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Release Date-March 12, 2020
Genre-Dark Mafia Romance
Kindle Edition-438 Pages

“A word of advice, be careful what you’re looking into.” But I didn’t listen. I went after the target that had become my obsession – Logan Cane. He was the weak link. My way to finally serve the justice my father laid on me to finish. Except, nothing about Logan was weak, and instead, he shattered me.

It was too late to stop or deny what was happening.

I was supposed to hate them all, him included. But my grief burned into need.

And the need turned my world inside out.

“Don’t try running.”
That’s what I said to her. I meant it. There wasn’t any escape, no redemption either. You cross any Cane and you will feel the full force of what that means. I hurt – she hurts. Simple.

Bryce McCarthy got herself neck-deep in my business and made the mistake of thinking she knew what she was doing. She didn’t, and because of her everything went all kinds of wrong. Maybe she’ll survive my twisted wrath. Maybe she won’t. Either way, we’ve both got a debt to pay.

And she’s paying hers first.

Guilt. Obsession. Dark. Erotic. Romance

Tortured Eyes by Charlotte E. Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So this one’s gonna be a smidge, vague folks. Here we have the final instalment in the thrilling Cane saga and what a journey this has turned out to be. I highly recommend this unpredictable rollercoaster and though this can certainly be read as a standalone to get full impact and enjoyment here I really do suggest you start where this all began with Quin and Emily back in Innocent eyes. So this is a fitting adieu to the crazy train that is this series. It was such an emotional rollercoaster and I was gripped right until the bitter end. Dark and with triggers this at times made uncomfortable reading but bloody hell it was unpredictable and so very unique not at all what I was actually expecting but that only made this so much better the sheer singularity of the narrative and its uncontrollable variables. Logan well he was nothing like I had ever imagined him being the bitterness and envy actually corroding him from the inside out sending him down a path of no return and Bryce who is caught in the fallout ended up suffering his full wrath which at times was definitely not pretty. This was edge of your seat stuff all the way and my nerves are actually shot to pieces. I laughed, I cried, I prayed and then cried some more, this story emotionally gutted me spitting me out and then picking me right back up to carry on it was just so bloody intense and I felt like I’ve been through an actual wringer. When things go sideways with this the resulting fallout was bloody epic. And finally that epilogue, I adored it just so much it was the absolute icing for me. I’m so sad to be leaving this series behind but also equally content just to have the closure this also brought forth. It’s been a blast and this unconventional love story is a fitting note to go out on. This is a series that is up there with my favourite ever and if you like it dark twisty and gritty this is definitely one for you.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Tortured Eyes (Cane, #5)



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