Dark Fae (Dark Fae #1)


Release Date-March 30th 2020 Genre-Dark Fae Romance

Kindle Edition-160 Pages

He came to destroy the world. He came to destroy us.

But he kept me alive when all else died.

It’s the end of us, the humans. Our world is ravaged, burned to the ground, destroyed by the armies of dark fae crawling all over our lands. They seek to end us, weed out the last of our survivors, and tear us to pieces. We hide as best as we can. But it’s inevitable.

A dark fae army finds us, hiding in a little village. We’re all goners. All of my group dies, and I’m about to join them in death—until he spares me.

Dark Fae by Quinn Blackbird
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this it was dark and gritty and pulled me in instantly, it’s novella length a serial type novel and this is the first part of the story the rest of this is already out though so no waiting.

I don’t read many novellas but this one appealed to me the story unfolding here is incredibly imaginative and detailed and you can taste the despair and desperation that Vale feels toward her hopeless situation she’s just trying to survive a day at a time in the only way she knows how.

This is set against a post-apocalyptic landscape where society has been decimated when the sky’s turned dark it’s an endless night, technology failed and society turned on each other in the confusion and from there fear the people left scattered and are few and then the dark fae came finishing the job originally started by humans burning through what was left with there sacking of the towns and city’s and there total slaughter of the remaining humans. Lighting a blazing path through what remains of the tatters of humanity.

Vale is travelling with some fellow surviving humans mostly for safety there’s no camaraderie trust or loyalty amongst them everyone’s just out for themselves. They were once more of them but numbers are dropping fast with the realities they face day to day. They just wander from place to place scavenging and hiding from their fellow humans and also the dark fae.

It’s on one such trip to a town in France that they come wielding their weapons and fire and raising the town to the ground.

This was fast-paced and told completely from Vale’s POV the narrative has dark undertones and there’s nothing warm and fuzzy about these fae invaders.
This ends on a slight cliffhanger which is fine as I can read the next instalment right away I’m incredibly intrigued with where this might go next.

This was well written and very imaginative and I’m definitely going to be reading further.
This has all my favourite genres rolled into one I’m a sucker for anything post-apocalyptic add in the fae element and I’m sold.


Taken (Dark Fae #2)

Book Review

Release Date-April 1st 2020 Genre-Dark Fae Romance

Kindle Edition-109 Pages

He’s a monster. I’m a prisoner.

And he’s got his sights locked on me.

Caspan, the dark fae General, shows a dangerous interest in Vale, the latest human captive collected by the army. What the dark fae want with the human captives is anyone’s guess—but it’s the last thing on Vale’s mind. As she struggles to manoeuvre the strict rules of her new life as a slave, she quickly learns that she must avoid the attention of the dark, dangerous Caspan at all costs. His interest in her is not only a sinister mystery—it’s surely a death sentence.

Stay alive. That’s her only rule in this dark, abandoned world.

But living amongst monsters sometimes means having to bend the rules.

Taken by Quinn Blackbird
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second novella instalment in this serial read and got to say it was seriously enthralling.
Though short it packed quite the punch and this was seriously addictive.

Vale is now a slave to the Dark Fae at the whims of their cruelty and casual disregard these fae are monsters with no compassion or regard for their human toys. Vale has no idea what the significance of her freckles or her wrist tattoo or even why she’s even still alive for now.

More troubling the most callous of them all there leader Caspan seems to have taken an interest in her not that it’s going to do her any good as he’s the worst of the lot.

We also get to learn more about Vales past and also what makes her tick this one again ended on another crucial point and I so need to know what comes next.
I’m loving this all so far the writing is fabulous and the plot is very engaging.


Dark Souls (Dark Fae #3)


Release Date-April 17th 2020 Genre-Dark Fae Romance

Kindle Edition-150 Pages

Rule of the apocalypse. Don’t mess with the dark fae. I did, and now this monstrous fae wants me; Wants to hurt me, Kill me,

And kiss me.

Vale is trapped in the dark fae army, a prisoner of monsters. To make matters worse, the dangerous and dark General isn’t forgetting her any time soon. He corners her, watches her, and does what no dark fae should do with a human–kisses her.

His lips on her skin is a kiss of death.

But Vale sees in him an opportunity to save the life of her only friend.

Didn’t anyone ever tell Vale never to bargain with the fae?

Dark Souls by Quinn Blackbird
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is some addictive reading and man that dark fae Caspan is seriously cold lethal and all things cruel. There isn’t an ounce of compassion in him and he seems to revel in all the dark sadistic stuff he pulls. He obviously detests humans in fact all the dark fae do treating them as less than livestock slaves to be tormented and played with there to do the grunt work.

They live by the mercy of the overlords and there’s little care from them.

Here Vale pushes her agenda with Caspan testing the reins of her control. Putting herself in his crossfires by striking a bargain for the life of her friend not for altruistic reasons though her motive is less pure she selfishly doesn’t want to lose her only friend.

We get to see to the core of Vale here and I love the fact that she isn’t some do-gooder her main concern is for herself and how things affect her at heart she’s quite selfish to be fair she can’t afford to be anything else.

Vale is ultimately flawed at times her actions no better than her fae captors she just hides them deeper behind a facade of humanity.
This new reality has brought forth the worst in her and she’s very aware that she can’t afford to care becoming callous and vindictive.

It’s also obvious that Caspan wants Vale while she just wants to disappear from his notice his attention towards her is dangerous placing her in the crosshairs of others.
He also seems to hate her and blame her for her unwanted allure.

This series is seriously dark and I’m fascinated in seeing where this goes next but don’t go into this expecting romance as this is very far from it yet.


Cruel Fae (Dark Fae #4)


Release Date-May 10th 2020 Genre-Dark Fae Romance

Kindle Edition-189 Pages

I made a deal with a dark fae.
Now, I’m paying the price.

The end of the world is supposed to be simpler. No more day jobs, no more loans to pay or cars to keep running or family to please. So why is it that Vale’s life in the apocalypse just got all the more complicated? Vale struggles to keep her only friend alive in the face of the dark fae army.

She trades her body in a deal with the devil to spare Adrianna, and it awakens something inside of her. Darkness.

As Vale tries to fight the monster within, she must also fight the monster who is stealing her heart. Nothing good can ever come with falling for a dark fae.

Especially not when that fae wants only your body, and not your twisted soul.

Cruel Fae by Quinn Blackbird
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was definitely my favourite part yet and we finally get to see some action occurring between Caspan and Vale and this instalment builds on that connection things have been evolving to this point in time throughout the course of this dark journey.

Caspan is struggling with his fascination of Vale and finds himself wanting to know more this is despite him trying to purge her from his mind with his mutually beneficial bargains.

Vale is having difficulties balancing her want against her hatred and it doesn’t help that she’s realised that there more alike than she’d care to admit.

Vale also finally learns of their eventual purpose and use to the dark Fae just what’s in store for them going forward.
Then there was that surprising finale can’t wait to see what that’s about.

This is a dark and gritty series that definitely doesn’t pull its punches and I’m enjoying it a great deal. If your thinking of reading it just be aware it’s bloody brutal there’s nothing light or fluffy between these pages.

Myself I’m finding myself fascinated.


Dark Ones (Dark Fae #5)


Release Date-May 15th 2020 Genre-Dark Fae Romance

Kindle Edition-160 Pages

The dark fae army are reaching the end of their mission, Reaching the end of our world.

At the cusp of our realm and theirs, they might take us with them into the dark.

It’s too late for Vale. A stray group of humans attack the army, Adrianna runs — and Vale runs with her. But it’s never that simple, just to leave the fae behind in the dark. The blackness of the world is their environment, it’s their home. The dark fae hunt them down and Vale is captured again. But this time, she must survive in the dark fae army — where a rebellion is brewing within the tumultuous ranks — without Adrianna, the only person she liked in this apocalyptic bleak world. It’s too late for Vale. She’s survived so much already, and those final days that they advance on the end of their journey seem like days of walking through a minefield, what with Caspan’s ever changing hot-and-cold temper.

Vale has a lot to survive this time, but her luck just might have run out.

Beware of dark themes.

Dark Ones by Quinn Blackbird
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was the final instalment in this gritty series and it definitely brought closure and finished everything off to my satisfaction.

Everything really came to a head here including Vales importance to Caspan.
He really embraced their volatile connection disregarding her human status now don’t get me wrong he doesn’t turn into any Prince Charming or anything far from it he’s just as dark as before he’s just now willing to accept the reality of Vale in his life.

And Vale well she finally embraced her inner darkness and just owned it for what it is.
Her complete acceptance of her nature allowing Caspan to take that final step both now connected in their darkness.

I especially liked how everyone stayed true to their initial natures. Caspan is still a monster but he’s Vales monster now just like in return she is his. This series has been so addictive the raw grittiness and stark brutality making such a change of pace.

If you like romance where the hero redeems himself this is not the series for you this is the complete opposite.


Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm
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