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Release Date-January 30th 2020
Genre-Apocalyptic menage romance
Kindle Edition-171 Pages

They are legends and myths made flesh and bone.

Cyn, Vargr, Rutger, and the beast horde know what they are and where they came from, and the source of their experimental DNA is both mind-blowing and frightening.

Yet one of the three is wracked by monstrous changes.

As for the Ghoul Lords… their eyes are slowly opening, for the beasters are their first worthwhile foe for thousands of years.

Will Cyn, her lovers, and the beast horde be enough to save humankind?

This apocalypse should be a whole lotta filthy, violent, and obscenely smutty fun.


Cyn by Cari Silverwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so looking forward to this final instalment in this addictive series and it certainly didn’t disappoint. This starts where we left off with that previous finale and the shocking revelations regarding Cyn and the beasters true origins and almost instantly upon picking this up I was right back in the zone feeling like I had never been away. I loved how here we have got to an almost stage of comfortable familiarity and I just adored the overall dynamic that Cyn, Rutger and Vargr have managed to arrive at. I am also loving Vargr’s new nickname it suits. This one definitely amps up the pressure in regards to confronting the Ghoul Lords and taking back control. I loved where this went and also the eventual resolution arrived at. I liked that it wasn’t easy and we were made to work for our HEA. I also felt that all three in this relationship are now on an equal playing field and whereas previously I had too and throwed in regards to my favourite beaster male here I was equally invested in both. Most importantly this trio now works and functions as one. This trilogy has managed to keep my attention wholeheartedly and I have been riveted throughout. This was a fantastic finale to the whole endeavour and I enjoyed it all immensely. A very unique read and a series that I highly recommend.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Cyn (Beast Horde #3).