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Release Date-March 7th 2020
Genre-Sci-Fi Post-apocalyptic Romance
Kindle Edition-212 Pages

Veral’monushava’skahalur is an oddity among his species, alone Argurma cyborg divorced from his own kind by choice and to escape termination as a malfunctioning unit. Wandering the fringes of space as a salvager, he comes across a planet beyond the boundaries of the federation, rich in metals remnant of a dead civilization. Or so he thought.
Confronted by cannibalistic mutations of the indigenous species, his salvage has suddenly become a lot more complicated. Even more so when he encounters a female surviving on her own. She is strong and fearless, begrudgingly earning his admiration. Terri is hardened by a life of hunger and watchfulness and yet is moved by a compassion that he’s never possessed. When his admiration turns into the first signs of a forming mate-bond, he knows his fate is sealed. Unlicensed mating is forbidden—if his malfunctioning wasn’t already a death sentencing, taking her for her mate would be. Yet, he finds that letting her go is no longer an option.

Please be advised that this book has graphic sex and violence that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Broken Earth by S.J. Sanders
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the instant, I started this one I was highly intrigued. Genre-wise I would describe this as alien sci-fi crossed with apocalyptic romance with a male character at its centre who is so very far from human. I can’t even pronounce his whole name which is so very alien-sounding so thank god he goes by Veral for short. His species is Argurma and Veral roams the outer edges of space doing odd jobs and salvaging from ruined planets his strange space dog Krono his sole companion, I especially adored that cute and affectionate alien-mutt. Appearance-wise Veral was 7 foot off of scary predator, in fact that is what he reminded me of from that film series and what I do think the author intended as she does put a foot-note at the end of the book explaining. So yeh seriously tall with a strange clicking language he also had cybernetic implants, large mandibles and almost living vibrissae hair tresses that sense and test the environment he inhabits it also shifts with his emotional mood and temperament. Terri is a woman on a ravaged and apocalyptic earth just trying to survive and stay one step ahead of the Red Reapers. Needing to leave the area for her own protection she hopes to strike a deal with the scary otherworldly Veral hoping he is her ticket out of dodge. Veral is the alien that lands on what he thinks is an uninhabited planet for salvaging prospects and encounters much more than he was expecting. Both are in for a huge culture shock here. Everything about each other is different including rules, etiquette and courting rituals and even there mating is forbidden. From the outside, Veral is all cold unemotional cool logic while Terri is his exact opposite in every way. The language used by Veral is of a very formal and literal quality very matter a fact, he is very much the Vulcan to her earthling. I absolutely adored Veral his loyalty, possessiveness and care for his new mate shone so brightly. While Terri’s strength and inner resilience assisted in her basic survival, I also loved that though strong she knew when it was time to just yield. I also found the intimate scenes here to be hot as all hell and so exotically inhuman. There was also a sense of subtle humour interwoven between Terri and Veral which did make me smile. All in all, this was a great read that I enjoyed a lot and I will most certainly be checking out other titles from this author in the future. This one is definitely one for the aliens that look like aliens crowd so if that’s you then this books gonna be your jam.

My hands up, Im happily flying my freak flag here folks.