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Release Date-October 24th 2019
Genre-Paranormal Romance-
Kindle Edition-211 Pages

USA Today Bestselling Author, Jordan Marie, writing as J. Marie, brings you a brand-new paranormal series full of Alpha males, strong heroines and where everything is not what its seems on the surface.


I’ve spent my entire life being trapped and studied like the lab rat I was created to be. Tortured, prodded, abused, I dreamed of freedom but didn’t believe I would truly find it.

I never thought my chance of getting away would come in the form of a sweet, little girl with secrets of her own.


I could hear his screams late at night when I was supposed to be sleeping. Each one of them marked me, scarring me on the inside, where no one could see… but me. I hid my secrets, knowing what I was doing could get me in trouble. I only knew that I had to help him. I loved him, even if I was too young to have him. I knew in my heart that someday he would be mine and I would be his. I helped set him free, my beautiful soldier with the smouldering brown eyes and a crooked smile. But, when I needed him, he was nowhere to be found. Now, he’s back, but dreams to a child are simplistic.

Things are different when you’re a woman and the man you’re in love with, have always been in love with, holds the power to completely destroy you.

Welcome to the world of the Eternals. Supernatural beings finding their way in a world they don’t belong to, yet have no choice but to live in. The only thing that might make it tolerable is one truth.
Somewhere out there, every single one of them has a true mate. Now, they won’t stop until they find them. Who knows? Maybe it could be you.


Eleven by J. Marie
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This one wasn’t really my thing, it was basically an ok read but I had a ton of issues with a lot of what happened spoiling my enjoyment and I don’t think I will be reading book two so this is really the end of the line for me. So as I said essentially this was OK and the idea behind the story I actually thought was imaginative it was the execution of this and the characters themselves I struggled with. So firstly the characters themselves seemed really immature not the whole brooding alpha male badass heroine vibe I was reaching for more like a couple of teenagers. The Hero himself Eleven/Leo basically left poor Ettie to her fate after she helped them all escape from the labs. This is a girl who had been speaking in his head for years keeping him sane and instead of going back for her after recovering from his own injuries he abandons her mainly because he doesn’t want to be recaptured. Somebody else has to point out to him that the radio silence in his head might be the fact she’s actually dead and this was five years later, he then decides to go look for her like FIVE YEARS LATER!!! talk about too little too late dude and newsflash you don’t get a free pass for feeling guilty about it either. I also didn’t understand why Ettie was so resistant to the mate bond, I mean ignore the way he had abandoned her she was over that quite swiftly even if I wasn’t, it was her reasons for resisting that connection that didn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me. She was up in arms mainly because she didn’t want a bond that forced him to care against his will but she already knew he cared so it seemed a tad stupid and pointless: add in Leos reasons for not drinking from Ettie when he was most definitely going to die if he didn’t and was it really that important like kicking the bucket for important, I think not. Also, Endy and Jacob whats with that: their overall prejudice against the blood-drinkers of the group was totally unexpected and considering the group’s collective origins I just can’t see them being that bigoted. Despite their differences, they’re still connected and have been all there lives it just doesn’t make any real sense that they would feel this way towards each other and whats with Ettie crying a river for her mother I just can’t see it myself the woman nearly killed her. Then there’s the ending it was just so anti-climatic all that build up and then over in a quick predictable flash. Despite the above, there were things here that redeemed this slightly for me it wasn’t all on the down. This in itself was quite an easy uncomplicated read with a dash of insta-love if that’s your thing. I also loved how protective and Possessive Leo could get over Ettie ( after His Ungratefulness actually retrieved her an all in case your wondering). I also really liked Seven or Stark as he named himself, in fact, I would say he was my favourite character here.

So yeh Mixed bag from me folks: if you like a less angsty more romantic type read then this may be a fit for you, unfortunately, this wasn’t my bag.



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