that beguiling mouth makes me weak. I still want to tie him up but what I want to do to him- will make us both scream.

Something about his darkness and pain calls to my own, and he knows I could kill him at any time, but still fights to possess me in every dripping, consuming and tantalizing way.

Come inside if you dare where real sex slave stories are my inspiration and I’ll tell you the story of a serial murderess and the life altering events that made her a Lover of the Dead.


How can I admit to myself that I have fallen for the one thing I fear the most? I should kill him, as I have visited bloody death on many others just like him but…

Instead I have let him inside me. Deeply, painfully and with all-consuming psychotic passion. My body hums when he hurts it, as he’s brought out a hidden side of me that thrives off his rough touch. I have never felt so alive.

Here he is by my side as we travel the country, staying in the finest hotels and savagely getting revenge on those who have sexually tortured me. What a ride. Kill, rough sex. Try to kill each other, more rough sex… And repeat.

But something changes my dark lover with each kill and I fear I will lose him forever. The blood thirsty beast he struggles to keep locked up within thrashes against its cage, and I don’t know how much time we have left together. Oh, but I WILL make the most of it.



Her enemy becomes her lover…

Faith has been caught by the one man she fears the most, but luckily she’s got him beat on crazy. While he likes to make his sex slaves scream, all she can do is laugh. Maybe he’ll just kill the defiant broad… Or will he fall in love and let her be his undoing?



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/ BLOG TOUR / Broken Edge / C.D. Reiss /


Twisted and sexy, this story grabbed me from the VERY FIRST WORD and never let me go. 6 STARS!” —Alessandra Torre, New York Times bestselling author

Broken Edge, the highly anticipated third installment to the “intensely sexy” and “mind-blowing” Edge Series by New York Times bestselling author CD Reiss is available NOW!


You think you’d go far for love?

Think again.


She really knows how to push a man.

She finds the cracks and she goes right for them. She’ll travel across the world just to break me apart, piece by piece, until every last secret is exposed and every weakness revealed.

I swear to God, I love her so much I’ll let her do it.

I’ll let her do anything.

But when she hurts herself to protect me?

That’s a line in the sand.


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Start the Edge Series today FREE with Cutting Edge!

About CD Reiss:

CD Reiss is a New York Times bestseller. She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print. Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn’t pick up she’s at the well hauling buckets.

Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master’s degree in screenwriting from USC. In case you want to know, that went nowhere but it did give her a big enough ego to write novels.

She’s frequently referred to as the Shakespeare of Smut which is flattering but hasn’t ever gotten her out of chopping that cord of wood.

If you meet her in person, you should call her Christine.


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/ PULSE Vampire Series Omnibus Vol. 1 Books 1 – 4 / Kailin Gow / Blog Tour / Excerpt /


PULSE Vampire Series Omnibus Vol. 1 Books 1 – 4
Kailin Gow
Publication date: March 1st 2018
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

This Omnibus contains 4 Full-length Novels in the PULSE Vampire Series, now in development as a Film starting with its Prequel, Mysterious Teacher.


Loved it! Very exciting storyline, can’t wait for the next one…. – Ariana, early 20s.

Pulse is fast paced and intriguing, the story has twists at every turn and the ending leaves you open mouthed and wanting more. Kailin did a wonderful job in creating this vampire world. – Melissa Silva, The Bookshelf

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved vampire books, and this one does not disappoint. – Amy (Books, College, and Other Random Things)

I know that I seem to say the same thing everytime that I review a Kailin book but man can she write, no matter whatever she writes I can never seem to put the book down whenever I pick one up. This has become another one of my favourite Kailin series and I highly recommend it. – Head Stuck in a Book Blog

Hurray for Gow, she made up a powerful character. I recommended this, you are not going to regret. – Astrid A.


17 year-old Kalina didn’t know her boyfriend was a vampire until the night he died of a freak accident. She didn t know he came from a long line of vampires until the night she was visited by his half-brothers Jaegar and Stuart Greystone. There were a lot of secrets her boyfriend didn t tell her. Now she must discover them in order to keep alive. But having two half-brothers vampires around had just gotten interesting….

Kailin Gow is a multiple Award-winning author, film and tv director/producer, and speaker. You can learn more about her at:

Goodreads / Amazon


She ran like an animal. Her clothes were wet, sopping, clinging to her thighs and to her chest, hollow and transparent around the curve of her shoulders. Her hair shook out droplets of rain; her cheeks were flushed and she was breathless. He could see her heartbeat throbbing at the side of her throat, see it in the rhythmic panting, hear it from across the street, pounding in his ears, intermingled with the thunder bolting from the sky. He could feel it – it felt like an earthquake to him, shaking his ribs, his shoulders, his legs. It had been so long since he had seen a heartbeat like hers – since he had felt a heartbeat at all.

The skies had opened up – as they so often did in North California – without any warning, without any hesitation. It was as if the smooth blue glass ceiling of the world had shattered all at once, letting the primordial oceans pound down upon the pavement. He could see her consternation, her irritation – she wanted nothing but to get out of the rain, to dry herself off, to curl up into something warm and dry.

But Jaegar loved the rain. He loved the energy – the pulse of life beating down upon the earth. He could hear the scattered raindrops in their rhythmic approach to earth and pretend that each fall of rain was a beat of his dead heart. And she was alive with the energy, too – alive as he had never seen a woman alive, tossing her hair back, running into shelter, and her lips were pink and her cheeks were red. He remembered that his lips would never again be pink, that his cheeks would never again be red.

She was so young.

Humans so often surprised him in that way. They looked no different from him – he could have been seventeen; he had been seventeen for so long – but their youth never failed to surprise him. The way the world was so new to them – that rain could still take them by surprise, when he had seen so many rainfalls.

He could smell her. The wind carried her scent to him like an animal’s scent, and it was all he could do to keep his fangs in check. He leaned heavily upon the branch and parted the leaves to get a better look at her. He could feel the blood – stagnant in his veins – begin something like a torpid, sluggish, shift towards life – the closest thing he would ever get to a heartbeat. She was the sort of girl who made young boys’ hearts pound, he thought – and they never knew how lucky they were to experience that sensation.

For it was the physical aspect of it, he thought, that humans understood least of all. They romanticized vampires, of course – how terrible it would be to live at night! To drink blood! To prey upon humans! These were things they could intellectualize, understand. Humans had been forced to commit murder. Humans had been forced to bite back their most natural, primal desires – and so they could almost understand, when they imagined vampires, what it was like to feel that insatiable hunger for a woman’s throat, her breast, her wrist. But not a human in the world had ever been alive without living, without a heartbeat – and so they took it for granted – what it meant, that constant linear throbbing, clock-like, towards inevitable death. For Jaegar was a vampire, and he was not alive, and the dull ache in his chest where a heartbeat should have been was for him one of the most agonizing things in the world.

They don’t know, he thought. They’ll never understand.

He had been told that she was the one. He had waited for her until sunset – the sun agonizing upon him, even with the ring around his finger. Vampires were not meant for light, and even the strongest magic could not take away the pain, searing, burning, aching, in his flesh. He was unnatural in sunlight, and only now that dusk was beginning to settle over him could he find relief. He sat perched in the tree, obscured by the leaves, staring at her as she ran down the street.

He leaned in too closely – the birds noticed at last that something was wrong in their midst and took flight; a flurry of wings beat up around him and the branch snapped from the tree and plummeted to the earth below.

It was enough time to make a distraction.

He concentrated, and in half a second he was behind her, so close he could feel the wind blow her hair upon his lips, and then he opened the umbrella above her.

“Miss,” he said.

She startled.

“What the…” She rounded on him.

“You looked wet,” he said. She did not seem amused.

“I’m warning you,” she said. “I know kung fu.”

He had learned kung fu once, many centuries ago. He thought it better not to mention it.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I was just trying to help.”

She softened.

“Thanks,” she said, lamely. “I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to snap at you. But you need to learn not to sneak up on people like that. You scared me.”

Her eyes remained fixed upon the tree from which he had come. A suspicious glare clouded her gaze. Had she seen

– was she wondering? He knew she knew something was wrong. He tried to maintain whatever pleasant normalcy he could. The sequoias were tall, after all. No human could survive a jump from them – he knew she knew this. He knew she thought he was human.

Don’t do this. His mind raged against him. Don’t do this.

But vampires had the power of hypnosis, called compulsion – and Jaegar felt himself hypnotized too – he could not stop himself, he could not stop her.

Her eyes grew wide and he could see them grow hot and fevered with desire.

Not again, Jaegar. He had promised himself never to use his influence on mortals again. It was dishonorable, Aaron had said – but what could be dishonorable for a vampire? Their rules were of conquest, of power; he could not remember a century when human rules had governed him.

“Take this,” he said, trying to pretend to himself that it was not the magic, trying to pretend perhaps it was only his beauty – he was beautiful, after all, – but he could not control it, any more than she could control it; his hypnosis reflected back at him from the depths of her eyes.

He handed her his umbrella; she clasped her fingers around it.

“Thank you,” she whispered. It was the dull voice of possession.

Damn it, Jaegar, not again!

This had never happened to him before. Whenever he had hypnotized a human female, it had been intentional. In the days before Aaron he had felt no regret – he had plucked out the most beautiful maidens in every century and thus made them succumb to him. But this was different. He had never meant to do it. Something about this human female affected him and chipped away his resolve like no other before. He had promised never to do it…

He was under his own spell.

He felt his arms gather around her neck, his lips come closer to her mouth, until at last he could breathe in the air from her mouth, and taste the life moist on her lips, and smell her intoxicating hint of perfume. He could feel her heartbeat against her chest, the constant rhythm as steady as the rain.

And then the spell was broken. She recoiled – she could feel the deathly cold of his lips, the chill on his cheek – she was still dulled in her confusion, but it was enough for him to regain control of his powers – to run, to hide his shame…

What a humiliation! For a vampire not to control his powers! He had gone soft, he reasoned, ever since he’d listened to Aaron’s stupid admonitions. He was letting his vampire nature get the better of him.

Well, enough of that, he thought. Stuart was the soft one – Jaegar was not. And Jaegar had no patience for these kinds of games. Kalina was the key, after all. Next time he saw her, he’d be prepared. He’d have control over his powers. He’d be waiting. And he’d show her no mercy…



Author Bio:

Kailin Gow loves things that are edgy, cool, bright, exciting, hopeful, glittery, and jaw-droppingly awe-inspiring. She loves writing, reading, and filming stories about people whose journeys take them beyond their boundaries – physically, psychologically, intellectually, and emotionally to arrive a point and a place of inspiration and hope. Her works have been recognized by the leaders in the industry in book publishing and entertainment to be “innovative” and “disruptive”, earning her awards from ALA, The IBPA, and festivals.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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/ ARC Book Review / Watching You / Shannon Greenland / Blog Tour /

Watching You
Shannon Greenland
Published by: Entangled Publishing
Publication date: July 2nd 2018
Genres: Thriller, Young Adult

Viola’s always been that girl from thatfamily, so a scholarship to a prestigious private school in Florida was supposed to be her ticket out of poverty and into a brand-new life. But Viola’s secrets have followed her. Her relationship with the intelligent and gorgeous Riel should have been the salvation she needed—he understands her troubled past better than anyone. But then weird things start to happen.

Frightening messages.

Missing personal items.

The unsettling feeling that she’s being watched.

Viola’s never been one to give her trust easily, but she’ll need to trust in Riel if she’s going to survive her stalker. Because she’s not fighting for a new life anymore—she’s fighting to stay alive.

WC Teaser 3_preview

Watching You by Shannon Greenland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release Date-2/7/18

“Watching You” by Shannon Greenland was a well-written page-turner of a read.
My first experience with this particular author and pleased to say it was a positive one.
Genre-wise I would place this in the Young Adult/New Adult category.
I’m undecided between the two as there is some mild content near the end the might lean this more towards the New Adult camp.
It’s nothing hard-core and is really rather mild in nature but does stop this short of being a completely clean read.
What I did like about this particular content was how realistically it was portrayed rather refreshing and makes quite the change from the norm.
So moving on slightly; this was romantic suspense set in and around a prestigious boarding school. where our main girl Viola is attending on a scholarship that shes slightly fudged about on the application process to receive.
Here she runs into her new crush the gorgeous and Spanish Reil.
Almost instantly upon meeting Reil, she senses a deeper connection; but there are certain obstacles that seem to be standing in her way of a friendship the most important being the scholarship that Viola has acquired under less than honest circumstances.
There are so many parallels in her life that she can compare with Reil and this understanding and solidarity understandably brings her feeling much closer to her new friend.
So with her goals of school well underway Viola settles into her new academy life but it’s not long before events for her start to take a rather sinister turn.
And with the added complication of mean girls and her well-hidden secrets becoming common knowledge.
Viola is not enjoying her senior year as much as she originally anticipated.
So I really did enjoy this a lot; Yes it was probably more romantic than overall suspenseful and was slightly predictable in some places.
But and here’s the main kicker for me; I couldn’t put this down and for the reason alone this deserves for me its whole five stars.
I actually started reading this at my bedtime with every intention of a couple of chapters and then getting some much-needed shut-eye.
Well, that was a complete wash-out; I ended up reading this all through the night and finished in one sitting, talk about bags under the eyes the next day.
And it was so worth it; “Watching you” in itself is not an overcomplicated story but it did deliver for me that thrilling excitement that I was actually looking for from this.
Managing quite easily to keep my attention throughout.
It has some great characters and so much to recommend itself making it a complete no-brainer in terms of would I recommend this.
And I think its safe to say I definitely would; this is one read that I am happy to give the green light to.
Thank You to the Author and Entangled Publishing for providing me with an ARC copy of “Watching You” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo

WC Teaser 4

Author Bio:

Shannon Greenland is the award winning author of several novels including the teen spy series, THE SPECIALISTS, and the YA romances, THE SUMMER MY LIFE BEGAN and SHADOW OF A GIRL. She also writes thrillers under S. E. Green and lives off the coast of Florida with her very grouchy dog.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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/ ARC Book Review / Sage’s Surrender (Hell’s Riders, #4) / Joy Blood / Book Tour /

Title: Sage’s Surrender
Series: Hells Riders MC #4
Author: Joy Blood
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 13, 2018

She is my best friend’s daughter. I have no right to be looking at her the way I do, but with her snotty attitude, I find myself wanting to put her bratty ass into its place. Under me.


I have had a stupid school girl crush on him since I was fifteen years old. Now he is dragging me back to the one person I am not ready to face. My father.

Sage's Surrender (Hell's Riders, #4)

Sage’s Surrender by Joy Blood
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

SS Teaser
Release Date-13/6/18

“Sage’s Surrender” is the first book I have read by this author and while I did ultimately enjoy this; I also had some slight issues as well.
So my positives first; This was an age-gap romance which is one of my all-time favourite tropes.
I really can’t get enough of this type of story; it’s a real guilty pleasure of mine in romance fiction.
This was well-written and very engaging and had a great cast of characters that kept me invested and entertained throughout.
It was told in dual POV; which I prefer and had just the right balance of action, suspense and angst to pique my interest.
In my opinion, though part of the Hell’s Riders series this can definitely be read as a standalone; I did no issues and I easily followed along.
This was a relatively easy read and despite this being set in an MC Club; I didn’t find it especially that dark either.
Don’t get me wrong; there was a definite stain here, but my depravity meter is actually set way-way high, probably due to all the disturbing stuff I actually inhale; so by my standards, this was actually relatively tame in comparison.
I also was really digging sage’s manly Vibe; he was such hunk of a man and after finally throwing in the towel and succumbing to his feelings towards Brook he only became hotter in my eyes.
A man who goes after what he wants disregarding societies rules is just so darn sexy.
Now for my issues, I disliked how in the beginning Sage blew hot and cold with Brook; I thought he really wasn’t being fair to her sending her such mixed messages.
He really should have made a choice either way and just gone with it instead of almost playing with her emotions just because he couldn’t control his baser urges.
But the main kicker here for me was Brook herself; she was such a wingy spoilt child; I really found it extremely difficult at first to warm up to her, like even a smidgen and I really did struggle to comprehend how a grown man would be interested romantically in such a juvenile Little girl; and I’m talking about her outward behaviour here not her actual age; as that in my opinion is really just a number.
I was so pleased when she finally quit the stroppy teenage tantrums, this gave me a chance to actually warm up to her without the added distraction of her constant juvenile behaviour as background noise.
Finally, there was some really hypocritical behaviour on someone’s part here and also in regards to where we eventually ended up that didn’t really sit that right with me.
That’s all I can say here; without letting the cat out of the bag, but you’ll definitely get what I mean when you read about it.
The ending here could also have been better for me, I wasn’t a big fan; finding it actually kind of anti-climatic overall, but I must say I did really love that epilogue; it was ever so charming indeed.
So taking everything here into consideration while I did enjoy this and found it mostly a positive experience there were just some slight tweaks that for me would have given this a much higher eventual score; overall this still had many more positives than negatives.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC copy of “Sage’s Surrender (Hell’s Riders, #4)” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

“I felt like I was going up in flames with each turn of the page.” – Janise’s Jivin’ Book Blog

“Sage’s Surrender is amazing!” – Cassie Ashford



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/ Blog Tour / On The Edge / C.D. Reiss /


“This series grips you by the throat and refuses to let go—and you’ll be begging for more the entire time.” — Sierra Simone, USA Today Bestselling Author

On the Edge, the next intense installment in The Edge Series from New York Times bestselling author CD Reiss, is available now!


“In Iraq, I promised you a bed of rose petals.” He grabbed my hand under the table, tightening his grip as if he were falling from a precipice and our connection was the only thing saving him from certain death.

“They were beautiful.”

“You smell like apples. Roses were wrong.” There was nothing soft about his tone, but his quiet words were for me alone. “I want everything to be right for you.”

“Caden, look at me.”

I caught his gaze and held it. He was confident. Arrogant. Sure he had a place in the world. And under that was the man who needed me to be that place.

“If I could…” He smiled and shook his head at a silly thought he wanted to dismiss but couldn’t—a contradiction in keeping with the whole man I married. “If I could write my love in the sky, it wouldn’t be big enough. I’d run out of room. I’d fall out of the air trying to say it all.”

He was saying it all.

Every day.

And he was falling out of the sky to do it.


Read On the Edge Today!


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Download the Prequel Cutting Edge FREE !

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About the Author

CD Reiss is a New York Times bestseller. She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print. Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn’t pick up she’s at the well hauling buckets.

Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master’s degree in screenwriting from USC. In case you want to know, that went nowhere but it did give her a big enough ego to write novels.

She’s frequently referred to as the Shakespeare of Smut which is flattering but hasn’t ever gotten her out of chopping that cord of wood.

If you meet her in person, you should call her Christine.

_21A6258_pp-fb 9.00.33 AM.jpg

Connect with CD Reiss:








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/ ARC Book Review / Beyond The Pain (The Beyond Series Book 1) / Victoria Renteria / Blog Tour /

Title: Beyond The Pain
Series: The Beyond Series Book 1
Author: Victoria Renteria
Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Publication Date: June 5, 2018
Cover Designer: Designs by Dana

“ … this book was brilliant. Beyond the Pain is well written and the execution of the book is near perfect.” ~ Kate’s Corner

Colton Monroe was born with a gift: the extraordinary ability to bend time. A tragic incident in his youth compelled him into seclusion, forcing him to hide amongst the shadows—an outcast from society. Eventually, a driving need to alleviate his suffering draws him out of his self-imposed isolation. Embracing his unique power, he turns his talent into a profitable business . . . until the day the Chaumont police department recruit him in their search for a missing person.
Colton endeavours to aid the police, scouring the area for clues, searching for any signs of the missing girl, only to continually come up empty-handed. With only his gift to guide him, Colton is left to solve the riddle of Lana Turner’s disappearance on his own. But when things go awry and she begins to invade Colton’s dreams, an inexplicable sense of urgency pushes him to his limits.
In a deadly race against time, Colton will face challenges from both this life and the next. As the clock winds down, only one question remains: Will he find her in time, or is she destined for the afterlife?

Beyond The Pain by Victoria Renteria
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

thumbnail_available now_btp
Release Date-5/6/18

I absolutely bloody adored Beyond The Pain (The Beyond Series Book 1) like just so much it’s unreal.
So. this was a bit of a genre switch for myself and while I do read the occasional Crime mystery this one was in a class all of its own.
It had a Mystery Crime Sleuth vibe to it; also accompanied by a huge splash of the Paranormal.
So it has been a while since I indulged in this particular cross-genre and In my opinion, this was an excellent book to get back on the horse with.
It Drew me in straight from the very beginning; teasing my senses with its intriguing agenda and surprising even myself with how fast I could devour a book.
“Beyond The Pain” tells the tale of Colton Monroe a gifted but troubled psychic; almost a pariah in his small town because of his strange abilities and unwanted gifts.
When a local girl “Lana Turner” goes missing Colton’s astounding abilities are called into play.
Working with a detective on the Chaumont police department payroll Colton employs all his varied talents to help bring Lana back home to her family.
Calling on depths of strength he was unaware he had; Colton is not only saving himself but also beginning a journey of discovery; (his destiny even) and once on this particular path; he will be committed to the destination; wherever it may lead him.
So this was so good; I especially adored the banter between our two main characters.
The back and fourthness of there repertoire was so amusing and brought a smile to my face often.
There was also such hidden depths to many of the characters portrayed here; Carlton especially was very proficient at hiding his inner turmoil and feelings; portraying an almost confidence and togetherness he was so far from actually feeling.
Using this mask as a shield to protect himself from the outside world Carlton has perfected the art of hiding in plain sight.
There is still so much left to discover here; question and answers to be asked and fulfilled and I am so invested in the next leg of this addictive new series.
This was the first book in this series and I’m so interested in seeing where this is eventually going to proceed.
With all the reveals and revelations we were treated to here in “Beyond The Pain” its certainly going to be an interesting and informative ride.
This is one story that gets my wholehearted seal of approval; It was such a great read that kept me guessing throughout.
Oh and I should just mention this is not a romance it’s more of a supernatural crime Mystery.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC copy of “Beyond The Pain (The Beyond Series Book 1)” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


Former Director of a major corporation, Victoria has spent most of her life inside of a book. When she wasn’t reading, she was busy scribbling down stories of her own. Meeting her husband while he was in the United States Army, Victoria quickly adapted and learned the role of the military spouse. 
After finishing her Business Management Degree in college, she spent years working in the corporate world where her writing quickly fell to the wayside. Finally, taking time away from the corporate world, Victoria has been able to dive into her stories and create a whole new world for you to live in. 

She now resides in the sunny Tampa, Florida area with her husband, son, and two amazing boxers. When she isn’t writing, you can find her on the beach or hiking. Maybe even writing on the beach. 



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/ ARC Book Review /The Sinister Silhouette / Alex Grayson / Book Tour /

Title: The Sinister Silhouette
Author: Alex Grayson
Genre: Romance Suspense

Release Date: May 25, 2018


She whispers my name at night, filling my dreams with her haunting beauty. Her tormented amber eyes

beg me for something I don’t understand, and her agonizing pain becomes my own.

For years, she’s come to me, calling my name.

For years, I’ve never known who she was.

Until now….

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release Date-25/5/18

I adored “The Sinister Silhouette” By Alex Grayson.
This is my first book by this particular author, but it definitely won’t be my last.
No sir-ee; I am certainly going to be having a mooch around to see what else this fantastically talented author has to offer.
But first; yes I did figure out the twists here.
And Second; I’m so sorry; I can’t really elaborate any further on said twists as this would spoil the whole experience for you.
I know some find it spoils there enjoyment overall when deciphering plotlines; myself; I always feel a trifle smug and sherlocky and if the twist is good and clever; I really couldn’t give a hoot if I’ve used my marvellous skills of deduction; blowing my own trumpet here folks.
I just feel like raising a glass to the author saying; job well-done mate; I applaud you; really I do.
So figuring out some stuff here or thinking I did; really wasn’t the end of the world for me.
This still was jammed packed with so many twists and turns and intricate plot-journeys that I was enthralled throughout.
Its told in my favourite dual POV and had the added bonus of an excellent side-cast; all really well developed as well.
This was also crammed full of mystery and intrigue throughout and at every new turn, I felt we were getting a different perspective and fresh flavour.
“The Sinister Silhouette” was a fabulous read that I can’t recommend enough.
I have a soft spot for tattoo artists as well; so was over the moon to have one at the centre of this intriguing story.
I wasn’t quite sure what this book was going to bring to the table with that obscurely but so tantalising blurb. but need not have worried as it was all so darn good.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “The Sinister Silhouette” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Alex Grayson is the bestselling author of heart pounding, emotionally gripping contemporary romance including the Jaded Series, the Consumed Series, and two standalone novels. Her passion for books was reignited by a gift from her sister-in-law. After spending several years as a devoted reader and blogger, Alex decided to write and independently publish her first novel in 2014 (an endeavor that took a little longer than expected). The rest, as they say, is history.

Originally a southern girl, Alex now lives in Ohio with her husband, two children, two cats and dog. She loves the color blue, homemade lasagna, casually browsing real estate, and interacting with her readers. Visit her website,, or find her on social media!



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/ ARC Book Review / The Spiral / Charlotte E Hart / Blog Tour /

Book: The Spiral

Author: Charlotte E Hart

Genre: Dark Romance. Spiralling. Thriller. Paranormal.



Maddy has only one decision left to make after the final bruise—leave him.

And she’s doing it. She’s finally free.

Her own home. Own life. Own Decisions.

There’s no-one to answer to anymore.

But when her job as an antiques moderator leads her to the mysterious Blandenhyme estate and the intriguing Mr Caldwell, that freedom begins to turn into an unconventional love lost in shadows and fog.

And as chilling voices whisper words to cloud her judgement, and dangerous liaisons bring terror and dread to the fore, she finds herself struggling to survive Blandemhyne’s sinister misgivings regardless of its beauty.

They say the dead never sleep, that they stalk this earth until retribution is served.

That time has come.

Standalone. Dark Romance. Spiralling. Thriller.


The Spiral

The Spiral by Charlotte E. Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release Date-5/6/18

OMG, What was that!
This was a complete brain frazzle and I am still busy analysing the shit out of it internally.
I’m not even sure which category of fiction this fits best into; as it contains a bit of everything; a sort of crossover and blurring of the genre lines.
If I had to take a stab at it; Mmm maybe a Dark psychological ghost story with romantic elements.
There is definitely a love story involved here, but it might not be quite what you’re actually expecting.
If I had to give you one piece of sound advice going in here; it would be to start this with no preconceptions; just to go with it; don’t try to second guess; just experience this story as its meant to be told and keep an open mind throughout.
I went through a kaleidoscope of emotions during “The Spiral” and just when I thought I had a handle on things, events would veer swiftly in a completely opposite direction.
“The Spiral” even made me cry; which I really bloody hate.
I ran the gauntlet of despair, heartbreak, humour and Love.
Witnessed the depths people can sink in there ultimate despondency and anguish and also the hope that can bleed through to new beginnings.
I know I am not making much actual sense here; but I’m trying really hard to convey my opinion without going into specific details; hope I’m succeeding somewhat.
If you’ve read Charlotte Hart before well throw those expectations out of the window; this is the polar opposite to anything you would be expecting from her; I’m a massive fan of this authors books and “The Spiral” for me was one I equally devoured but for wholly different reasons.
A fantastic experience but also a totally new direction for this talented author.
I could easily see this on the big screen; imagine the chilling atmospheric intensity that could be achieved in such a setting; it would be so eerily seductive and appealing to the viewer; one I would so watch; definitely my cup of tea.
Charlotte Hart narrates this style of fiction just as beautifully as her other specialities.
The prose used here was enthralling and captivating; pulling me into its dark web and weaving such a fantastical intricate tale; I’m truly impressed.
So right I could go on and on here; so much did I enjoy this; But I’m just going to leave you with this and it’s so simple.
Just Read “The Spiral” And make up your own mind; Enter Blandenhyme estate at your own risk and dally with The Mysteriously Tragic Mr Caldwell and his lamentable moods.
Spend time with Maddy as she strives towards a finale; which honestly; she’s no clues upon final destination; I was truly quite amazed with where I eventually landed.
I actually felt that ending was really a beginning of a whole new chapter for Maddy; one she truly deserves.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “The Spiral” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Meet The Author

Charlotte is a Dark Erotic Suspense/Romance author living in the heart of the Shropshire countryside in Great Britain. She’s lived all over the UK but finally settled in a small town that still reeks of old-school England.

Writing and poetry have become a revolution for the soul, and she cherishes every second that she’s sitting at the laptop tapping her way into a new character.

“Life is a torrent of differences, different needs and wants, and it doesn’t always end that well. Yet we strive …”

Charlotte E Hart


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/ ARC Book Review / Surviving Eden (Surviving Series Book 1) / Virginia Wine / Book Tour /

Title: Surviving Eden
Series: Surviving Series
Author: Virginia Wine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 13, 2018 
Dr. Theodore Grant worked hard his entire life to achieve his goals. He was a prominent, renowned psychiatrist. He had it all: wealth, prestige, respect. Or so he thought.

When tragedy unexpectedly struck, he was forced to help his best friend’s daughter. She needed him. What he didn’t know was that he needed her, too—like his own breath.
How could he know it would all go so terribly wrong? That he would cross the line? He fought the desire leading him astray with everything he had, but in the end, he wanted only one thing: her.
To hell with what was right. Losing everything never even factored in his decision. All he wanted to do was live in the moment. Her moment.
She found his demons and slayed them with her innocence. The answer was clear now: he had done the right thing. He was certain of it. People would believe what they wanted to believe.
His notion of right and wrong was discarded the day Eden Barnett walked into his office. What he didn’t know was that it would be the day his life truly began.
The day he followed his heart, and it lead him into the garden… of Eden.
*Content warning: Contains adult content, language, and scenes that may not be suitable for all audiences. Intended for 18+ audience. *

Surviving Eden by Virginia Wine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

thumbnail_eden promo
Release Date-13/6/18

For the most part, this was an enjoyable read it just had some slight personal preferences that let proceedings down slightly for me overall.
Without these niggles, my final rating would have been much higher.
I still enjoyed “Surviving Eden” At its heart, it still was a well written and at times extremely poignant experience.
This is a story all about loss and rebirth; About two people finding each other in the midst of this soul-destroying pain and loss.
We have Dr Theodore Grant; successful psychiatrist and Eden the daughter of Theo’s deceased close friend; And when he takes her on as his patient to assist her in her grief after the passing of her family in a horrific accident; he knows he’s sinking fast.
To further complicate matters Eden feels the same pulling connection to Theo and it’s not long before these two succumb fully to there pulsing bond and ultimate attraction.
This has a touch of the taboo feel to it; there is a thirteen-year age gap between Theo and Eden but that’s not what sends up the red flags here; the differences in their years is a secondary concern and only slightly touched on; its the taboo nature of there relationship Doctor and patient that is at the heart of this book.
Surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be that much of a concern over the threat of disbarment; rather than the actual worry that it is coming.
Theo and Eden hardly seem to fight there connection at all; I was slightly sceptical as This is someone’s career and livelihood we are talking about here.
Theo has been closed off emotionally for years; would he then succumb so swiftly to the softer emotions all at the expense of his job; mmm I’m not so convinced myself.
Despite the above, I did still enjoy the romantic dynamic portrayed here between this pair.
But I also still struggled with the fact; that Theo was, in the beginning, a bit of a man-whore.
I really didn’t need or want the graphic descriptions of his exploits with other women.
In some senses these encounters were hotter than the actual main course; Theo and Eden; which I found a bit out of whack myself.
I felt this added nothing to the proceedings at all just not needed titalation; I know what the author was trying to portray; Theos actual disconnection; a kind of voyeur in his own depravity rather than an actual participant; but for me, it didn’t ultimately work I’m afraid.
he just came across as a bit of a douche with absolutely no respect for the woman he was hooking up with.
I actually felt quite sorry for his Ex despite her overall bitchiness; she was just understandable jealous and took it out on the wrong individual.
There was also a great backstory here that was cleverly interwoven into the fabric of this tale.
Edens and Theo have so much more than there relationship to ultimately contend with; still lots of surprises to catch them unawares.
Things were also set up quite nicely for future endeavours.
There were only a few secondary characters here, but what we encounter was quality; Gage, Edens bestie being my hands down favourite.
Once our couple connected they did stay true to each other, thank god.
This was told in dual POV and the finale was ultimately satisfying.
All things considered, this was mostly good for me.
Overall this was a bit swings and roundabouts, but taken in its entirety was mostly a good read.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of ”
Surviving Eden (Surviving Series Book 1) ” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.