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Release Date-November 30th 2015
Genre-Sci-Fi Alien Romance
Kindle Edition-196 Pages

Ruth and Gron have finally arrived on his home planet after falling in love when they were both abducted. But that doesn’t mean their problems are over. Now they have to deal with Gron’s family, and how Ruth can fulfill her role as a Queen in his society when she can’t understand anything anyone says! With Gron’s Alpha, mother, brother, and best friend all getting involved, the strain begins to take a toll on his and Ruth’s relationship…

Ruth is just trying to make the best of a bad situation in her new jungle home with her mate, but Gron finds himself getting jealous now he doesn’t have Ruth to himself anymore, though he knows a male can’t expect to hold all his Queen’s attention. He has to decide whether he can put his own happiness before Ruth’s safety, or whether he has to sacrifice his heart to protect her.

Gron’s Fated by V.C. Lancaster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This second book in the series is still with Gron and Ruth and this begins exactly where we left off previously with them both back on Gron’s homeworld. This homecoming stirs up a lot of unrest among the tribe and things are slightly precarious as everyone takes stock of the new bonded couple and Ruth’s alien strangeness. The language barrier is also definitely causing issues here as misconceptions arise mostly due to the lack of verbal communication. But the jealousy and spite from one particular individual certainly isn’t helping either. Gron and Ruth become much closer here especially with her leaning on him for her sole comfort and protection. Though Gron is experiencing his own struggles with certain aspects of his own culture and what that might mean for his relationship with his new mate. So I enjoyed this a lot, Gron managed to carve himself a little place out of my heart he was just that adorable in his actions and intentions. I also felt this one really managed to solidify Gron and Ruth’s relationship. The finale was also fabulous as well and quite the draw for the next in this series.

This one gets a thumbs up from me its a highly unique series.