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Release Date-October 27th 2020
Genre-Paranormal Romance
Kindle Edition-222 Pages

They say only the strong survive.
Haunted by memories, my life lays in shards. Addiction has become my only comfort.

Then she turns my world upside down. A lost girl. Unraveling parts of me with those big blue eyes.

Now I’m fighting for my very existence against forces that thought me dead. Mayhem and manipulation are just the start when forgotten gods rise.

Contains triggers and for an 18+ audience only.

Welcome to Ceasefire, a dark twisted world of boundless love and bitter betrayal. A place where bonds are forged through blood, magic and mayhem.
Demons, Assassins, Angels and fallen Gods are only the tip in a universe that isn’t always black and white.

  • The first few chapters of this story was featured in the Tainted Tales Anthology but this book is the full complete Sandman story going beyond and not to be missed

Sandman by Claire Marta
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Slowly clapping here, fair play this was very well done Indeed. So after my struggle with the previous book (the dark not the actual writing which was as usual fabulous).

This one managed to suck me instantly back into the Ceasefire rabbit hole.

It was just so mysteriously obscure, the start so cryptically confusing, which I adored by the way. But when that veil started to lift man my mind was blown.

This is my favourite type of story-telling when you don’t quite know what’s occurring and you have a puzzle to solve and analyse.

So this again deals with some dark content and definitely has some triggers. I have no ideas why I’m more susceptible to some dark events but others fly completely over my head. It’s not really logical but I didn’t struggle with events here as much as I did in the previous book.

Maybe it’s because Morpheus was much more sympathetic than Soren was, I don’t know why really I just didn’t.

So I’m always slightly on edge with this series as you never quite no where it’s going to go next.
It’s always an unpredictable roller-coaster where anything’s possible, it’s really quite exhilarating actually.

We are also dealing with some very diverse characters that are usually very grey.
The line between good and evil is a thinly skated one in this series and we are definitely dealing with shades here rather than black and white.

I originally thought we’d be continuing on here with the previous book in this series. But we were actually heading down another road entirely.

No matter this was fabulous and the journey taken here was so twisty and totally unpredictable and ever so unique.

So Robin wakes up in unfamiliar territory in the middle of nowhere and with no memory’s other than her name. The only other occupant nearby is Morpheus and he’s not exactly pleased to make her acquaintance.

It all has a vague obscure and what the hell is bloody happening vibe to things.

So things do become much clearer here once we progress further and we also get to check back in on some past familiar faces. This one was also action-packed throughout and was mostly dual POV.

So it’s told from both Robin and Morpheus POV’s and then there are a couple of brief inputs from someone extra no spoilers.

I’d say this is much more plot-driven than romance-driven all of that is of course here but I thought the spotlight was more on the action itself.

The sex scenes themselves are super hot with this one though the connection itself was just slightly off for me.
I think I know why it’s the unique factor this one brings to the table that manages to impact the chemistry slightly spreading it a tad thinly.

This then had a knock-on effect as the book wasn’t that long in length so the building of momentum needed took a slight hit in regards to the laid foundation. But it was this same reason the uniqueness that also totally grabbed my attention. I’m being vague as I don’t want to spoil things.

It really wasn’t a biggie though and In the grand scheme of things this really was a minor irritation, I still enjoyed this one massively.

The world this author has built is bloody amazing and I do recommend this series. Yes, it does stretch my boundaries somewhat but in a good way and I can’t seem to stop reading either I’m so addicted. The concept with this one was genius and just so imaginative a thumbs up from me I liked it a lot.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Sandman (Ceasefire #6).

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