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Release Date-September 2019
Genre-Erotic Romance
Kindle Edition-285 pages

The clock is ticking. Thoughts and problems colliding. And no one knows who wants what. With the news of Pascal’s royal quandary unravelling, and threats coming every way they turn, the four should be rallying together to protect their own. But, as always, heads are spinning, arrogance and arguments brewing, and now the future looks as uncertain as it could be. Bleak and without true cause or direction. Unless Lilah works out what to do. Instinct – that’s what Sabella talked of. That’s what she said was needed for peace to settle. But how to achieve it with Alexander incapable of such a thing? How can four settle into one and find their fairy-tale ending? It should have been so simple. So clear. And yet the murky depths keep unfurling. And the problems keep expanding.

And one will be left wanting at the end

Mate by Charlotte E. Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This begins right where we left off with the previous book and almost straight from the start new battle lines are being drawn and the whole structure of this most unconventional little arrangement is in real danger here of imploding as all crumbles from the top all the way down to its currently rocky foundations. So this story was a complete rollercoaster and being invited along for the journey was akin to taking a complete mystery tour. One with such a fluid attitude towards the fringes of love and acceptance and a complete disregard for the conventional. Mate is a dirty and decadent playground with an unorthodox approach to what is usually the expected behaviour. Sometimes the freedom to just be is needed to be able to fly and flourish and the love and acceptance of the ones we hold dear is all that is needed to be true to ourselves. Mate is an exploration of this freedom and it really was compelling reading. As usual, it was excellently written and I just adored being back in the midst of Alex, Beth, Pascal and Lilah and as for that finale, well let us just say that it was as unconventional as the rest of this but felt just so fitting and appropriate all the same. The rules of romance are held to a slightly different standard than the norm with this particular Quartet. So yeh until the next time Bravo such a fitting finale this actually was.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Mate (Crossover Duet #2).



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