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Release Date-January 21st 2020
Genre- Daddy Age-Gap Novella
Kindle Edition-128 Pages

Kate McGrath knows the daddy situation has changed. For one thing, her kink’s gone mainstream (what up, internet!) For another, her relationship with Ty, AKA Daddy, has growing pains. After years of protecting herself with faux-girliness, Kate finally feels like a woman. She wants Ty to treat her like a grown-up (bedroom excluded, obviously), but emancipation is the first fantasy her daddy doesn’t seem able to fulfil… Tyler Henderson is happy with things the way they are. And if they have to change, why can’t Kate marry him? That would be nice. And make him look like less of a dirty old man. He’ll fight to keep Middleton where she is, but he isn’t counting on a daddy rival, a man from Kate’s past who would be more than happy to take her off his hands…

Jealousy combines with mistaken identity to throw the status of one of Romancelandia’s top five D/LG couples (at least!) into turmoil. Ty and Kate need to find common ground, but love is a dangerous game, no matter what your age.

Not Your Shoe Size by Eve Dangerfield
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

this is a follow-up novella to the “fantastic Act Your Age” and despite it being a novella it was still a decent length. it was great to be back with Kate AKA Middleton and Ty and this to me was like embracing one of my favourite jumpers with its familiar cosiness and warmth. I really adored their story and journey previously, so this was like getting an early birthday pressie. Here we are five years down the line and there are slight cracks appearing in our couples relationship on both sides, Ty and Kate themselves seem to be approaching a crossroads and “Not your shoe size” explores the ramifications of these stumbling blocks and the eventual fallout. So despite the seriousness here I was pleased that this still had the essence of what initially drew me in with these two, the super hot daddy kink and the heavy dose of dirty humiliation these two thrive on. These two are my top-place favourite couple when it comes to this particular genre, they have such amazing personal chemistry and I adored seeing them traverse the pitfalls of there unconventional relationship. This made me all nostalgic it was like an extra special and lengthy epilogue where I get to check-in and watch them grow. Big thumbs up from and if you haven’t read this series do yourself a favour and pick-up.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Not Your Shoe Size (Act Your Age #1.5)



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