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Release Date-March 28th 2021 Genre-Fantasy Romance

Kindle Edition-230 Pages

He’s the only man she’s ever wanted. She’s everything he can never have.

Killian’s scars are all people see, but with his wretched past, he doesn’t want them to look closer. He resigned himself long ago to living as an indentured slave to a powerful and capricious high mage—until a chance meeting with a temptress outside a brothel teaches him to want…

If only he hadn’t asked her price for the night.

Lady Mailin’s escape from her tyrannical father is so close she can taste it. All she has to do is to fake her magical prowess long enough for the high mage to sign a marriage contract and whisk her away. Then she’ll lose him and start a new life. The last thing she needs is a tortured bondsman mistaking her for a woman who works on her back…

If only she could forget his gentle, callused touch.

When a stormy sea strands them together on Prison Island, Mailin and Killian’s illicit desires may prove deadlier than the convicts out for blood, or worse…

Author’s Note: Lullaby Scars is the prequel to the Warriors of the Five Realms fantasy romance series. If you love the works of Laura Thalassa, Sarah J Maas, and CL Wilson, then you will love this.

Lullaby Scars is a standalone (no cliffhangers), with a guaranteed HEA. Mature themes. Intended for readers aged 18+

Lullaby Scars by Hollee Mands
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the prequel to a new series it’s a romantic fantasy which Is one of my favourite genres, It’s also by a debut author. It’s a well written imaginative quick easy read.

The story itself is quite fast-paced and it’s dual POV which is my favourite.

Mailin needs to escape her ruthless father before he sells her like he has done all her sisters prior. She’s a half breed with Seelie blood and she has a gift for healing.

Knowing the only way out of her predicament is to arrange an alternative Mailin brokers a betrothal to a neighbouring high mage planning to abscond on her own as soon as possible.

Killian is a bondsman in service to high mage Vale from the instant he encounters Mailin he knows he wants her for his own. Killian has his own secrets and personal penances to endure but Mailin’s arrival in his life changes everything for him including his priority’s and when he is forced to make a choice going against Vales orders he doesn’t think twice and blindly follows her.

The two find themselves on prison island and Kiliian or Scar as Vale call’s him is the only thing that stands between Mailin and the violent inmates this island houses.

This world is a realm of magic and this story sets the background and scene for the upcoming series and it does it well.
The story itself isn’t incredibly complicated and things here do resolve themselves a bit too easily but the fast pace this story set still kept me engaged in the unfolding drama.

This isn’t a dark read it’s a sweet love story and Killian is incredibly protective and loving. Mailin herself could be a bit naive and Killian a bit of a martyr but overall I did like them.

This was also a touch instalove but that’s going to be more down to personal taste I myself do prefer it if there are some challenges to overcome but being an action novel it didn’t bother me as much.

Taken as a whole this was an easy read with some good and imaginative world-building it will be interesting to see where this series goes next.


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