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Release Date-September 19th 2019
Publisher-Lochaber Press
Genre-Fantasy Romance
Kindle Edition-400 pages

Princess. Tribute. Sacrifice. Is she the one prophesied to unite two warring Fae courts? Or the one bound to destroy them?

In a realm ruled by magic, the ruthless Queen of Thorns is determined to destroy her nemesis, the cursed Prince of Evernight.

With war brewing between the bitter enemies, the prince forces Queen Adaia to uphold an ancient treaty: she will send one of her daughters to his court as a political hostage for three months.

The queen insists it’s the perfect opportunity for Princess Iskvien to end the war before it begins. But one look into Thiago’s smouldering eyes and Vi knows she’s no assassin.

The more secrets she uncovers about the prince and his court, the more she begins to question her mother’s motives.

Who is the true enemy? The dark prince who threatens her heart? Or the ruthless queen who will stop at nothing to destroy him?

And when the curse threatens to shatter both courts, is she strong enough to break it?

A fairytale twist inspired by the Hades and Persephone myth.

Promise of Darkness by Bec McMaster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bloody wow, I actually devoured this story in one sitting it was sheer brilliance from start to finish, I just couldn’t put it down. Imaginative and with such attention to detail Promise of darkness was the complete package and this just worked for me in every single way. So this tale was inspired by the Greek myth of Hades and Persophone and set amid the intrigue of the Seelie and Unseelie courts. Set against a rich fantasy backdrop this fae reimagining perfectly compliments the mythological legend and is a fascinating saga of secrets, half-truths and misdirection. Promise Of Darkness is a fantasy romance and is the story of Thiago Prince of Evernight and Iskvien Princess of Thorns also the daughter of Thiago’s enemy the cunning and cruel Queen of Thorns. Iskvien or Vi to her friends as a gesture of peace between there Kingdoms is bartered away as a political prisoner to be the guest of the Prince of Evernight for three months. But almost straight from the start, it is apparent to Vi that she is being kept in the dark and whatever game is currently afoot here she is last invited to play and the only participant without a full deck. With no idea what her role in these proceedings might be or even what it may entail Vi is scrabbling around for the answers she is just not getting. The unfolding mystery here hooked and enthralled me and at times this was just so bittersweet, extremely well written and the only thing that could have improved things for me here was maybe some of Thiago’s POV. Despite not getting a ringside seat into his thoughts the author has still managed to invest me in him I absolutely adored Thiago he was everything loyal, fierce, protective and so much more and all encased in a tragic backstory what’s not to adore here. Vi was another winner for me she was a combination of hungering desire needing acceptance and validation from her mother while still having a backbone of steel when it comes to the people she holds dear. Her core strength is her innate goodness and how she has managed to retain this in her mother’s court is anyone’s guess. This one was quite slow-burn in nature expertly building-up a sense of anticipation and ratcheting up the heat very subtlety. This fit the narrative a treat and when things finally exploded I was definitely more than ready and panting right alongside our royal Princess. I did kinda know roughly what we were heading towards to a point with this being a myth retelling and all so I did have the general gist of it but despite these things, this still felt just so fresh and magical in its execution. A beautiful and at times tragic story of patience, love and fantasy that made me catch my breath with its brilliant simplicity. Finally, this one concludes in an HFN but there is definite set-up for further book’s here. Listen to me gushing all over this but I really did love this a lot. A brand new author for me, but one I will now definitely be checking out further stuff from as this really did bowl me over. This one gets a massive thumbs up from me I recommend it highly.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Promise of Darkness (Dark Court Rising, #1).