Release Date-December 8th 2020 GenreParanormal Romance

Kindle Edition-398 Pages

My father made a terrible mistake. One I’m left paying for.

As a wolf shifter growing up in a strong pack, I should be living my best life. But after my father tried to kill the alpha, I’m labeled an outcast, traitor, less than dirt.

When I can’t take pack life any longer, I run, but apparently they don’t like losing their punching bag. Torin, the alpha’s son, drags me back before my first shift… a shift that will reveal my true mate.

I never could have predicted who mine would be, but the moment my wolf looks upon him, I’m filled with hope for a brighter future.

After all, no one ever rejects their true mate, right?
Wrong. Very wrong.

When the wolves attack, my soul screams for vengeance, and somehow I touch the shadow world. Somehow I bring him to our lands.

The Shadow Beast. Our shifter god. The devil himself.

Turns out being rejected by my mate was only the beginning.

Rejected by Jaymin Eve
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book in an imaginative new series involving shifters gods and being from alternate worlds.
It’s very original and an easy page-turner it’s told from the POV of Mera Callahan a wolf shifter just approaching her first shift.

Mera hasn’t had it easy due to her father’s actions against the pack alpha she’s practically been an outcast and the whipping boy for all the members of the pack.

She faces daily abuses and taunts her only friends Simone another young shifter and Dannie a mysterious newcomer.
Her mother has retreated into herself and is blood useless, Mera just longs to escape her life within the pack even if that means her wolf going feral, which is what she attempts to do a few weeks before her first transformation.

Brutally dragged back against her will Mera’s first shift reveals her true mate and when he publicly rejects her the anguish she feels taps into the shadow world unintentionally releasing that reality into this current one.
It also heralds the arrival of a much greater threat the shadow beast himself the big-man himself the creator and god of all their species.

Finding herself the prisoner of this powerful entity Mera’s life is literally in his hands she has an ability he wants to take advantage of she can open the veil between the shadow worlds a door that has been closed for aeons the only problem Mera doesn’t know how she did it in the first place or even how to replicate it.
Now a guest of the shadow beast he and Mira must work together if that is he doesn’t end up killing her first.

I adored Mera her ability to rise above her abuse and come out fighting was refreshing she is her own saviour in that regard. She doesn’t let the bastards grind her down and she can sure hold a grudge.

She’s also fiercely loyal to those she cares about and is snarky as all hell in fact that’s her defence mechanism when the going gets tough she only gets sassier.

I am so glad she stood firm against Torin and Jaxson I wanted to commit bloody blue murder on her behalf especially regarding Jaxson his past with Mera almost making his actions so much worse no matter how much of a change of heart he’s had or how much he tries to justify himself his previous behaviour towards her not cool man and I really hope Mera doesn’t backtrack and forgive him. No amount of backtracking on his part could convince me otherwise. Torin is also a complete tool but he’s always been one so It’s kinda expected.

Anyway, they’re both on my eat shit and die list and have no chance of getting off it anytime soon.

Now shadow he’s an enigma a powerful entity who’s used to absolute compliance and control. He’s unwillingly curious and slightly fascinated by Mera as much as she annoys him he’s also intrigued by her we don’t really get to know him and learn what makes him tick quite yet but the picture regarding him is definitely getting clearer I’m certainly curious and want

to dig deeper.

This was fun fast-paced and very original it was well written and extremely engaging.
I’m definitely on board for book two and can’t wait to dive in shortly.



Release Date-January 12th 2021 Genre-Paranormal Romance

Kindle Edition-360 Pages

They all made a terrible mistake. One they will pay for.

For the past ten years I’ve been a victim. A victim to my pack. A victim to my true mate, who rejected me in the most brutal of ways. And a victim to Shadow Beast, who used me for his own gains.

Or did he?

The beast of mystery never reveals his whole hand, but one thing is for sure… in my time with him, I’ve changed. Now I will no longer walk the path dictated by the powerful men in my life. Never again will I let my strength be taken from me.

I must evolve or die.

And we all know, with a choice like that, there’s really only one answer.

Reclaimed by Jaymin Eve
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, this one was action-packed and it certainly cranked the heat up like a lot. This starts off exactly where we left things in the previous book and Mera is definitely coming into her own now.

Her new abilities and emerging powers showcasing her unknown origins.

After unexpectedly opening the door into the shadow world a new quest is underway one that will test both Shadow and Mera’s fragile bond to the absolute maximum.
Accompanied by Angel and their bonded mists and expecting betrayal at every turn this unlikely group will take on new enemies and discover hidden truths.

As much as I liked the first book in this series this one was definitely my favourite out of the two.
There was never a dull moment here and to further complicate matters we also get introduced to Ixana Shadows true mate and man she was a piece of work.

This was imaginative and creative with some fantastic world-building and that finale was something else entirely totally didn’t see that one coming and I can’t wait to see what happens next.



Release Date-March 30th 2021 Genre-Paranormal Romance

Kindle Edition-416 Pages

The epic conclusion to the Shadow Beast Shifters.

I finally have the life I always dreamed of. So why does it taste like ash on my tongue?

Growing up in Torma, the strongest of the shifter packs, I wanted nothing more than to find my true mate and live my best life. Of course, that dream existed before my father betrayed the pack and turned me into their punching bag.

I’d all but given up, until a quirk of true mate genetics gifted me a true mate like no other.

It seems my childhood dreams were finally a reality. Funny how quickly dreams turn into nightmares.

I’m being lied to and missing weeks and months of time. Someone messed with me and no matter how often I’m told to forget it and move on as Torin’s mate, there’s no way I can. Whoever did this to me should have known I’d pick at it until it bled. It’s my nature after all.

As I search out random growls, flutters in my chest, and a suspicion that there’s so much more going on than I could even imagine, I sense that I’m racing against an unknown clock.

I need to get to the bottom of this mystery.

And when I figure out who stole my memories, they’re going to wish they never messed with Mera Callahan.

Game on.

*If you like sexy, dark paranormal romances, with humor, steam, action, a tough heroine and an antihero, this is for you.
Reborn is full length (115k) words, and is the final in the Shadow Beast Shifters series, and does NOT end on a cliffhanger. It’s recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual situations.

Reborn by Jaymin Eve
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the final book in the trilogy and we started this off back where it all begun with Mera and her old pack and all of Mera’s memory’s of the past two years stripped bare. She’s now apparently mated to the Alpha Torin who she still hates and makes her skin crawl even though the last thing she remembers is him publicly rejecting her.

But this is Mera and in true Mera style she never takes anything at face value something definitely feels off and stinks to high heaven and she’s determined to find out what.

Mera’s inquisitive and stubborn nature leads her on a journey back to the library where she quickly realises she is the key to shadow and all of their friends regaining their shared past.
first, she just needs to break through the anger and pain that Shadow is currently lost within so he actually remembers her and their experiences together.

Here we get a much less guarded Shadow he’s had a taste of losing his sunshine and this brings any remaining barriers tumbling down.
Public displays of affection and declarations abound here combined with some red hot chemistry.

There’s also a battle to be fought one that they may not survive but has the potential to destroy worlds and all involved will be changed by it especially Mera herself. I also found the pack’s final punishment from Mera and Shadow so very satisfying.

This has been a fantastic series very imaginative and I’ve enjoyed it a whole lot.


Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm
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