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Release Date-June 18th 2020
Genre-Sci-Fi Romance
Kindle Edition-242 Pages

The unpredictable gravity of the mysterious space anomaly knocks me off course. But it’s the irresistible pull of its Captain I’m afraid I can’t escape.

Sucked into the Dark Anomaly’s gravitational field, I crash into the solid mass in its center. It’s made of thousands upon thousands of vanished spaceships.

Inside the wrecked bowels of the Anomaly, existence is dark, vile, and deadly. The man in charge holds my life and freedom in his hands.

I hate this place and its crude inhabitants. I hate the Captain even more. However, as time passes, I realize that I’m beginning to love hating him…

Each book in the Dark Anomaly trilogy is a complete love story of a separate couple, with their very own HFN or HEA. However, the main story line arcs across all three books. It is recommended to read them in order.

Gravity, book 1 Power, book 2

Explosion, book 3

Warning: Gravity is a Science-Fiction Romance that contains scenes of intimacy and violence, as well as discussions on topics that may be triggering to some. Intended for mature readers.

Gravity by Marina Simcoe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book in a new series. It’s a sci-fi romance and each book follows the same story- arc but features a different couple at there centre so can be read as standalone. Svetlana a research scientist of an unknown dark anomaly is pulled into the dark space she is studying and then subsequently wrecks her ship upon crash landing there. She is taken as salvage by the varied brutish aliens inhabiting this dark space and the only thing standing between her and them is their alien captain Vrateus who has attained and has kept his current position by sheer strength of will and his fearsome and brutal might. He manages to suggest a compromise one that she is definitely not on board with but will have to do anyway if she wants to survive in her scary new reality. Vrateus try’s to the best of his ability to keep Svetlana alive and in one piece and as she gradually acclimatises she realises just what a precarious position she is currently in and that her only shield and protection here is Vrateus. This was imaginative and well written and easily managed to keep my attention. So this definitely kept me on my last nerve throughout and I did find myself experiencing a deep well of inner dread at what could potentially happen in this hotspot of violence and testosterone. The inhabitants of the dark anomaly are made up primarily of criminals pirates and the dregs of deep space. Vrateus though was different he was such a conundrum of extremes willing to make the hard decisions to keep order and ruling with an iron and precise control but always looking over his shoulder for the inevitable betrayal. At the same time, he was almost childlike with wonder when it came to all his new experiences with Svetlana. He’s a strange mix of innocence and corruption if that makes sense and he was absolutely adorable in all his new discoveries and his curiosity into all that made her who she was. Considering where he’s grown up surviving it’s actually amazing he’s managed to retain such humanity or whatever the word is for aliens as that’s actually what he is. Complete with fur tail claws and fangs Vrateus is certainly different but in all else they are compatible. Vrateus isn’t quite as alpha as I usually like my aliens or men even but I still liked him a lot. It’s hard to explain but he holds his control in most things but I felt that in the relationship side of things he lets Svetlana take the lead as she has had much more experience and he’s had like none. He’s also eventually willing to let her assist him in her own protection rather than just blindly standing in front of her if that makes sense. So yeh more of a beta personality with Svetlana instead of an alpha together there a team. He’s still top of the food chain outside this but it’s a position he holds out of necessity rather than a great desire to rule as there captain. Svetlana herself is capable resilient and bar some early resistance to seeing the reasoning behind certain decisions very pragmatic and reasonable. She’s not prone to hysterics thank god and she knows when it’s wise to listen but also when to act I liked her a lot. This in itself was ultimately quite slow- burn in nature with a build-up throughout to the main event. It did work this way and though there’s not great resistance or angst between both the mains this wasn’t instalove either maybe somewhere in-between. I also wouldn’t necessarily label this dark. It does deal with some dark themes but the relationship developing at its centre is actually really sweet. It’s the situation and actions of others that add the danger aspect to this. I also really liked the finish and set up for the next book which I will definitely be reading.

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