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Release Date- June 25th 2020
Genre- Fairy-Tale Retelling

Kindle Edition-177 pages

“Falling in love with Xander, the has-been noble I lined up to marry, is sadly wrong.” Princess Pollianna the First, smartest royal ever.

Wrong is about to get wronger.

Square-jawed, handsome Xander gets kidnapped and his brother, John, returns from Hell. The fire in this guy’s eyes says he’s not to be messed with.

With Princess Po tied and roped over his horse, and a hand firmly clasped on her ample ass, John sets out to rescue his beloved bro, while not looking at aforesaid cute ass…or doing anything bad to it.

As he travels the roads, a ragtag band falls in around him.

True Love will light their way, except John doesn’t believe in True Love.

“As wholesome as a threesome up against a thorn-entangled wall.”

Features Fighting, Dwarf Giants, a Killer Bunny, Storytellers, True Love, Angsty Tortured Anti-heroes, Snooty Princesses,

Rope, Monsters, and sundry Mayhem,

And quite a lot of Steam

Inspired by The Princess Bride
Written with naughty words 

The Princess Tied by Cari Silverwood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one was just so weirdly wonderful and I mean that in a totally good way my friends. It’s a wacky unique romp through a wonderland of bizarreness and humour. Satire comedy at its finest but also equally as hot as hades. It loosely based on that old classic the princess bride and this is definitely a kissing book. A scorching smooching sexy and everything in between kink-fest of a shindig. It’s way out there and doesn’t take its self too seriously, in fact, that’s a lot of its appeal. Also, this author brings the heat every single time it’s her superpower. If your looking for something a bit out of the box then this is your story.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of aThe Princess Tied.