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Release Date-May 28th 2020
Genre-Paranormal Romance
Kindle Edition-262 pages

The thief with the fierce yellow eyes.

My biggest mistake was sleeping with her.

Now she’s ours to claim.

Hired by the Devil himself to finish a job, it will cost me and my brothers our lives if we don’t complete it.

When dark and dangerous secrets bleed into our path, claiming our feisty female might come at a steep price.

Throw the insanity of Karma into the mix, and none of us might get out alive.

*This can be read as a standalone

*Contains triggers and for an 18+ audience only.*

A Hellion Heart by Claire Marta
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I adore this series so much so was really looking forward to starting this one. This focuses on Jinx a harpy that we were introduced to previously along with her new wolf mates who are brothers Cade Benson and Ryan. From this instant, I picked this up I was engrossed in the unfolding story. Jinx her sister Karma and also her wolf mates are on a quest for Lucifer to close a seal. During there journey, they are beset by many obstacles that will test them all to there absolute limits. This wasn’t always an easy read and did get quite dark in places. I seem to be able to embrace and accept the darkness much more when it’s a non-contemporary setting and this one ran me through a massive gauntlet of emotions it was just so bloody bittersweet and at times totally heartbreaking. What a journey this was, full of unexpected twists and turns. I might not have always liked where this ventured but I was completely invested in the characters. So yes I suppose technically this can be read as a stand-alone but to appreciate this fully and also the fantastic world-building the author has woven I do advise you to start from the beginning You’ll just get much more out of it overall. This one actually managed to completely gut me and it was a much more intense experience than what I was initially expecting. It carved my heart into little pieces in the process and at times left me feeling emotionally bereft. I still adored it and the whole poignancy of it as I mentioned earlier very bittersweet but also brilliant. I think that’s the only thing that pulled my rating down slightly my sadness. This was as I expected a fabulously written non-stop adventure.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of A Hellion Heart.