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Release Date-December 3rd 2020 Genre-Fantasy Romance

Kindle Edition-513 Pages

I pushed myself up and stumbled away. But the memory followed me like a bad feeling. It found its way through the shabby mental wall I’d erected. Within seconds, it filled my skull again.

Fortuna has made one too many sacrifices to protect the ones she loves.

She no longer knows how to go about her day-to-day life like she’s normal. Like she’s not utterly destroyed. Just a glimpse of Ian O’Connell’s face causes panic attacks, and Collith isn’t much help, considering he’s fighting demons of his own.

Amongst so much inner turmoil, Fortuna’s abilities are still changing. However weak she feels, she knows she’s getting stronger. Fortuna does her best to hide it from other Fallen, because in the world of monsters, strength will get you killed. Well, that and unpredictable panic attacks.

Unfortunately for Fortuna, it’s when you’re most vulnerable that enemies—new and old—like to come out of the woodwork…

TRIGGER WARNING: This novel contains scenes or themes of PTSD, sexual assault, and rape.

Deadly Dreams by K.J. Sutton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was excited to dive back into the Fortuna Sworn world especially after how we left things in the previous book.
I enjoyed this a whole lot and it managed to easily keep my attention whilst equally frustrating me at the same time.

Here we do get a more thoughtful Fortuna at least initially, One who is definitely more willing to listen to others advice than she was previously.
Though her knee jerk response will always be emotional as evidenced by her personal reactions this is especially showcased during the closing of this story when she feels herself betrayed sending her into a blind hurtful rage.

I actually did feel quite sorry for Colith and how it all went down between them especially as it was quite obvious to me that he’d been trying to relay the same information to Fortuna without success for a while.
Man talk about a woman scorned and all I do think she might have gone a wee bit overboard and frankly, she’s far from perfect herself.

This really was a story of two half’s for me the first part was quite slow-moving but then the second half took off like a runaway train throwing so many curveballs along the way. I did think that that a bit of communication here would have avoided a whole heap of trouble.

Colith and Fortuna are definitely not ones for sharing internalising everything when opening up and being honest would definitely have been the better option.

This was again well written with plenty of imagination and the finale was fabulously dramatic and very unexpected. This is again told from Fortuna’s POV and I do wish that at least in this book we got to experience events from Colith’s side as well.

I didn’t always get a full sense or understanding of him which really was a shame as then you are only getting Fortuna’s opinion of his struggles rather than his own personal pain and torment.

Finally, I do think that this definitely could have been condensed down slightly without losing any of the integral plot. I also should mention that this series does need to be read in order to make sense and this is book three of an ongoing story ending on a cliffhanger.

Overall this really is an imaginative series with some great ideas that make it stand out from the crowd and I do recommend it.


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