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Release Date-October 10th 2020 Genre-Sci-Fi Menage Romance

Kindle Edition-588 Pages

Top on the list of “things I didn’t expect to happen this weekend” is:

  • Surprise sex with an alien-cyborg commander, which means I’m now the lady-mate in a weird marriage triangle with him and his legionnaire –

Although being taken to, and promptly busted out of, Area 51 by the aforementioned aliens is definitely a close second.

I also didn’t really bargain for how much I’d fall for these two extraterrestrial men. There are more than a few on this rig who find our relationship a violation of nature, though. And unfortunately, they don’t seem too content to just judge us silently from afar.

No, these Turukai are more than willing to voice their disagreements. And when they threaten not just my happy little threesome, but all of humanity as well?

I might be forced to make one hell of a drastic decision.

–This novel contains a scene of dubcon (“dubious consent”, as described by medium.com as “[indicating] that consent is unknown or uncertain, and this is distinguished from consent being definitely absent. Often, a character involved is uncertain about whether he or she wants to participate.”). Directly after this scene, participants discuss what happened and what cultural misunderstandings led to the situation.

–This novel also contains frequent, explicit sexual content with non-humans. If this type of content is what you’re here for, you’ll have a great time! If not, you may want to try a sample first.

New Horizons by Heather Relken
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this one a lot it’s sci-fi romance and the second book I’ve read by this author.
It’s a long read which I was really pleased about I do like my lengthy tomes and it’s described as a poly romance, Which basically is fancy terms for reverse harem.

I was very surprised at how different this was from the previous book I’ve read by this author. That one is a prequel and also another stand-alone but they really are like chalk and cheese.

The former being very slow-burn whilst this one was definitely fast-burn in regards to the heat.

This story focuses on human Riley who finds herself contained for further questioning in Area 51. Whilst out on a hike she is inadvertently injured along with Paneun. He’s an alien scout who has been captured by the government whilst doing recon on Earth.

Riley tries to assist him despite her own injuries and she finds herself being taken into custody along with the alien and when he manages to escape he takes her along with him back to his mothership.

The Turukai are a reptile-like species with added mechanical tech so there like reptilian cyborgs I know cool right. Once aboard their ship Riley attracts the interest of the big boss himself The Exalt who takes her for his mate. The Turukai usually house themselves as trios so alongside The Exalt or Marine as Riley monikers him Pan is taken into their den as Riley’s caregiver.

A male to provide for her emotional needs and also one for providing and the physical.

There’s cultural differences to overcome on both sides and a unique way of communicating and plenty of heat here also.
The majority of this story takes place in the spaceship itself but I was never bored this captured my imagination from the second I started reading.

I was less sure regarding the eventual inclusion of Riley’s ex Leo I would much preferred it if he hadn’t reentered the picture when he did but to be fair it did work out ok it just wasn’t my preferred scenario. Riley was great she is definitely no drama llama and in fact, takes things in readjusting her reactions accordingly.

I liked her a lot especially her willingness to accept and adapt.

The males here were a nice mix of dominance and sweetness balancing each other out very nicely. Marine is all take control masterful bluntness whilst Pan is there for the aftercare and emotional nuances. Leo well he slotted in nicely taking control but with a sense of fun and mischief. Each providing something Riley needs.

I was a bit surprised we never got to see any aftermath regarding Pan’s sister after what happened with her mate I did think this would be brought up especially when they returned home but it wasn’t.

Overall this was a great read and despite most of the action taking place on a spaceship it still had some really rich world-building.
Definitely recommend this one it really was great.


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