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Release Date-November 27th 2017
Genre-Sci-Fi Alien Romance
Kindle Edition-189 pages

“Master, the savage has killed our sister and has taken what was ours.”
“Hmm. He must know. Follow them. We must get her back at all costs.”

After defeating the Suuwok, Von claims Mireya as his next tasty treat, saving her for a celebration when he returns home. But Von’s plans are about to take a left turn as Mireya’s presence on board his ship is more than disruptive to him and his robot Max. What is it about this human that has everyone wanting a piece of her? What is so special about one female human that will have Von questioning everything he thought he knew?

How does one female human manage to turn Vons well-laid plans on an axis and leave him wondering what power she holds over those around her?


VON The Destroyer: The Prince of NuQuoar Book 1 by Tracy H Gilmore

This one was so bloody surreal and incredibly unusual. Mireya is rescued from a monster in her bedroom that wants to eat her. But her rescuer Von a sort of giant snake man has not done this for any moralistic commendable reasons. His kind eat humans we are a delicacy and though it’s forbidden to take a female he decides he wants one for his meal at a feast he is hosting on his homeworld and Mireya is that morsel. This explores the ramifications you’d maybe face if your food could talk back to you. Bet you will never look at a plate of chicken the same way after reading this. Von against his own wishes is unwittingly fascinated by the earth human both as a tender morsel that tempts his appetite in more ways than one. He has to remind himself that she is just-food. I wasn’t quite sure how to take Von he wasn’t very likeable and the very real body shaming and insults he used to almost protect himself from Mireya’s allure bothered me. Though I did like how Mireya proclaimed to be comfortable in her own skin that was refreshing. Mireya herself is intriguingly different from your typical romance heroine. She’s very real and rather brash shes also overweight and just out of a relationship where she’s unfortunately been a complete doormat. I also found myself intrigued with the robot max and he was also fascinated with the human female and her ability to see him as an individual and friend rather than an it. This also weaves a few deeper messages into the narrative for further thought. There’s also an underlying story regarding who Mireya might be. I did find this a tad monotonous at times and the characters portrayed here were slightly one dimensional and lacking in chemistry. Also, some of the more intimate scenes described here were a tad confusing leaving me scratching my head slightly and the flow was off slightly also. Still, this was very different and for that reason alone I found it strangely fascinating. This wasn’t a masterpiece by any means but I am still planning to read the next one just out of sheer curiosity.

This ends on a slight cliffhanger but the next book is already available.



Release Date-May 20th 2020
Genre-Sci-Fi Alien Romance
Kindle Edition-166 pages


When Mireya is ‘rescued’ from being eaten by the Suuwok, she thinks Von is her hero. But Von has a hunger…he wants to eat her too. He takes her aboard his ship where his robot has to attend to Mireya, preparing her for his meals. During their journey to Von’s homeworld, Von observes Max interacting a little too comfortably with the object of his hunger. Von soon realizes that maybe he isn’t the only one with a yearning for Mireya. With the Suuwok hot on their trails for revenge, its a race to see if Von can make it home with his prize in one piece.
When its all said and done, only four facts remain.

Mireya wants to go home. Von wants to devour her.

Max wants her for himself.

One of them… is lying.


Mireya: The Prince Of NuQuoar by Tracy H Gilmore

This one was a hot mess, It felt disjointed and lacked any real proper flow. The timings were all off as well it was previously stated that it was going to take a week on warp to get home then Miraya manages to lose a load of weight through diet and exercise enough that it’s actually majorly visible, this just wouldn’t be possible in the time frame. Plus they seem to have been on the ship much longer than a week. The point also seemed to be lost with this and I have no idea why the ex warren was even included but we have chapters from his POV back on earth. I had absolutely no interest in him whatsoever and I didn’t understand what his presence added to the story. The purpose of the Suuwok and their goals was also very unclear and vague and the characters felt like stereotypical bad guys with no individuals presence or personalities to them. Then there’s Von and his sudden turnabout in affections he’s gone from wanting to eat Miraya and not really showcasing any real care or affection beyond some basic lust to suddenly professing his feelings and being all caring and such. Even the way he’s described with his previous intended is so totally contradictory to how he’s behaved up until now. Mireya herself is totally bipolar switching from one extreme to another and I can’t keep up with her mood swings. Unfortunately, this seems to have lost its way. This really was a highly imaginative idea I just don’t think it was executed very well which is unfortunate as the initial ideas were great. This also ends on another cliffhanger.

I hate to give such a low rating but this just didn’t work for me on any level and as such, I won’t be continuing on with this series.



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