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Release Date-January 9th 2020
Genre-Historical sci-fi Romance
Kindle Edition-265 pages

Julia’s having a tough day. She’s learned that sacrificing virgins is still a thing in her homeland, and SHE is the virgin to be sacrificed. When alien conquerors capture her land, she’s immediately bound and delivered to the King of the Vandals. But this notorious alien is in for a rude awakening. He might think he’s getting a simpering princess to claim but Julia’s secret, outlawed magical powers can put an end to the mightiest of rulers.

Does Julia destroy her new husband and save her people from his wrath? Or, has the battle-beast’s passion and love charmed a witch into choosing him above all else?

The Vandal and the Virgin by Michele Mills

The beginning of this actually reminded me of the plot of one of those old B movies where the brave young and nubile heroine with heaving busts is actually sacrificed on the alter of a creatures rampant and sadistic lusts by her scheming and unpleasant family. It really had all the makings of a low budget extravaganza and I do so love me a cult classic and this set that stage for that rather beautifully. Unfortunately, this book is chock full of cliches the horrid manipulative family, the sacrificial virgin and many more such scenarios, It also lacked world-building. I mean I wasn’t originally even sure if this was a fantasy or just set in an alternate past on earth until it was later clarified by Alaric and even then it didn’t seem like any earth I actually recognised. I also wasn’t sure of the year, though later through references made I realised it was very early Earth the only problem with that was it didn’t actually seem that way due to the way people talked and acted. Also Wasn’t Alaric an actual real-life general and then later king of the Goths add into that the fact that the Vandals were actually a real Germanic tribal people. This then became a blend of true facts mixed with fiction that resulted in it feeling out of time and place, well to me anyway. I also found there to be a lack of deeper explanations concerning Alaric’s and his people beyond the superficial that they were an advanced species who had crashed on earth. Then the conversations that took place also felt rather juvenile and simple and Julia and Alaric themselves were both so easy going and extremely placid and just so bloody nice to each other all of the time. I mean they literally never really got angry with each other like ever, I’m not one for unnecessary angst but come-on. Also having magic work on the Vandals when they accept it only was quite the contradiction and didn’t make any real sense, talk about convenient timing. But despite my above points I still found this somewhat intriguing. It was imaginative and if this had been a fantasy or simple sci-fi It would have been easier to accept it was the mixing it with ancient history that lost me slightly. The writing itself was ok and the sexy times were hot and super saucy. This for me was just ok, the idea itself was great and it did have its pluses but they, unfortunately, were not enough to deliver this fully. Also, I’m a bit unsure of some of the authenticity of the historical facts that are claimed here. Though obviously I’m no historian and I could be mistaken, I just wasn’t fully convinced sorry. This is a mostly an instalove un-angsty fluff read so if that’s your bag this will definitely be a fit.

If you prefer your stories with more depth and filled with rich historical atmosphere and facts then this probably won’t be for you.