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Release Date-December 15th 2019
Genre-Apocalyptic Romance
Kindle Edition

A post-apocalyptic romance.

The Ghoul Lords threaten the extermination of all humankind and much of our world has been destroyed. There will be love, death, and dirty, messy sex among the ruins.

Sex is what keeps a girl like Cyn from going insane with the blossoming light of dawn, for daylight brings the Lure.

A brutal act by Cyn tore apart the lovers and now she must make amends. She’s going to need her well-muscled beaster males to rein her in, pin her down, and make sure she shoots in the right direction.

Gather your weapons. It’s time to descend to Ground Level and find Big Daddy, the research vehicle lost during the invasion. Within must lie the truth of the Maelstrom experiment.

What she and the beasters were created from will determine the fate of our world.

Contains rough, intense sexual scenes 


Rutger by Cari Silverwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

loved this one just so much this series really is a great read that I recommend highly especially if you like some sizzle with your sci-fi. So we start this just after the events of the previous book and that dramatic fallout. Cyn is on trial for her actions and it isn’t looking good for her at all. On top of all that Vargr is not a happy beaster, he is feeling massively betrayed and hurt by Cyn actually shooting him and he’s holding a big fat grudge. Luckily Rutger is there to pick up the slack in that department especially since the Lure is hovering just offside ready to whisper in Cyn’s ear, so thank god for Rutger is all I can say. This story sees a ragtag crew along with Rutger Vargr and Cyn head out to locate Big Daddy hoping to discover more about there original origins to help assist them in there fight against the Ghoul Lords. So just like the previous book the world-building and imagination expanded creating this diverse post-apocalyptic backdrop was excellent. Fast-paced and so original this managed to keep me glued throughout. There is just the right balance here between the action, the emotional and the erotic and this one definitely brought along the heat factor, in fact, the thermostat was cranked right up to the maximum with this. We get to know Rutger so much better here and I now feel equally connected to all three bond-mates, I feel they now work together collectively as a unit and seem to have taken their trio to a whole new level. Got to say I am totally adoring the dominant control vibe we have here the forced fantasy vibe is so bloody hot. You are most definitely going to need a cold shower after reading this. So I loved where this eventually took us and also that end reveal really explained a lot. This author has managed to construct a fabulously complex world without massive info-dump, not an easy task at all. Really looking forward to the concluding part of this a big thumbs up from my camp.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Rutger (Beast Horde #2).