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Release Date-November 17th 2020 
Genre-Paranormal Romance
Kindle Edition-269 Pages

Will Cora break, or will she bend…is this the beginning, or the end?

Everything Cora thought she knew about Harrow Faire was a lie.

All of it.

Now as the lines in the sand are drawn, as a war for the Heart of the Faire builds, she must discover how much she is willing to sacrifice to save the people she has come to think of as Family. And how much of herself she’s willing to give up for the man she has come to love.

Mr. Harrow’s boxcar is empty. The doors are blown wide on the tower. Mayhem has come to Harrow Faire. But will this be the end of the circus?

Or is every ending only a new beginning?

If you’re drawn to compelling villains and sinister love stories, The Faire—the grand conclusion of the Harrow Faire series by Kathryn Ann Kingsley—is your next book obsession! Dark fantasy and occult horror blend seamlessly with romance in this gripping page-turner!

The Faire by Kathryn Ann Kingsley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The dramatic finale to this addictive roller-coaster of a series and it definitely brought it’s A-game and I was transfixed from the instant I started reading. I couldn’t read fast enough here and it was over far too soon and as much as I’m happy to finish and get my closure I’m also incredibly sad that this journey has finally reached its finish well at least my part in it has.

In my head, I can still envision all their lives going forward day by day as they seek new horizons and adventures together as a family.

Here Cora and Simon’s bond is put to the ultimate test and we get to see if they’ve got what it takes to go the long haul. Not just for Simon though and while he does sacrifice an integral part of himself to try and save his contortionist Cora’s loyalties are also firmly tested as well. Has she really accepted Simon in his entirety both the good and the bad? How far does her love and trust actually extend when events and logic are screaming otherwise. Can Simon trust in her devotion when the chips are laid down and Simon himself just how much does he actually care for Cora enough to place her above his own wants and needs?

We finally get to see all these questions and more finally answered in full as this all plays out against the colourful backdrop of the Faire, Lines have been drawn and there can only be one victor.

So this still had surprises to bring forth and was emotional and hard-hitting and so very intense. My heart was in my mouth throughout and I felt so emotionally connected and equally distraught.

It was also funny and whimsical and sweet and hot, In fact, my emotions were pinging all over the place with this one.

I especially adore how Simon doesn’t really change I think that would have been a mistake. I love that he has it so bad for Cora but still retains all of his psychotic puppeteer personality. He is still essentially Sadistic sarcastic Simon just one that also loves his girl.

I also love that Cora grows and Morphs into who she was always meant to be the best version of herself and they really couldn’t be any more perfect for one another.

This was so very well done indeed and I’m in awe of this author. This is definitely one of my favourite ever series and this author is an exceptional story-teller. This is all so unusual and unique and I have adored every single second of it. I highly recommend this series and its been such a fabulous journey.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of The Faire (Harrow Faire #5)


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