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Release Date-March 5th 2020
Genre-MC Romance
Kindle Edition

“He was leather, wind, muscles and Alpha.”
“Christian Forker was a beautiful biker. And if I had my way, he was going to be mine.”

Beautiful Biker book 4, Jojo Valentine’s story.
Books one, two, and three were books for the Valentine brothers. Book four is about their baby sister… Jojo.

Imagine having three overprotective alpha biker brothers as well as the rest of the MC working hard to ensure your hymen stays intact for the rest of your life! Jojo sets her sights on Christian Forker — a 6 foot 8 blond and bearded beautiful biker with a dark past as well as extreme alpha tendencies.
He acts like she’s invisible. She’s determined to get his attention.

Crossroads by D.D. Prince
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was ever so excited to get my greedy mitts on this little beauty, Book 4 in the Beautiful Biker series and JoJo and Christian’s story and boy what an absolute rollercoaster this one was. Crossroads is all about the Valentine sister and daughter and much to her dismay she is one overprotected princess with all that testosterone hanging around. So little JoJo knows what she wants and that is one Christian Forker, Ella’s cousin and Ex-Jackel member. The only problem is no matter what she tries he seems immune to her many charms. She is practically invisible when he’s around her and its not for lack of trying on her part. This one really was very slow-burn and the tension is amped up here notch by delicious notch until I was practically salivating with pure anticipation. There is so much overt chemistry here I needed a fire extinguisher to smother the flames. It was hot as hades and the slow-burn aspect of this just worked in every single way. This in itself was a lengthy read but I never once got bored and I appreciated every single word. This has to be my favourite MC series ever and I just adore how bad-ass but also loyal and protective this author’s males are. They are all man but when it comes to the woman in there life they just have a gooey soft centre. This was such an easy read and from the moment I picked this up I was completely enthralled and this had me feeling so many conflicting emotions I was up and down throughout. This had such intensity and depths to it that it was impossible not to become emotionally invested and as an added bonus we also get to catch up with the entire gang from previous books which was fabulous. I feel each book in this series has its own unique vibe and JoJo and Christian were no different they just had a few more obstacles to overcome while traversing there own HEA. You do need to read these in order to get the whole experience with this and I recommend this series 200% its that good. This author for me is a serious auto-buy and I adore whatever she writes. Another fantastic addition to this fantastic MC series.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Crossroads (Beautiful Biker #4).