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Release Date-January 21st 2020
Genre-Dystopian Reverse Harem Romance
Kindle Edition-168 pages

Welcome to NOLA, home of festivals, magic, and… zombies.

Calliope LeBlanc is not about to allow zombies to take over her beloved New Orleans. A talisman seems to be the perfect answer, especially when it turns her into a sorcerer.

But her attempt to defeat zombies backfires, and she accidentally creates “super” zombies instead.

But that’s not her only issue. Four fairies arrive in NOLA, determined to kill her and clean up her mess. Four extremely hot fairies. Four fairies she needs to convince she can help them save the day and her city.

Voodoo Sector is a reverse harem that blends action, danger, and passion. Perfect for readers who love strong heroines, powerful heroes, and why choose romance. 

Voodoo Sector by Nala Kingsley
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This one was not for me at all its essentially a slow burn reverse harem set in the city of Nola during the year 2099 where the world has gone to crap and is overrun with Zombies. The story is told completely from Calliope POV after she finds a mysterious magical talisman in the city and trying to kill some zombies manages to transform them into super ones. When she arrives home, there are four Fae males in her house who have been tasked with taking her out and cleaning up her mess. The four Fae Valoras, Garlan, Barian and Talen instead of killing her take her under their wing and decide work with her to rid the city of its current infestation. So, the storyline here was imaginative but the actual execution of it didn’t work for me, I found myself bored and skimming a lot. I, unfortunately, didn’t feel any emotional connection to the characters here and the Fae males all morphed into one with no one standing out from the crowd. I thought the reverse harem part of this was also carried out poorly with all the jealousy and such and there was absolutely no building anticipation or chemistry and the characters themselves felt so juvenile. Events themselves were wrapped up super conveniently with little conflict and lacking any sort of depth. Finally, that consummation scene, just no it was so awfully cringy, mechanical and so unromantic. I can only describe it as a conveyor belt of consummation I was inwardly dying inside no ones first time should be like that. I really wish I could have liked this much more than I did but this one was just not for me folks. The ideas were relatively sound it was just the execution of them that let this down.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Voodoo Sector.