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Release Date-April 22nd 2020
Genre-Dark Romance
Kindle Edition-166 Pages

Everyone thought I was married to the perfect man. But if Conall Walsh were perfect, I wouldn’t have killed him.

I thought I got away with it until I received an anonymous note at the ballet company I dance for:

You were a very bad girl. If you don’t want me to report what I know about last night, meet me at the old opera house after rehearsal. I will tell you the price of my silence when you arrive. If you speak of this or bring anyone with you… no deal.

But his price isn’t money. It’s me.

THIS IS A STANDALONE contemporary dark romance.

Perfection by Kitty Thomas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So I really liked the beginning of this one it packed a massive punch pulling me in and investing me in the unfolding story. This is a dark romance and set in the world of ballet another theme that I do adore, I love books set in the dance world. Another plus was the phantom of the opera vibe running through it, I greatly appreciated this. So dark level here, I found this on the lighter side more of a murky grey with a touch of kink and a side of control and mild humiliation thrown into the mix to keep the reader on their toes. I also don’t want to give away to much of the plot which would be very easy so am going to keep this review pretty vagueish. So Cassia has a mysterious blackmailer who knows exactly what she has done and will use that information (while keeping their own identity a secret) for there own ends and to force Cassia’s compliance. What he wants is control and her willing obedience. This was all sorts of sexy and mysterious and it was an easy read that did keep my attention. There was a big twist that I did not see coming and that was a bloody shocker let me tell you. So although I did enjoy this I also had some slight issues I wasn’t completely convinced of the actual depth of the chemistry of the characters. I also wasn’t the biggest fan of Cassia herself she just seemed such a wuss with all the crying and wailing and I found it difficult to compare this girl with the bad-ass who had sliced, diced and dumped her abusive husband. They just seemed like such different individuals. Still, this was different and very unusual and it did stand out from the crowd, it was also beautifully written in fact it definitely had more positives than negatives overall.

so it gets a thumbs up from my camp.