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Release Date- May 7th 2017
Genre-Sci-Fi Romance
Kindle Edition-285 pages

Dommik was a monster, a Monster Hunter, and an alpha. Part of an elite group that dealt with the horrors of the universe. At least that was what everyone at the spaceport was whispering as he walked by. A Cyborg, a hunter, a beast with eyes as dark as the pits of Hell and the stride of a predator.

Katalina was a nobody who was intimate with death. It clung to her like a shroud, It followed her like the plague, and infected her like a parasite. When she overheard that the Monster Hunter needed an assistant, she took the job. And when the Cyborg’s eyes caught hers, she knew getting closer to death might just bring her back to life.

The Cyborg didn’t scare her.
So she followed him and left fate up to chance.

Warning: mature readers only, explicit sex scenes.

Book one of Cyborg Shifters, same universe as Stranded in the Stars, every book is a standalone that only subtly builds off of the others.

Wild Blood by Naomi Lucas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After her grandmother’s death Katalina is without direction until that is she spots Dommik at the spaceport. A hunter and procurer of exotic lifeforms and vegetation for the EPED Dommik is also a cyborg. A cyborg with a unique designation along with a few others, he is a shifter. But not just any shifter he shifts into a spider and before you go Ewww well I am as much not a fan of spiders as the next girl but the fact that he’s a cyborg spider makes this well less spiderish. What I did appreciate was Dommik’s primal instincts and animalistic behaviour in regards to Kat and though he tries to fight his own instincts believing himself an abomination and a monster he’s facing a losing battle. I also liked how Kat accepts Dommik completely and though she is initially a tad wary she swiftly realises he means her no harm.

I did think the ending just didn’t have quite enough closure and also Kat’s behaviour also here I found a tad disappointing other than I had no complaints this was unusual and well written and so very unique.