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Release Date-August 22nd 2019
Genre-Dark Romance
Kindle Edition-258 pages

You’d have to be crazy to want a killer.

I was nobody. A deranged widow.

He was a psychopath with me as his next target.

When he took me from my home, he planned to kill me. The creepy room I woke up in with fluorescent lighting and an assortment of knives was evidence enough.

Then he saw my scars, and something changed.

Instead of killing me, he wants to fix me.

I might be crazy, but he’s completely Unhinged.

Unhinged by Nicole Cypher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So rather than a dark romance, this is a book with dark themes and triggers. Holly’s older husband Richard is a cruel and abusive spouse when he supposedly dies of a heart attack leaving behind his young wife with deep scars inside and out from the past six years living with a monster. James is an estate lawyer by day and a punishing killer by night. He uses his compulsion for death to punish what he perceives as the guilty and the predators of this world who prey on the weak. Holly comes to his attention as a murderer and he abducts her to use as his next purge, This purge to quieten his own personal demons from the past but when he realises she is a victim herself he’s a bit of a loss with what to do with her, he doesn’t kill the innocent. So this was a dexter type scenario and both James and Holly have there own personal brand of cray cray. She’s not his usual purge and though their brands of crazy differ slightly they each see in the other someone who sees them in their entirety and their similarities help to connect them on a deeper level. This was definitely an intriguing read quite the page-turner but myself I would have prefered a complete immersion in all there shared depravities rather than the redemption we were then offered.

Despite that, I still enjoyed this one very much and would definitely recommend.