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Release Date-February 20th 2020
Publisher-Penguin Books UK
Genre-Psychological Thriller
Kindle Edition-320- Pages


No matter how far you run . . .
He’s never far behind

Lisa needs to disappear. And her friend’s rambling old home in the wilds of Yorkshire seems like the perfect place. It’s miles away from the closest town, and no one there knows her or her little boy, Joe.

But when a woman from the local village comes to visit them, Lisa realizes that she and Joe aren’t as safe as she thought.

What secret has Rowan Isle House – and her friend – kept hidden all these years?

And what will Lisa have to do to survive, when her past finally catches up with her?

The House on the Lake by Nuala Ellwood
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This all takes place at Rowan Isle House and its told from two separate time frames, switching back and forth between them. We have Lisa and toddler son Joe who are running from her controlling husband Mark, the dilapidated house being her hideaway to lie low for a while. Then roughly fifteen years previous we have a young girl living an unconventional lifestyle with her ex SAS father who goes by Sarge and treats her like a soldier under his command her life with him is far from easy. Both are residing at this house by the lake just at different points in time. This was told from two POV’s both Lisa and Grace. So, Lisa, I did think that she was the worst incognito person I had met in a while, she stunk at subterfuge not even changing their names or origins. Her erratic behaviour actually draws attention to herself, shes hardly discreet and is asking to be apprehended. So plot-wise this is rather slow and plodding and not much happens in regard to Lisa and Joe. I also wasn’t that invested in the young Grace’s life either know of the two she was the more interesting. I also thought the grand finale here was a tad rubbish and anti-climatic. I kept reading hoping it would get better and it just didn’t. I have read this author before and enjoyed her writing previously but this one for me though still well written missed the mark entirely. Disappointing considering I liked her past work.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of The House On The Lake.


Release Date-February 25th 2020
Genre-Dystopian Reverse Harem Romance
Kindle Edition-190 Pages

They call me an outcast, weak.

I’ve fought my whole life for survival, running from an attack on my family I ended up hiding with the Ash Wolves. This one move might be my biggest mistake of all. And I’m the queen of mistakes…

I let them believe I’m broken, let them believe the lies. I let them believe anything they want…as long as it isn’t the truth.

There’s a monster inside me, one made of teeth and claws and terrifying need. I swallow it down, hiding under the pretence of being normal. But I’m not normal. I’m anything but.

Bonding is the only thing that will save us—me and the Ash pack. Only I need someone strong enough to fight the darkness inside me…and savage enough to stay.

Will the three ruthless alphas help me…when they find out the truth of what I am?

This is a standalone shifter paranormal romance story for those who love alpha protectors, wolf shifters, and steamy scenes.

Shadowlands Sector by Mila Young
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have been wanting to find out what happened with this missing omega ever since I read Andorra Sector so this couldn’t come too soon for me. So yeh this is a different author to that one but set in the same world. This is a reverse harem read with I think 3 Heros for our Omega. I say think as this is the first book in a duet and the story is yet to complete. I was actually pleased with that fact as it meant this wasn’t rushed this took its time to help forge that initial connection. So, Meira, an omega flees after she is captured from the wild by Ash Wolves as part of a current trade shipment between there packs. She’s a lone Wolf who still hasn’t shifted living wild since her mother was killed by shadow monsters (Zombies). Duscan is the Alpha of the Ash Wolves, Lucian is his third and finally Bardhyl his forth and Meira’s wolf feels a connection to all of them. This didn’t disappoint and managed to keep my attention throughout. I liked the fact this built the tension rather than jump straight into the matings. There was plenty of action. likeable characters and a lot going on. I am looking forward to the next part of this and seeing where this one goes this really was a great and imaginative start and it left me wanting more.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Shadowlands Sector.



Release Date- March 20th 2020
Genre-Fantasy Creature Romance
Kindle Edition-444 Pages

She made a pledge to a wild, dangerous orc. And now he’s here for vengeance…

In a world of recently warring orcs and men, Ella Riddell is determined to ignore it all. She’s the wealthiest heiress in the realm — and soon, she’s to wed a lord, and become a real lady.

Until the night her engagement-party ends in utter disaster, and Ella runs for the forest — and straight into the powerful arms of a hulking, deadly orc.

And it’s not just any orc. It’s Natt. The orc Ella made a secret, foolish pledge to, many years past…

He’s huge and shameless and vicious, not at all the gangly, laughing daredevil Ella remembers. And he’s here with one shocking, scandalous aim: to wreak vengeance on Ella’s betrothed. With her.

With her hunger. Her surrender.

Her undoing.

Ella knows she should run, even if this deadly enemy was once a friend. Even if his scent drags up a dark, forbidden longing. Even if his kisses are the sweetest, filthiest thing she’s ever tasted in her life…

But will Ella truly risk her perfect future, for an orc? Will she face the bitter truths of the past, and brave the terrifying Orc Mountain, before more war rises to destroy them all?

The Heiress and the Orc by Finley Fenn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was the second book in this series and I found it to be an enjoyable and imaginative experience. We have Ella a young heiress and Natt an Orc, the two are previously acquainted through they haven’t laid eyes on each other in 9 years. So this story begins the evening of Ella’s engagement party to Alfred when she leaves the party upset only to encounter Natt in the process. Right from the onset here, this was totally filthy with huge dripping orc appendages and plenty of dirty talk. If you have read the previous book which I do suggest you start with you will know exactly what’s in store for you, but this one actually manages to crank the heat up to record levels and is in my opinion even raunchier than its predecessor. If you are not into graphic descriptions and explicit language this is probably not going to be your bag, me I was panting in pure anticipation with this one. Now, character-wise initially I had an issue with Ella like a big one. I really wanted to give her a slap around the noggins and tell her to wake the hell-up buttercup. She just didn’t come across well at all and she was so gung-ho about fulfilling her father’s wishes and becoming a proper lady that she seemed to throw her conscience and morality out the window even going as far as to still be willing to marry a man she knew was far from good and decent. She also despite her previous friendship with Natt seems quite judgmental and selfish. with Ella at least initially it’s always all about her and what she needs. How shes affected and how she was hurt by Natt’s disappearance. not once considering the ramifications of what her Fiancee has actually done and how it has affected Natt beyond the initial superficial. But as time elapsed and the more she was with Nat playing and observing his customs and interacting with his fellow Orcs at the mountain an almost metamorphosis starts to take place and we see Ella evolving to become something much more. I also think she is using all this lady business as an almost shield to hide and protect herself behind. It is almost like an armour she has donned after she was left behind by the one she thought cared for her, after all as far as she is aware he abandoned her leaving her behind and moving on. So let’s talk Natt, he came across as quite the sweetheart, he was proper crude and incredibly filthy but was also sweet and adorable at the exact same time. He was king of the mixed messages and at times seemed to be almost internally conflicted in regards to his lass. He also had a tragic back story and a destiny to fulfil within his Clan. Also, talk about a curveball I never saw that one approaching until it was practically flattening me and screaming get out the way. My heart hurt so bloody bad for poor Ella, who’d have thought I’d be feeling so bad for her especially considering my initial feelings towards her as well, but she managed to grow on me as this progressed. Then I just wanted to smack a different noggins for entirely different reasons. So this is dual POV and I preferred the second half of this much more than the first. Its also quite a lengthy read and has some real meat behind it in more ways than one. Just Because of the tone of the narrative, this may seem initially to be all about the heat and the sex but as you read further you realise this has hidden depths and also much greater messages to impart to its reader, hidden within the text, It’s actually deeper than you initially imagine. This one gets a thumbs up from me I cant wait to read the next one in this series.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of The Heiress and the Orc (Orc Sworn, #2).



Release Date-January 23rd 2020 Publisher-Penguin Genre-Mystery Thriller

Kindle Edition- 400 pages

She sleeps, a pale girl in a white room . . .

Three years ago, Gabe saw his daughter taken. In the back of a rusty old car, covered in bumper stickers. He was driving behind the car. He watched her disappear. But no one believes him. Most people believe that his daughter, and wife, are dead. For a while, people believed that Gabe was responsible.

Three years later and Gabe cannot give up hope. Even though he has given up everything else. His home, his job, his old life. He spends his days and nights travelling up and down the motorway, sleeping in his camper van in service stations, searching for the car that took her. Searching for his daughter.

Katie spends a lot of her life in service stations, working as a waitress. She often sees Gabriel, or ‘the thin man’ as she has nicknamed him. She knows his story. She feels for him, because Katie understands what it’s like to lose a loved one. Nine years ago, her father was murdered. It broke her family apart. She hasn’t seen her oldest sister since the day of the funeral; the day she did something terrible.

Fran and her daughter, Alice, put in a lot of miles on the motorway. Not searching. But running. Trying to keep one step ahead of the people that want to hurt them. Because Fran knows the truth. She knows what really happened to Gabe’s daughter. She knows who is responsible. And she knows that if they ever find them, they’re dead.

The Other People by C.J. Tudor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a fantastic read and this author manages to deliver a heart-pounding and mysterious story yet again. This was a tangled web of reactions where everything that is seemingly random is interconnected until finally, the bigger picture emerges. Each individual here suffers from an almost 3 degrees of separation, there are no coincidences between these pages and all roads will eventually converge. So this starts off sprinting with Father and husband Gabe travelling home when he is almost positive he spots his five-year-old daughter Izzy in the back of a vehicle he is tailing behind. Thus begins a nightmare there seems no end to and Gabe’s existence now consists of haunting the motorway and services in his beat-up old camper van searching for the daughter he believes is still out there alive. This is despite his father in law identifying his wife Jenny and daughters bodies he still refuses to believe that Izzy is gone. This is told from multiple POV each individual playing their part and all connected in some way. We have single mum Kate the kind-faced blonde waitress that serves Gabe his coffee when he stops off for a break, she observes the closed-off pain that radiates and nicknames him the thin man. Then there’s Fran and Emily on the move and forever running from something in their past. Emily with her strange ways, fear of mirrors and her rucksack of pebbles she won’t let out of her sight. Then there’s Gabe’s mysterious samaritan is he friend or foe and what does he want. The Girl in the room hooked up to all those monitors just where does she fit into all this and also who is the sandman, finally just who are The Other People and what is their purpose. So many questions thrown into this mix waiting for answers. This was fast-paced from the onset and pulled me in keeping me turning those pages long into the night. A fantastical suspenseful mystery that I enjoyed immensely,

I voluntary reviewed a copy of The Other People.



Release Date-February 6th 2020 Publisher-Penguin Genre-Young Adult Mystery

Kindle Edition-371 pages

A page-turning new YA thriller for the social media age, perfect for fans of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and One Of Us Is Lying.

Ten years ago, Jess’s mother was murdered by the Magpie Man.

She was the first of his victims but not the last.

Now Jess is the star of a YouTube reality series and she’s using it to catch the killer once and for all.

The whole world is watching her every move.

And so is the Magpie Man.

Are You Watching? by Vincent Ralph
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is YA read heavily steeped in this current age of social Media that every one of our current always watched generation will most certainly understand and get the pitfalls of. So Jessica Simmons wants to catch the Magpie Man. Her mum was the first victim of this notorious serial killer and his kill-count is now way up at 13. With this goal in mind, she applies and is accepted to star on a new web-based reality show with 4 others called The Eye. The show is a competition to see who can collect the largest following and that individual will get a regular spot for the next 3 months. So Jessica has 1 month to make her mark, the cameras every Monday will follow her from the minute she opens her eyes until she closes them at midnight. Also, her whole social media, every text and personal interaction she has will be food for the masses. The general idea is that each contestant gets there own day of the week to showcase their life and build a fanbase. This really was an interesting and rather unique premise which definitely made you think. But what starts out as rather on the back-burner then starts to build at a steady momentum almost like a rolling stone and the show then starts to impact every part of Jessicas life from school to home and even her own leisure time. Jessica is public property and her life is an open book just waiting to be read. Then the messages start-up chilling and surreal, is he watching, one of the many new subscribers and online trolls she is now dealing with. Told completely from Jessicas POV this is not just a mystery to discover and find closure from but also a journey to better understand herself even telling herself some harsh own-truths along the way. I did find it slightly unrealistic and the idea of using yourself as bait to draw out a killer is never a good idea also in real-time this frankly just wouldn’t work unless the killer was a moron wanting to be caught. I also can’t see any parent being on board with this especially after losing your spouse in such a horrific way. I also wanted the whys and whatnots of this rather than the superficial but that also wasn’t happening either. The finish itself was rather anti-climactic, it was underwhelming if im honest after all that build-up a bit of a letdown. Still, it was enjoyable and well written and appropriate for the digital age we all live in.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of are You Watching.



Release Date-March 5 2020
Genre-Contemporary Fairy-Tale Romance
Kindle Edition-171 pages

A Cinderella Tale Spun in a New York City Reality

Lucynda Ellis

I’m not an actress, but I’ll play the part if it means saving my stepsister’s career. Put on the dress and the strappy shoes, wear a smile, and pretend to love the prince. Easy.

Until the prince ends up being sin dressed in a suit.

Kellen Knight unravels my world with a kiss that lights my soul on fire. It’s all meant for show, a televised embrace tucked away between the sheets, yet I can’t stop thinking about him or his hypnotic mouth.

When I leave my precious sketchbook behind at the shoot, I’m left with no choice but to track him down to get it back. Except this prince lives in an untouchable, glass-coated tower and all he knows me by is a single name—Cyn.

Kellen Knight

My marketing team wants me to star in the advertising campaign for our newest product. Why? Because sex sells. So I’ll wear the suit, pretend to romance some actress, and kiss her at midnight.

Only, that kiss? It blows my fucking mind.

Cyn’s maddening insults and quiet confidence get under my skin. I’m used to women falling at my feet, so when this blonde spitfire walks away after her lips knock me sideways, I’m more than intrigued. I’m determined.

There’s only one problem: I don’t know her full name.

Good thing I’m Kellen fucking Knight. She can run, but she definitely can’t hide.

Authors’ Note: Midnight is a spicy little fairy tale with a few darker elements that help introduce the dark romance trilogy, Violet Queen. Lucynda Ellis might find her prince in this happily-ever-after tale, but it’s only the beginning for a much more sinister world featuring Avala Aldridge, Asher Vaughn, and Sterling Quinn.

Midnight: A Violet Queen Prequel by Lexi C. Foss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a fun prequel and introduction to an upcoming dark romance trilogy set in this world. It’s a contemporary fairy-tale retelling loosely based on Cinderella. I found this to be an easy and fun read that was as sexy as it was humorous. Its dual POV so we get both Kellen and Cyn its also a collaboration between two separate authors and got to say it works and was seamless in its transactions, you can’t tell who’s writing what with this. I read this in one sitting and it’s of a decent length. I actually liked the simplicity of the romance here almost like the fairy tale it was portraying. You know boy meets girl and fall hook line and sinker and girl just likes him back it was refreshing and made such a pleasant change. I enjoyed this one a lot and it gets my seal of approval no issue.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Midnight: A Violet Queen Prequel.


Series: Sinister Fairy Tales Collection Genre: Dark Fairytale Retelling Release Date: March 17, 2020 Before Zell was born, her fate was sealed.
Held captive in a high-rise overlooking New York City since the age of twelve, she had no friends her own age, no life outside of the, and absolutely no choices of her own. But what she didn’t realize was the tower where she lost her freedom would one day become her salvation. Her prince would arrive, they would fall in love, and they would come up with a plan for her to escape so they could live happily ever after. If only it were that easy. Every girl dreams of her life becoming a fairy tale, even Zell, who’s knowledge of romance was simply from the books she stole from other girls at the brothel. In a world where sex, drugs, and manipulation is solely the life she knows, the only fairy tale poor Zell would endure would be a sinister one … Because freedom always comes at a price.

“Now, son”—Frank squeezed Frank Jr’s shoulder—”tonight, you can have any one of these ladies that you want. More than one if you’d like.”

My heart, which had finally returned to its regular beat, felt as though it was cracking in my chest as I listened to what Frank said. Of course, that was why they were here.

“I told you I wasn’t a virgin,” Frank Jr. said in a low voice.

Frank chuckled. “That may be, but any one of these ladies will make sure you’re well taken care of. You might learn some things. It’s your birthday, enjoy it.”

Frank Jr. replied, his voice still low, “Whores aren’t my thing.”

“These are the finest ones around, son. You’ll be in safe hands. Take your pick, and then I can pick mine.”

“And if I don’t?” Frank Jr. asked.

“Then you’ll piss me off,” Frank stated, giving Frank Jr. a stern look.

“I can assure you,” Madam cut in, “all of my girls are clean and well trained. They aren’t like high school girls.” She chuckled.

Frank Jr. looked at his father another moment and then stepped toward the line of girls. He still hadn’t taken a sip of the vodka in his hand, and that made me nervous. I wasn’t sure what Madam would do to me if Frank Jr. asked for something else. Was Grey Goose not a good brand?

Just like Madam had done not ten minutes prior, Frank Jr. walked by each girl, looking them up and down from their heads to their feet and back up. When he got to the end, I expected him to walk back down the line because he hadn’t made a decision yet. Instead, he stopped in front of me, looking back at Frank and Madam. “I choose her,” he said.

My eyes widened as Madam said in a raised voice, “Zell isn’t one of the girls.”

“She’s not?” Frank Jr. questioned and turned his head to look at me.

I lowered my gaze while I waited for Madam to respond. I expected her to say something about me being her daughter, and therefore, off-limits. Instead, she said, “She’s never been with a man before. She wouldn’t know what to do. Pick one of the others. They will show you a good time.”

My face got hot again, and I was certain I looked like a tomato. I couldn’t believe that Madam had told Frank Jr. I was a virgin. I’d read about a virgin once. She met a guy with a helicopter and had weird sex with him. She seemed to like it, but that didn’t mean I was ready for this handsome boy to know I was a virgin.

“Is that true?” Frank Jr. asked as he looked into my eyes. “Are you a virgin?” I nodded, not able to speak. He turned back to Madam and his father. “Then, yes, I want her.”

“She’s not even groomed,” Madam stated to Frank.

“Son, why don’t you pick someone else?”

“With all due respect, Father, you brought me here to, what was it? Become a man? Being a man is choosing who I want to sleep with, and I choose …” He paused for a moment. “Zell.”

The tray I was still holding fell from my grasp and clattered onto the floor. Madam’s gaze snapped to me, and my eyes widened before I quickly bent to pick it up. My heart was beating so fast in my chest that I was certain Frank Jr. could hear it. I kept my gaze on the floor, not able to look at anyone. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Kimberly Knight is a USA Today Bestselling author who lives in the mountains near a lake in California with her loving husband, who is a great research assistant. Kimberly writes in a variety of genres including romantic suspense, contemporary romance, erotic romance, and paranormal romance. Her books will make you laugh, cry, swoon, and fall in love before she throws you curve balls you never see coming. When Kimberly isn’t writing, you can find her watching her favorite reality TV shows, binge-watching true crime documentaries, and going to San Francisco Giants games. She’s also a two-time desmoid tumor/cancer fighter, which has made her stronger and an inspiration to her fans. HOSTED BY:


Release Date-371 Pages
Genre-Sci-Fi Dystopian
Kindle Edition-March 6th 2020

My name is Ava Mendoza, and I am a species traitor.

They came hoping to find a new home after their own planet was destroyed, but Earth was dying as well, and most humans saw their arrival as an invasion. Now, two decades later, the Veilorians have been banished to the District, a fenced-in area on the outskirts of the last known livable land on Earth. Most people do their best to pretend they don’t exist, but not everyone. There are humans, like my cousin, who see them for what they are. Despite the threat of disownment, she married a Veilorian, and now she, too, lives in the District.

Even before I met Finn, I was determined to stand up for what was right, but from the moment I laid eyes on him, we had a connection I’ve never experienced before. But with the election of a new and radical mayor on the horizon, tensions are high, and people are calling for change. They want to make my cousin’s marriage illegal and punish any human who goes into the District, but I refuse to back down from this fight. No matter the cost.


Species Traitor: A Science Fiction Dystopian Novel by Kate L. Mary
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Species Traitor is a hard-hitting story that is a mish-mash of sci-fi, Dystopian and romance. The Veilorians home-planet is gone and they have ventured to earth in their ships as refugees from the stars. Looks-wise they are very similar to humans, just a larger stature and exotic eyes set the two species apart. Ava was three when these visitors arrived now 22 years later they are housed in the district a five-mile square plot of land on the edge of the congested and overcrowded city. Hatred and Malice towards the aliens is widespread, humans treating them appallingly, controlling and corraling them, keeping them confined to the district little more than prisoners. This is despite there peaceful and friendly nature and the fact that they have done absolutely nothing to deserve this attitude and heinous treatment from humans. The humans even resent the small space they are currently occupying on the overcrowded and scorched landscape. So when Ava cousin elopes and marries a veilorians it brings shame down on her family. Ava refuses to cut ties visiting her in the district where she now resides with her new husband. But with a new mayor running for office with a radical and bigoted agenda it’s looking precarious and dangerous for the Veilorians and anyone who may be associated with them. This primarily is a plot-driven story with a slow-burning attraction and romance at its centre. Ava finds herself fascinated by a half-human, half-Veilorian male called Fin, unfortunately, Fin hates humans with a passion and makes no secret of it. This is told solely from Ava’s POV and it was uniquely different in so many ways. It is well written with fantastic world-building and vibrant characters. An easy page-turner that managed to capture my imagination with its sheer brilliance. honestly “Species Traitor” blew me away and what a marvellous introduction to this author it was. I will definitely be checking out more of this authors work. My only complaint was the way it ended just because I’m impatient like that and need book 2 like immediately. I highly recommend this book it was fantastic.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Species Traitor: A Science Fiction Dystopian Novel.



Release Date-March 2nd 2020 
Genre-Urban Fantasy
Kindle Edition-384 Pages

Asmodeus lied to me.

While I shouldn’t be surprised, to say my feelings for the archdemon are complicated is putting it lightly. But now, I don’t even know if I’ll ever have the chance to decide how I feel about him.

Unfortunately, I know the terrible truth.

Asmodeus told me that I was the only homunculus he made that survived—but there’s another one. The leader of the deadly cult that’s been abducting archangels and archdemons, Octavian, is just like me. He’s a creature made from the flesh of others and given a life he didn’t want.

I’m Octavian’s prisoner now. He’s a sadist and a monster, and I can’t die. That’s a terrible combination. He’s eager to tell me all of what he knows, and why he’s been killing people and taking angels—but it’ll come at a price.

A price I don’t know if I can afford to pay. But I get the feeling I don’t have a choice. I just hope Michael, Azrael, and the others can find me before it’s too late.

I might not be able to die, but there are far worse fates than death.

Fall of Angels by Kathryn Ann Kingsley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So we start right where we left things previously and let me tell you this is one intense read with a lot going on. I ran a whole gauntlet of emotions with this and this one for me is where I finally felt that deeper connection I’d long been hoping for, Veil and Alister manage to take things to a whole new level with this and the final piece of the story connected me to Asmodeus in such a way that I just got him. I got the what and the why and he became so fully dimensional to me just by showcasing his inner pain and humanity, hanging it all out there for Veil to see. But as for Azriel well, I wanted to chokeslam him just so badly throughout, never has a character infuriated me so much, I mean just what was the whole point of it all. I also found veil much more likeable here and she is definitely put through the wringer in more ways than one. This had ups and downs and it really was an emotional rollercoaster and a fitting finale to the whole series. This one gets an easy thumbs up from me.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Fall of Angels (Halfway Between Book 3).



Release Date-March 3rd 2020
Genre-Menage Fairy-Tale Retelling
Kindle Edition-191 Pages

Once upon a time… 

Isn’t that how love stories begin? 

Not this time. This is not a love story. 

This is the untold story of Sleeping Beauty and how Princess Arianna of Graeline was conceived out of darkness and lies.

Born into a kingdom on the brink of disaster, she remains hidden away from the world as protection against a vengeful curse.

A love curse.

Malevolence has invaded the land of mystery, and the dark mage has decided it’s time to collect on her favor. The price…

The princess.

Until the king calls for a savior. Or two?

Asher “Apollo” McCall and Matthew “Ares” Norbury have worked countless missions together. Named after the Greek gods they resembled, they were considered the biggest and baddest until tragedy struck. Their team was slaughtered and they were left for dead.

Neither man ever foresaw a life of peace, but gazing into the eyes of the young, defiant princess for the first time, they catch a glimpse of what could become their world.

How far will they go to make the enigmatic royal theirs?




Can these two “princes” beat the odds, save the princess, and live happily ever after?

Or is Arianna destined to die, imprisoned by a curse out of control?

Imprisoned by K.L. Donn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So this is part of the Sinister fairy-Tale collection. “Imprisoned” is a modern fairy-tale retelling with a supernatural slant. It’s loosely based on Sleeping Beauty and is a menage instalove romantic suspense. It’s not a dark romance but does have some dark content included. So it’s set in the fictional kingdom of Graeline which is situated on a small independent island between Scotland and Ireland. Arianna is the princess here and is under the influence of a curse. There are also young girls going missing, suspected human trafficking so Matthew and Asher codenames Ares and Apollo are drafted in to discover just what is happening here. Ares and Apollo are brothers bonded through the sheer hell they have endured they are also Ari’s only chance of escaping her kidnappers when she is spirited away from her home. This seems to tie into with another of this author’s series though this is a standalone read so can be enjoyed separately. It is told from several POV’s and it did feel a tad choppy at times. I also didn’t connect that deeply with the characters involved here, there was just something for me that was slightly missing overall. I still enjoyed this though and found it to be imaginative. The Princess assisting in her own rescue and getting two handsome Prince’s was also a bonus.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Imprisoned.


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