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Release Date-8th July 2020
Genre-Contemporary Erotic Romance
Kindle Edition-195 pages

My own refusal to leave brought me to this moment. Pain is not a lie. And there he stands, watching, waiting. Everything seems surreal under his scrutiny. Or maybe that’s just this castle and it’s dark, obscure walls where time is endless. It’s distorted and murky, and yet more real than anything has ever been. My friend, Gray. Not just a hero anymore, but a need. And I’m consumed by that need. I’ll dwell in this reality with him until I’m either lost or found.

Broken or evolved

A Torment Of Sin by Charlotte E. Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is book two in the trilogy and it started where we left things previously. It was a Hedonistic romp of all things decadent and extreme and here Hannah is thrown further down a rabbit-hole of exploration and wickedness. She doesn’t seem to know really what she wants only that Gray is somehow at the centre of it all for her, he is the connection. Gray is equally struggling with his attraction and the magnetism and allure that Hannah holds for him. On the one hand, he wants her and what she offers but at the same time he is still feeling a deep sense of protectiveness towards her. The two extremes constantly clashing and affecting his actions. This really was such an unconventional read of lust and constant mayhem. I’m also now dying to know what is actually behind all Gray’s reticence and disconnection and can’t wait to find out what his deal is. This one was well written and very different.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of A Torment of Sin.



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