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Release Date-January 24th 2020 
Genre-Sci-Fi Novella Romance
Kindle Edition-86 Pages

“Beyond twisted and filthy hot, Strangeways is the most unique sci-fi romance I’ve read in years!” NYT Bestselling author, Anna Zaires

I have been chosen.

One moment I was leaving work, the next I was entertaining a silvery-green alien intent on knowing me fully.

Their invasion of our world nonviolent, seamless.

They dress as human men, eat-in human restaurants, vote, pay taxes, and are controlling every last one of us.

I don’t understand how no one else can see what I see? That their beauty is a trap.

They have come here for women, intent on creating life partners—through seduction, mental manipulation, employing muscular bodies capable of fulfilling any female desire. Shaping themselves to our wants.

Until we’ve each been claimed, marked, and changed. Assimilated.

We don’t have a choice. They can make us like it. They can make us desire them. They can make us do anything they want.


Strangeways by Addison Cain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So this was a really enjoyable and different short read. Phi and Emily, he’s an alien newly arrived on earth, she is the human that has captured his attention. Emily also feels an instant connection to Phi despite him being a totally different species. So Earthmen are dying out, they are not living past 40 years and the women of Earth now vastly outnumber them. The aliens arrived in their ships a year ago, they arrived peacefully and without a shred of violence or any manner of force. Are they genuine or do they have a hidden agenda they are not revealing this is what Emily is silently asking herself and she can’t understand why no one else is doing the same. Until her questions are finally answered in the form of her very own alien lover Phi. So wow this was all kinds of strange and imaginative and just so very unique, got so say I bloody loved it. It’s not an exceptionally long story (novella Length) but every word had a purpose and It was just so unusual and distinct. It also has some super alien sexy bits that were dang hot and heavy. This one also had a much sweeter vibe to it than we are used to from this author it was slightly different from her usual style but just as good as we’ve come to expect. I am hoping we may get more from this new world in the future, fingers crossed. So yep really enjoyed this one: thumbs up, folks.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Strangeways.