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Release Date-July 9th 2019 
Genre-Fantasy Romance
Kindle Edition-214 Pages

The Ancients are free, and all bets are off.

With the rise of the primordial creators of Under everything has changed. Our world is no longer the same, and neither is Aon.

I learned his dark secret the moment the sun peeked over the horizon for the first time in thousands of years. Every king and queen in Under used to be human—even Edu. But not Aon. He’s the only soul ever made by the Ancients, their firstborn and only son.

Now that they’ve been set free, he has no choice but to obey his makers and do what he has been created to do. Rule.

Aon, the King of Shadows, was a madman and a warlock. But he no longer exists. In his place is someone—something—far worse.

The King of All.


King of None by Kathryn Ann Kingsley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After how we left the previous book, I was more than ready to jump back into all that is Under. Here Aon is a very different version of the Warlock Lydia originally fell for and Lydia had now metamorphed into what she always was meant to the mother of monsters. In a bizarre turnabout of events, Edu is now one of Lydia’s most staunchest allies and Aon seems to be a power-hungry despot with a god complex. Aon’s most earnest wish along with the ancients is that Lydia takes her place at his side as his Queen. All he remembers from his five thousand years as the mad warlock is his connection to Lydia and how much he still adores her. I raced through this and there were times I just felt so sorry for Aon. His actions were despicable and those of a tyrant but he really just lacked the ability to connect to others in this instalment he was a much more ancient and colder version of himself. I also found that the heat factor was cranked up slightly here and I for one really appreciated that. The King of None is very much a battle of wills between Lydia and Aon and they went head to head often throughout this. I am looking forward to finally reaching their end game in the final volume to come. This was so well written and engaging as expected. I am very much ready now for them to arrive at there final destination.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of King of None (The Masks of Under #5).



Release date-May 20th 2018
Genre-Alien Romance
Kindle Edition-234 pages

The sequel to The Scorpion’s Mate…

A desperate escape from a prison cell inside an alien research facility leaves Joanie in the clutches of an alien with a handsome face, a great body, and tentacles that could have come out of a horror movie. Her life back on Earth is a mess, but nowhere near as complicated as her new situation becomes when the alien test subject named Nemon decides that she’s his mate.

Nemon knows that Joanie is the mate he’s hoping for as soon as Thrax hands her to him, but he can also see that she’s frightened and traumatized. He must win a battle against his own body – which has a mind of its own–to maintain control, so he can win her trust and avoid frightening her further. His newfound friends warn him that Joanie will need time to accept him, and Nemon is willing to wait, but they all may have underestimated Joanie.

They have escaped their fate as Iriduan test subjects, but Nemon and Joanie can’t escape the legacy left behind by their captors. A legacy that brings them together – a legacy that also threatens to tear them apart.

Author’s Note: 18+ This book contains explicit scenes unsuitable for younger readers.


The Kraken’s Mate by Susan Trombley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I had been close to her—so close that I could breathe her in with the air that I drew into my lungs—I had seen her eyes widen, her nostrils flare, and her moistened lips part. None of that had been from fear. She’d looked at me with an almost hungry expression, but I didn’t think she wanted to eat me, though with the females of my species, desire to mate and hunger usually came together, often to the detriment of the males.

This author has such a great ability when it comes to creating heros and heroines outside the box and with The Kraken’s Mate the second book in the Iriduan subject’s we get to explore in more depth a character we met previously in The Scorpians mate. So we all know how I like my alien’s to actually look like an alien so I was especially excited to get stuck in with this one. Nemon is huge and instead of legs has tentacles: he is one of the experiments from the research ship Joanie is one of the human rescued captives and this is their story.

Right from the start here, I felt this one had a slightly different flavour to its predecessor: just more emotive it’s hard to pinpoint but the romance here just felt so much sweeter.

“you are like a light shining upon the surface of the water, drawing me from the darkest depths to investigate what manner of treasure could glow so brightly.” His tentacles curled tight against his body. “I do not want to let you leave this ship, lest others will see my treasure and try to take her.”

Nemon though obviously extremely dangerous and potentially deadly has an almost childlike curiosity in his interactions with Joanie and she is fascinated also despite her initial wariness and fear. I adored Nemon’s adoration and enthusiasm as he attempts to woo and also learn all he can about his precious new mate. I also appreciated the fact that Joanie was an ordinary woman with baggage and flaws its refreshing to find such an imperfect heroine. This was relatively slow burn and I did love the sensuality behind the build-up: by the time they finally sealed the deal I was definitely invested here in Joanie and Nemon’s relationship and just for info, this is no way felt weird or strange. This also had the added bonus of Thrax and Claire and they were very much a part of the story-arc

Finally, the romance in this one is just so adorable and gave me the warm and fuzzies.

“I didn’t fall in love with Nemon’s pretty face. I fell in love with the hearts that beat inside him and with the soul that I can see behind his eyes. That is more beautiful than a face could ever be.”

I enjoyed The Kraken’s Mate (Iriduan Test Subjects, #2) a lot it was a well written and enjoyable read.


Release Date-April 18th 2016
Genre-Fantasy Romance
Kindle Edition-240 pages

In a bid for more power, the Shadow Queen of Haradis has unleashed a malignant force into the world. Her son Brishen, younger prince of the Kai royal house, suddenly finds himself ruler of a kingdom blighted by a diseased darkness and on the brink of war. His human wife Ildiko must decide if she will give up the man she loves in order to secure his throne.

Three enemy kingdoms must unite to save each other, and a one-eyed, reluctant king must raise an army of the dead to defeat an army of the damned.

A tale of alliance and sacrifice.

Sequel to RADIANCE and Book #2 in the Wraith Kings series


Eidolon by Grace Draven
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ildiko cupped Brishen’s face. “It’s so dark in here. Except for your eye, I can’t see you.” He kissed her, tracing her lips with the tip of his tongue, before sliding into her mouth to gently tease her tongue. When he pulled back, they were both gasping. “That’s not true,” he said between planting more kisses across her forehead, cheeks and nose. “Dark or not, you see me. From that first day in the gardens at Pricid—our wedding day—you’ve always seen me.”

This is the conclusion to Brishen and Ildiko story and this started where we left off in its predecessor with the Shadow Queen of Haradis in her quest for power unwittingly unleashing a living nightmare onto the populace of the land. The Galla malevolent creatures of cruelty that feed on magic and leave nothing but a trail of death and destruction in their wake cut a path across the countryside hunting the fleeing Kai as they lay waste to all in their path, none is safe from these demons neither Kai or human stands a chance against the dark stain spreading and infecting the land. The Humans and Kai now have to join forces to contain this threat to there very existence and as magic brought them forth so it must be used to banish them back into the dark abyss they sprang forth from. The answer Wraith Kings of kai and human alike to summon the dead and coral the Galla back to whence they came.

There is also some added strife between Brishen and Ildiko brought forth because of there current circumstances and the weight of now holding the crown.

“Privilege,” she said gently, “gives the crown its shine. Duty gives it its weight. It’s because you are now king that you can’t do as you wish. The person you are—honorable, brave—will do what’s required.”

This has two separate story arcs on a collision course one the new king and his queen and what he must do to save his people and secure the crown and two palace guards escorting a nursemaid and her precious charge to safety. Like the first book, this still felt very medieval in its setting and execution. I adored the old day’s fantasy vibe it gave off. The prose used here was just so beautifully lyrical and I appreciated this just as much as when I first read this a few years back. This author just has such a way with words and has yet to produce anything yet that I haven’t adored.

As well as the action in this one this is also such an exquisite love story.

“I would have been content to live my life as just Brishen,” he whispered into her hair. “Who was loved by Ildiko.”

This duet is up there with my favourite reads of all time and is one I really do recommend highly.



Release Date-15th July 2019
Genre-Erotic Romance
Kindle Edition-210 pages

It should have been so simple. So clear. One at the top, three beneath him. But nothing is clear anymore. After two years living their lives together, Alexander White has become distant and withdrawn, his mind a turmoil of unanswered questions, and the other three are broken because of it. Lost and left wanting. Well, two are. Lilah James doesn’t give a damn, other than ensuring Pascal Van Der Braack is adequately provided for. Unfortunately, he’s not being looked after at all, which means chaos and mischief could ensue at any given moment. Always worrisome. And when a rather royal problem comes to tarnish the already broken, something that none of them know how to deal with, whatever structure they had is suddenly unable to carry on. Becoming a four in love brought its own battles.

Staying as four might break them all.


Check by Charlotte E. Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lilah, Pascal, Beth and Alex are back with more debauched antics and I for one couldn’t wait to experience more mischief and mayhem as we get to experience the upcoming events this time told from all four pov’s. So this is a continuation of the original series set roughly two years down the line. For full appreciation here you really do need to start this journey with the White Trilogy followed by the VDB Trilogy: then this, The Crossover Duet completes the set. So here Alex is unravelling and whatever is causing him to feel this way is having a knock-on effect ricocheting down the line affecting all in this unusual quad in some form or other. Beth feels unloved, Pascal feels Ignored and Lilah well her priority is always going to be Pascal. As for Alex whos does he turn to when hes the top, the one usually in charge. Alex is suffering and in true form, that means he behaves like a dolt to all around him. But all this is thrown to one side when events conspire that send Pascal racing home to claim his birthright. There is no rule book in this particular series so its best you just go with the flow here. This is as usual decadently dirty and anything goes The characters in this series are some of my most favourite too date, Totally flawed, kinky as hades and completely unpredictable. As usual, this one was another bumpy ride and I am now looking forward to part two.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Check (Crossover Duet, #1).



Release Date-13th January 2013
Genre-Fantasy Romance
Kindle Edition-297 pages


Brishen Khaskem, prince of the Kai, has lived content as the nonessential spare heir to a throne secured many times over. A trade and political alliance between the human kingdom of Gaur and the Kai kingdom of Bast-Haradis requires that he marry a Gauri woman to seal the treaty. Always a dutiful son, Brishen agrees to the marriage and discovers his bride is as ugly as he expected and more beautiful than he could have imagined.


Ildiko, niece of the Gauri king, has always known her only worth to the royal family lay in a strategic marriage. Resigned to her fate, she is horrified to learn that her intended groom isn’t just a foreign aristocrat but the younger prince of a people neither familiar nor human. Bound to her new husband, Ildiko will leave behind all she’s known to embrace a man shrouded in darkness but with a soul forged by light.

Two people brought together by the trappings of duty and politics will discover they are destined for each other, even as the powers of a hostile kingdom scheme to tear them apart.


Radiance by Grace Draven
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I’m not human, wife,” he whispered into the darkness. Shock rounded his eyes at Ildiko’s response, slurred with sleep and nearly incoherent. “But you’re still mine, husband.”.

So this is a reread, I absolutely devoured this duet first time around so a reread was always on the cards with this one. Sometimes a second going through can be disappointing and doesn’t have the same original impact. Well, I am so pleased to say that was not the case here, I bloody devoured and adored this just as much this time around. This is up there with my favourite reads of all time a beautiful love story that resonates with such care and adoration, love and acceptance. I could actually feel the emotion resounding off the page at me.

I also adored the lyrical quality that ran through the narrative here it’s one of my favourite aspects of this book, the language here used is just so descriptive and charming in its deliverance.

Theirs was an agreement based on the beginnings of friendship, respect and an intuitive understanding of each other that still left him slack-jawed with amazement. He refused to taint that accord by inviting vulgar conjecture.

So this is most definitely a fantasy novel one set in a fictional universe but if you like historical fiction this really did have a medieval feel to the whole story. If it wasn’t for the Kai themselves and the magic this could have been any arranged marriage back in the days of old. The setting, the weaponry the day to life this very much had that flavour about it. The premise here is simple an arranged marriage between two separate royal households to cement an alliance and as a gesture of good faith. But in this case, we actually have two separate species: Ildiko is human and all that entails and Brishen is Kai not so much. Brishen has grey skin, unmoving yellow eyes long claws that can slash his enemies to ribbons and scarily sharp teeth with fangs.

He moves by night: Ildiko by day opposite ends of the spectrum.

“Woman of day,” he said slowly. “You mean everything to me.” No amount of blinking this time held back Ildiko’s tears. They streamed down her cheeks to drip off her chin and onto Brishen’s shoulder. “Prince of night,” she said in a watery voice that echoed another moment when she’d greeted him with the same words. “You’ve come back to me.”

Ildiko and Brishen where do I start, I loved these two Lovers from such different cultures both open-minded and willing to bridge the gap between two very different species the humans and the kai, loved seeing these two very different people fall for each other their personality’s and character shone through, both managing to find the beauty in each other’s differences it was wonderful to be an observer in there melding of hearts. This is not a high angst tale and I really did appreciate the simplicity of there connection. That’s not to say nothing happens here, there is plenty of action but it’s mostly confined to what’s going on around our newlyweds. I don’t really want to give to much away within the storyline but there was definitely enough here to keep me turning the pages and also go back for a second read. I only re-read books again that have touched me in some special way and this is one of those times. I really can’t wait to read the next book after that fantastic finale. Funnily enough, I myself have my own kai at home my 11-year-old son no sharp teeth and claws on him through.

Give this book a chance it really is one I recommend highly.



Release Date-July 1st 2017
Genre-Contemporary Romance
Kindle Edition-300 Pages

After returning home due to her father’s illness, Elise Phillips reunites with her college friends, including Luke Long. Luke was a player back then, and Elise had always prided herself on not being another notch on his bedpost.

Luke is still gorgeous though, and he knows it. And he checks all her boxes—intelligent and sexy with muscles and a hard body.

Following a night of beer and shots, her resistance runs out, and he finally does check her box. And Elise knows that it can never happen again.

Luke had always thought of Elise as the pretty girl that was friends with his roommate’s girlfriend, but now she’s all grown up. When their night of passion rocks Luke’s world he realizes he must have her again.

The two enter a friends-with-benefits relationship with the agreement that they’re just going to have fun. The only thing is, with mutual friends involved, they have to hide their indiscretion.

But what harm can come from a dirty little secret?


Dirty by R.L. Kenderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was the first thing I have read by this author and I found it to be an enjoyable experience. The story is basically a friend’s with benefits type romance. The book is about two former college acquaintances Luke and Elise both with some preconceived notion’s of each other who meet up through mutual friends a few years later when Elise has moved back to town to be closer to her parents and her sick father and they strike up a friendship of sorts. This friendship is off the charts in terms of heat and toe-curling shenanigans. But also really sweet and comfortable at the same time. This was an incredibly low angst easy read. A straightforward contemporary romance that ticked all my boxes in terms of feel good. It wasn’t a complicated story but that was half the draw here, I could just kick back and enjoy myself for a few hours without the stress. I also really liked the epilogue we got with this one. If you are looking for something uncomplicated that will leave you with the warm and fuzzies this one is definitely the book for you.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Friends with Benefits (Dirty Love, #1).



Release Date-July 25th 2019
Publisher-Trapeze, Orion Publishing Group
Genre-Psychological Thriller
Kindle Edition-320 pages

Welcome to the escape room. Your goal is simple. Get out alive.

In the lucrative world of Wall Street finance, Vincent, Jules, Sylvie and Sam are the ultimate high-flyers. Ruthlessly ambitious, they make billion-dollar deals and live lives of outrageous luxury. Getting rich is all that matters, and they’ll do anything to get ahead.

When the four of them become trapped in an elevator escape room, things start to go horribly wrong. They have to put aside their fierce office rivalries and work together to solve the clues that will release them. But in the confines of the elevator the dark secrets of their team are laid bare. They are made to answer for profiting from a workplace where deception, intimidation and sexual harassment thrive.

Tempers fray and the escape room’s clues turn more and more ominous, leaving the four of them dangling on the precipice of disaster. If they want to survive, they’ll have to solve one more final puzzle: which one of them is a killer?

Praise for The Escape Room:

“High wire tension from the first moment to the last. Four ruthless people locked in a deadly game where victory means survival. Gripping and unforgettable!” Harlan Coben

“Fantastic. One of my favourite books of the year.” Lee Child

“Amazing…a thriller set in an elevator [that explores] the vast territory of people’s worst natures. A nightmarish look inside ourselves. Simply riveting.” Louise Penny

“A sharp, slick, utterly engrossing thriller. This knockout debut hooked me from the first page and didn’t let go.” Cristina Alger, USA Today bestselling author of The Banker’s Wife


The Escape Room by Megan Goldin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So the Escape room revolves around the cutthroat world of finance and investment banking. Four colleagues find themselves stuck in an elevator in an empty office building all participating in what seems to be a team bonding escape room challenge. Vincent, Sam Jules and Sylvie all employees of the firm Stanhope ruthless go-getters whose greed corruption and killer instincts all worship their god the almighty dollar. These savage individuals are all prepared to do whatever it takes to stay ahead in the game. As this well-crafted thriller unfolds everything starts to fall apart as the suspicion paranoia and close quarters all start to feed into everybody’s individual insecurities and things start to unravel at the very seams. This is told in two time frames an ongoing story involving an old work colleague Sara Hall and the elevator itself. Meanwhile, the unfolding story threads while seemingly unrelated start to form a picture of sorts. This book exposes the dark underbelly of human nature on both sides. This was a well written thrilling journey my only slight criticisms are that I did think the ending was slightly rushed and somethings things did get a tad far-fetched. I still really enjoyed this and it was an entertaining thrilling read.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of The Escape Room.



Release Date-4th July 2019
Publisher-Little Brown Book Group UK
Genre-Sci-Fi Romance
Kindle Edition-416 pages

A delicious new heart-pounding romantic adventure from USA Today bestseller Amanda Bouchet!

Captain Tess Bailey and her crew of Robin Hood-like thieves are desperate and on the run. Pursued by a vicious military general who wants them dead or alive, Tess has to decide if she can trust Shade Ganavan, a tall, dark and arrogant stranger with ambiguous motivations.

Shade Ganavan had oodles of arrogance, oodles of charm, and oodles of something that made me want to kick him in the nuts.

What Tess and Shade don’t know about each other might get them killed… unless they can set aside their differences and learn to trust each other – while ignoring their off-the-charts chemistry.

Shade swallowed the bad taste in his mouth. Two hundred million. He could buy back his birthright and live like a king forever on that. 
Captain T. Bailey.
Beautiful. Ballsy. And Brave.
A wanted criminal.
Indecision clawed at his chest. He knew where she was.
The easiest nab and grab of his life was waiting for him. He could land two hundred million in his account. Double that if she still had the goods.


Nightchaser by Amanda Bouchet
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have never read this particular author before so wasn’t quite sure what I was in for. Got to say I am really impressed with this, Nightchaser the first book in the endeavour trilogy and it really managed to capture my imagination. So in terms of genre, I would say this is predominantly a romance. It’s a sci-fi space opera and I really did adore just how different this was in terms of setting. I loved the fact it was set in space it really leaves so much open in terms of plot expansion. This wasn’t perfect by any means but it really did have just so much to recommend picking this up and giving it a chance. Tess has a bounty on her head, she’s captain of her own rebel ship and along with her crew is on a mission to stay one step ahead of the Black Watch. Her enemies now they suspect she may still be alive will stop at nothing to capture her alive or dead and she needs to stay one step ahead and evade capture. Tess also has secrets which are yet another reason for her lying low. Shades past actions have cost him everything he thinks matter to him and he will do anything to put things back the way they once were. Even if that means working for people he doesn’t really want to and doing things that fly against his own conscience. Collecting a bounty that will put him back on top should be easy pickings even if his heart and head are constantly at war with what he should do over what he really wants to do. So the beginning of this was great really pulling me into the story. The middle of this for me let it down slightly, even though the story itself was well written and intense I found it did drag slightly and we were very much in one spot for a lengthy time. I myself would have preferred a tad more space action. But when this did finally rev up again for the final stretch it more than made up for it. Then Nightchaser then went from zero to a hundred in ten seconds flat and I was practically on the edge of my seat with the sheer anticipation. This was very much slow-burn which I did think fit the narrative nicely here and I liked both Slade and Tess very much. They were great central characters both with some fab strengths and weaknesses. This also had an interesting side cast as well. Finally, though this is part of a trilogy this doesn’t really end on a cliffhanger this is more a HFN. So your not left hanging anxiously chewing your nails for the next part of the story. There are obviously still questions to be answered but nothing that you’re going to lose any major sleep over so that was definitely a big plus for me in this book’s favour. I will most certainly be reading the next one in this series which I believe is due out next year. This was a well written interesting read that I am happy to give a thumbs up to.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Friends with Benefits Nightchaser (Endeavour, #1).



Release Date-July 25th 2019 
Publisher-Penguin Random House Uk, Ebury Publishing
Genre-Mystery & Thrillers
Kindle Edition-368 pages

You’ve been offered a luxury apartment, rent free. The catch: you may not live long enough to enjoy it…

No visitors. No nights spent away from the apartment. No disturbing the other residents.
These are the only rules for Jules Larson’s new job as apartment sitter for an elusive resident of the Bartholomew, one of Manhattan’s most high-profile private buildings and home to the super rich and famous.

Recently heartbroken and practically homeless, Jules accepts the terms, ready to leave her past life behind.

Out of place among the extremely wealthy, Jules finds herself pulled toward other apartment sitter Ingrid. But Ingrid confides that the Bartholomew is not what it seems and the dark history hidden beneath its gleaming facade is starting to frighten her. Jules brushes it off as a harmless ghost story – but the next day, her new friend has vanished.
And then Jules discovers that Ingrid is not the first temporary resident to go missing…

Welcome to the Bartholomew…You may never leave.

From the New York Times bestselling author of FINAL GIRLS and LAST TIME I LIED: ‘the author delivers the kind of unpredictable conclusion that all thriller readers crave – utterly shocking yet craftily foreshadowed…’ New York Times Book Review


Lock Every Door by Riley Sager
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blimey, this was bloody brilliant one of my favourite reads this year. Eerie and Atmospheric from the onset, this had such an air of intrigue and a spooky mysterious vibe. The Bartholomew, one of Manhattan’s high-profile and exclusive apartment complexes, Shrouded in secrecy and obscurity. The residents here value their privacy more than most. Enter Jules who life has thrown a curveball, she’s jobless, newly single, homeless and broke so when a too good to be true job offer practically lands in her lap not only providing her with temporary accommodation but much-needed funds to get her back on her feet how can she say no. It’s really is simple all shes got to do is be discreet and follow a few easy rules while she’s at it. Apartment sitting in the swish Bartholomew is an actual dream come true. But almost from the start, Jules senses something amiss in her temporary new home and when her newly made friend fellow sitter Ingrid vanishes into the night without as much as a cheerio Jules sense of unease intensifies. When she starts to dig deeper into the very foundations of the Bartholomew Jules starts to uncover much more than she could ever imagine. So this managed to grab my attention almost instantly and I read right through the night this really was a page-turner and i was on a sprint to the finish. There’s also the added mystery of Jane: Jule’s sister vanishing as a teenager, this tragic occurrence somewhat explaining Jules utter tenacity when it comes to her missing new friend. Told from Two time-frames; a countdown in days until we arrive at the present and the now time. I was totally transfixed and invested here as this played out till its shocking conclusion. My jaw was practically touching the floor by the time this finally came to a close. Bloody brilliant from start to finish, loved every minute.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Lock Every Door.


Series: Perilous Gods Book One Release Date: July 11, 2019

Their worst mistake was always thinking they knew what I was. A woman with more riches than she could ever spend.  A pretty doll for them to play with. A pampered princess searching for her prince. I wore every one of those faces with effortless grace. They saw me as a gentle lamb, but I’d always been a savage wolf.  I am Kalila Pestilence, the virulent heroine of this story.  And unbeknownst to Jericho Thanatos, I’m coming for his empire.  I intend to shred it apart with a smile on my face, lurking in the one place he least expects a threat to be. In our world, though, I should know to always expect the unexpected. In this instance, it’s the devastation that plagues everything, and everyone, around us as we engage in a game of predator and prey. *Pestilence is book 1 in the Perilous Gods series. This is a dark enemies to lovers with a devilish crime lord, and an epically twisted heroine.*

Natalie Bennett is the creator of erotic stories that always come with a warning label. She writes about depraved alpha a**holes and women that love to hate them. Her books don’t follow any specific tropes, have no set word counts, and tend to deviate from traditional HEA’s. When she isn’t in front of her computer she’s spending time with her husband and their three little boys. Natalie is an avid fan of caramel frappes, horror movies, Shameless, and of course, reading. You can find Natalie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. HOSTED BY: Follow Beckie Bookworm on WordPress.com Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.
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