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Release Date-December 26th 2016
Genre-Dark Romantic Suspense
Kindle Edition-176 Pages

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word…

Will Logan choose them? Or will we watch them burn together?

It’s time to fuck with their minds. It’s time to finish it all.

It’s time to paint it all red…

Monsters don’t usually wish for happily-ever-afters.

Paint It All Red by S.T. Abby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So this final thrilling addition to the whole series is here and what a dark and twisted journey it has been. After that previous stunning finale, Logan’s eyes are finally wide open in regards to who is actually sleeping in his bed and just who she is. As all paths converge into one atonement and closure are finally close at hand for Lana and Jake. This book was so very heartfelt and there is a strong message of accepting someone you love just as they are. Lanas violent and traumatic past has moulded her into who she now is and her most fervent wish is for Logan to just get her and love her regardless like she does him. This one was equally as twisted as its previous counterparts and the final outcome an epic shit-storm and I adored every minute. This was my absolute favourite of all it was jam-packed throughout. These even had some extra surprises like the identity of the first killer, didn’t see that one coming major blindsided me.

Loved the finish here also, This series is a five-star experience and has turned into one of my faves ever.



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