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Release Date-22th January
Genre-Romantic Menage Romance
Kindle Edition-377 Pages


For her sake, I should walk away. I’m not the man she needs. 


For his sake, I should walk away. I’m not the one he wants. 


For their sake, I should walk away. I’m not the solution. I’m a new problem. 

What happens when three people unexpectedly fall in love and one should walk away, but can’t? 


Walking Away by Xavier Neal

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

?????STARS. WOW WOW WOW!! Where has this author been all my life bloody amazing This was such a captivating read and “Walking Away” By Xavier Neal literally snuck up on me in stealth mode, blowing me away with its utter sheer magnetism. I have never read anything quite like this story, and I feel like I’m doing this a disservice by labelling “Walking Away” a menage romance. This is so much more, It’s a beautiful love story that just takes you by the throat and won’t let go. This is by the far the best M/M/F romance I have ever read and I’ve read a few over the years. So “Walking Away,” tells the tale of Jason and Gwen or Blondie and Gwenny as Hudson has affectionally nicknamed them.

After answering an online advert, Hudson finds himself in the strangest of situations dating a married couple.

.Seriously? Am I actually considering being the third wheel to their marriage? I mean, easy escape when I’m ready to bail, but banging a married chick and dating a….dude? Am I really gonna give this shit a try?

Gwen and Jason are having issues in there once idyllic marriage. An accident has left Gwen’s husband Jason in a wheelchair, unable to perform his husbandly duties. And then there’s Jason, needing a companion as he is stuck indoors while his wife works. Brain stagnating from all the toxic daytime television, isolated from the world around him and taking his frustrations out on a wrecked Gwen. Totally managing to alienate his wife and not even caring because of what he perceives as his now manly limitations. The pair themselves have not been intimate in over a year and their union is now approaching breaking point. So Hudson agrees to date them both and after setting up some initial ground rules the trio are ready to start there very unique arrangement. What was so unusual about this was that Jason and Hudson are both manly males and have no experience or desire normally for the same sex. But as well as being blown away by Gwenny’s curves and sheer sexiness. Hudson finds himself actually intrigued and for the first time in his life interested in a male. Which also seems to be projected back at him by Jason.

So first things first I adored Hudson, I loved his straight-talking take no prisoners attitude.

.“Let me make something fucking clear for you, Blondie. Gwenny asks you to do shit. I’m telling you. Gwenny is your hot as fuck wife, and I’m the asshole whose cock you’ll be sucking between highlight reels on ESPN. She treats your ass with kid gloves because she cares about your feelings, and I’m the one here to tell you to man the fuck up.”   The glare deepens yet he doesn’t say a word.   “Now, you can make this easy for me and tell me where the keys to the van are and your shoes, or you can make this fucking difficult and be a bigger fucking pain in the ass. But let me remind you, one more time, I am not Gwenny. I’ve got the strength to force your ass wherever it is I feel like taking you, so if you wanna fucking box this shit out, just know I’m not holding back a damn thing.”

And this is exactly what Jason needs as its a refreshing change to Gwen’s softly softly approach, which isn’t really working and is only leaving Jason and Gwen more frustrated in their marriage. So this was all sorts of unusual and it shouldn’t have worked but it just did. I adored watching this trio fall in love and Jason becoming more accepting of his condition and disability thanks to Hudsons insights and friendship. What was once two lovers, gradually evolves into a close trio.

The overall dynamic of Jason and Gwen’s relationship changing for the better with the added addition of Hudson.

“You have a problem with me, with what happens between us, you fucking talk to me, Gwendolyn.” I watch her chest rise and fall a little faster. “You treat me like I’m your husband and not just the asshole in the wheelchair you tolerate.”   She takes a couple steps closer and leans her face down to mine. “Then you treat me like I’m your wife and not just the doormat who was doing everything she could to make all of this easier for you.”   My lips drift towards hers. “I don’t want easier, baby. I want what we had.”   Just above a whisper she proclaims, “What we had is gone. But what we’re building…” Gwen’s fingertip trails along my jaw, “will be so much better.”

I try to smile at the genuine concern he’s displaying. “I’d kill to make love to my wife but-”   “Ah-Ah.” He holds a finger to hush me. “We can make that happen.”   “Did you lose the memo about my dick not being available to serve for duty?”   Hudson cocks a smirk. “I got you a new dick.”   “What?!” Gwen and I squawk together.   After a small chortle, he explains, “On my way over this morning, I made a pit-stop. I swung by a sex shop and got you a strap on.”

So walking away was funny, oh was it amusing, usually due to Hudsons sheer outrageousness. He was an absolute card and I have to say he was hands down my favourite character in this book. He just brightened everyone’s day with his constant monologue and no filter on his mouth.

An example of this.

“Why do we have to learn to cook?” Hudson whines as the three of us wander around the fresh produce selection of the grocery store.  “We have you.”   “I’m sorry, do I look like your mother?”   He instantly frowns. “Thank fuck no. I’m not into that whole fucking chicks who look like my mom thing. It’s fucking weird. And disgusting.”   Jason doesn’t bother hiding his laughter.

See, quite the naughty schoolboy vibe here. So I love where this took us and I found the deeper exploration of this relationship and its many variables so endearing. This wasn’t just smut or for titillation. And although the scenes were hot and heavy you could also feel the love and emotion as well. and everything was also enveloped in a warm shade of humour. You just could not help falling for these three lovers. I find in most menage stories the emphasis is usually on the female and the males sharing her. Here this wasn’t just the case all our threesome Gwen, Jason and Hudson fell deeply in love and lust and the author has portrayed this beautifully. Managing to convey the sentiments behind the actions in an almost normal everyday way. Showing The camaraderie and old boys club antics between Jason and Hudson as well as also conveying the love between all three so splendidly. And while Gwen definitely gets her share of the attention there is definitely a Bromance in the making between Jason and Hudson.

It was absolutely poetic to observe.

They are an adorably obnoxious pair. Somedays I swear there’s a Super Bowl party in my living room with the spread of beer, pizza, and sports blaring, not to mention the belching and farting. Other days…well they’re overwhelmingly thoughtful like when Jason will rub my feet while Hudson gently strokes my head. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had to balance the desire to pop the person I love upside the head for being too childish and drop to my knees to praise them for being so sweet. What makes it more complicated now is that there are two of them and they find humor in tag teaming in regards to who deserves kisses and who deserves kicks.

Gwenny peels her body out of my grip and busies herself with cooking. Once I’m out of the way of the both of them, I take a moment to adore how easy everything flows when we’re together. From the beginning it’s always felt like I just stepped into shoes waiting for me. Like he’s my best friend and she’s our girl. Like the connection we have is older than time itself.

This then has then been topped off with the added cherry of Gwen and the room in her big heart for both men who she is now so invested and in love with. I will leave you here with this final sentiment that “walking away” managed to convey to me with its beautiful emotions conveyed on every page of this book.

Here the message is clear really, love is just love, whatever the gender its the person inside that is the ultimate attraction.

Despite the fact I may never learn to walk again, I’ve learned to love again, and I think that makes me the luckiest bastard on the planet. Yeah, maybe it’s been two years since I could make love to my wife without assistance or drive or have a real job, but I’m still alive. I’m still capable of much more than some. Plus, I have the greatest two people in the entire world to love and support me. Being able to feel my legs or my dick again will always pale in comparison to that.

I’ve never felt anything this powerful. This intense. This…soul shaking. Every time we’re together, everything we do together feels like this is how we belong. Like it should always be this way. However, I can’t stop myself from wondering, if it feels this extraordinary when we’re together, how excruciating will it feel if we’re ever torn apart?

So There you have it, folks, sorry for all the quotes, I could have posted loads more. There was just so much good material here to work with here. If I could give this more than five stars I would, it’s just that unique and brilliant. I can’t wait to check out more of this authors work, if this is an example of her writing, well I’m blown away really blown away. So I got this free with my KU subscription and boy am I glad I did.

I hope you take a chance on this and give this a go, I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm.

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