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Release Date-February 5th 2018
Genre-Sci-Fi Romance
Kindle Edition

Victoria’s day starts out like any other aboard the transorbital ship, Phoenix. Such is the life of an emergency medicine specialist in the age of “post-discovery”. Sure, she had always dreamed of interacting with intelligent extraterrestrial life- the real thing, not those microbes on distant moons. Who wouldn’t? She was still happy with her career, however mundane and demanding it might be. That’s what it took to run a ship the size of a small city smoothly. Monotony. But all that changes one morning, and suddenly she’s not so sure she didn’t stick her foot in it…

Be careful what you wish for.

Escape had been their only drive, and even death was preferable to the alternative. But they never thought their flight for freedom would put them in an uncharted system. Forced to interact with an isolated world and its inferior, albeit curious people. When it affords them an unforeseen and unprecedented opportunity to take back their world from those who seek to destroy them, however, Aderus begins to wonder if it wasn’t fate. Earth’s proposal is shocking and uncomfortable for a fierce, independent race that relishes in their solitude. But the more he learns of humans, the more he comes to admire and respect them. One, in particular.

*WARNING* Not intended for readers under 18.
Contains explicit sexual content. 

Saving Askara by J.M. Link
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a gem this was, Saving Askara actually took me completely by surprise and blew me away with how much I enjoyed it. I’ve been meaning to get round to this book for a while and let me tell you it definitely didn’t disappoint loved it. I have a thing for real aliens that actually seem and act different and this had that in spades. So this story revolves around Tori who is a human Doctor stationed on a Research ship orbiting the earth and Aderus a Demon like species of alien whose ship they encounter. Tori is chosen by the aliens to be their liaison when the two species make an alliance. So I adored the pure alienness of the story, Aderus initially finds Tori completely unattractive and strange-looking not just in appearance but also in temperament. Their own females are highly aggressive more so than the males so she is also an anomaly in that way. Aderus himself, like all his kind, is solitary, stoic, unemotional disliking physical touch. Obviously, Tori is his complete opposite and is also more tactile in nature. Confused, slightly disgusted and horrified when he initially realises he is drawn to Tori Aderus tries to keep his distance. She is much more accepting of there attraction initially than him. But with Tori being the human liaison the two are thrown together continuously. So many things about this I loved like this takes into account not just the physical differences but also the cultural. I adored how predatory and different Aderus was and also how tentative and unstructured the courting was, loved the explorations of there unique differences and the intimate scenes between both were only hotter due to the pure alienness of everything. So this is slow burn, duel POV and is also part one of a duet, not to worry both are out so no waiting around.

Highly recommend this its a fantastic read.