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Release Date-15th November 2019
Genre-Dystopian Sc-Fi Romance
Kindle Edition-177 Pages

Sleeping Beauty with a grim-dark twist.

Cyn falls from the top floor of the world into the arms of Vargr, a beaster who rates a diamond 10 on the Scale of Hardness. In her hands is a piece of Ghoul Lord.

She’s forgotten the last five years of her life, the years of the invasion of the Ghoul Lords.

The beast horde was meant to save Earth. Once human, they now carry gene-warping nano-machines in their blood. No one told them they’d also been injected with the remnants of myths and legends.

They tried and they failed. What can Cyn with her amnesia and sparkly eyes possibly do? Vargr isn’t sure, but he’s beginning to see the pros of nailing a naked Cyn to the wall and floor, over and over, until he gets some good answers.

A crumbling world steeped in gothic sci-fi darkness, packed with throbbing, brutal males. 

Vargr by Cari Silverwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This has got to be my favourite to date of this authors work. I bloody adored this like so much and am now gagging for my next fix of this amazingly addictive story, thankfully that’s not too long as the next ones out mid-December. This was such an exciting and interesting premise a sort of post-apocalyptic sci-fi with smexy bits. Set against a post-apocalyptic landscape in the aftermath of an alien invasion, Ghoul Lords have conquered the planet and are using the human race for breeding and food. Keeping them enraptured and contained with the Lure a sort of thrall. In a last-ditch attempt at fighting back, the beast horde was created a genetically engineered experiment to produce superior human warriors spliced with unknown DNA. At this moment this horde and limited humans are all that’s left of humanity and they are now hiding in the shadows from the Ghoul Lords just attempting to survive. Cyn a human of unknown origins awakens from the Lure, finding herself on the roof and a prisoner of the alien overseers she becomes the first to ever break free fleeing and damaging a ghoul lord in the process. Falling from up-high she is rescued and plucked from the sky by a winged saviour. Vargr is one of these engineered experiments and to keep her safe from the lure bondmates her before taking her home to his tribe. well, this was all sorts of fabulous and I enjoyed this immensely. We are introduced into this imaginative world gradually with zero info dump and this story unfolds with Cyn, Vargr and also some Rutger (another Beast fascinated with Cyn) all taking there turn centre stage. This had just the right balance between action and heat I also really appreciated the character dynamic, the encounters here sizzled with there intensity spotlighting the incredibly chemistry. I also especially liked the dub-con play between the characters this was all sorts of hot hot hot. There was so much going on here in terms of story direction and mystery and this managed to capture my attention completely. I liked where this went and how we left things and my god that thrilling finale was all sort of edge of your seat. Ever so excited about this new series and this introduction into it was brilliant from start to finish. This was a five star read all the way and is one I highly recommend it was a non-stop addictive journey and there wasn’t one thing here that I actually disliked.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Vargr (Beast Horde #1).