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Release Date-November 13th 2016
Genre-Dystopian Sci-Fi Romance
Kindle Edition-231 Pages

Dangerously unstable and exceptionally violent are definitely not qualities Stacia Dornan looks for in a mate, especially after the harrowing experience of having half of her jaw torn off by an adurian warrior. Yet, when she meets Prince Balfor to discuss a trade alliance between her father’s company and the umbrose, sparks immediately fly between them.

Prince Balfor knows he’s fighting for his own sanity, and with so much responsibility weighing him down, he can’t afford to lose the battle, but when the fragile, scarred human named Stacia accidentally summons him to her bed, he cannot resist her call, despite the complications that will arise when he declares her his concubine.

Balfor and Stacia meet to secure the future of both their species, but their unexpected desire for each other could pose a threat to everything they hold dear. Even as the obstacles that stand in their way seem insurmountable, the greatest threat to their growing love lies beyond the shadows of Sanctuary, where their common enemy lies in wait.

Can Stacia and Balfor overcome their own pasts and prejudices to find love with each other, or will they fall to the enemy first?

Don’t miss the other books in this exciting, steamy romantic series, where the aliens aren’t just humans with a different-colored skin. They may look demonic, but these heroes know how to treat their mates like angels.

Balfor’s Salvation by Susan Trombley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved the first book in this series but this one, in my opinion, was even better. This one featured Balfor the umbrose Prince and Stacia, Liliths best friend who was scarred and injured so severely while participating in the Prince’s rescue from his enemies. Balfor is still suffering the effects mentally from his previous incarceration and his Primal (the baser part of himself) is running amok trying at times to take over control. I definitely enjoyed the very different vibe that this had. Balfor is much less tolerant of humans than Ranove despite his open fascination with Stacia and Stacia is also not at all what I had originally expected. So much less hard-work and with much more depth to her character. My favourite part of this was when we got up close and personal with Balfors Primal. I really adored the interaction between Balfor and Stacia when he was in this primitive mind-set I think this was when I actually really fell for this couple. We also get to dig down deep into the Umbrose world learning so much. This really is a fascinating series with fabulous imagination and world-building. A sort of futuristic fantasy sci-fi this really is innovative straddling various genres.

This is one series that I recommend highly its a fantastic read.