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Release Date-24th September 2019 Genre-Paranormal Romance

Kindle Edition-391 pages

I wasn’t the mute darkness before every bad storm. I was what lived in the chaos that followed.

The age of the Reapers has ended. With the new threat of the Harvesters and the approaching end, the troubles are here to stay. Barron Reaper, the bearer of wrath, knows that more than anyone. With the sin of rage in his veins, his life is a chaotic mess of gloom. The vicious immortal has never stopped or relaxed a moment in all his years to feel hope. Especially not when another problem arises on top of everything else. An old demon tradition is being brought back on the blood moon. The worlds are crumbling around his feet, but that doesn’t stop fate from forcing them together. Gwendolyn Dolson is stuck in a hospital waiting on a chance at life that she will never get when she witnesses a cloaked figure slip through a patient’s door. Seconds later, a man dies in that room.

This dying girl is about to find out how drastically life can change.

Conjuring Wrath by Michelle Gross
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Enjoyed this just as much as the other books in this series this author is just so amazingly talented and every book I read of hers delivers every single time for me. Not only has she the ability to craft and weave a narrative that hooks and enthrals the way the heat is cranked up notch by delicious notch is almost a superpower of hers. Definite auto-buy author now for me. Each of these stories features a different couple at its centre though they do need to be read in order as there is an ongoing story arc running straight through, conjuring Wrath is book three. This one is about Reaper Barron who is the keeper of the sin Wrath and Gwendolyn Dolson a young girl in the hospital dying from a congenital heart defect. As circumstances throw these two together Barron fights it at every turn not only because he believes he doesn’t deserve her love but also because he wants to keep her safe from harm including his own. I adored Barrons grumpy bad-tempered and snarky outer persona that hid what he was really feeling inside. He is so used to holding all at a distance this has become almost second nature to him. I loved his inner Wrath especially when it was trying to take care of Gwendolyn. Despite her young years, Gwendolyn had an old head on her shoulders I think mainly because of her upbringing and subsequent life lessons. She has accepted the hand she has been dealt and found peace with it, she is altogether more concerned with the people she is leaving behind and their fragile emotions. She tries to remain optimistic and cheerful and when she sees the hooded figure in her hospital room that nobody else can she thinks she’s hallucinating. Her body may be weak but her mind is strong and from day one Gwendolyn is drawn towards the raging reaper. This one had a constant push-pull to it that was also tempered by the ongoing storyline. Though quite slow burn in nature this still had all the heat and when that fuse is finally blown this is pure spontaneous combustion. This also set up the story brilliantly for the ongoing series and I am really looking forward to continuing here. Some series lose their momentum after a few, not this one it’s all steam ahead and as soon as I finish I want the next book like right away. There’s also the danger of regurgitating the same old thing in these romance series, not here each story felt fresh, each couple having their own personal dynamic that separates them. This really is a fantastic series and I highly recommend this for all Paranormal romance fans out there.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Conjuring Wrath (Seven Deadly, #3).



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