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Release Date-October 11th 2019
Genre-Paranormal Dystopian romance
Kindle Edition-388 pages

Once upon a time, humankind ruled the world while lycans and vampires lived in secret.
This is no longer that time.


An arranged marriage? F*ck. This.
I’m an alpha female. I choose my future. Not society. Not my father. And certainly not him.


I didn’t survive just to be cast aside as a low-level lycan. I’m more powerful than they realize. More determined. More intelligent. And far more worthy of her than anyone else.


Duty–a word I loathe.

I’m the future Clemente Clan Alpha. There are rules. There are responsibilities. There can be no love. No free will. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and right now, I desire them both.

Welcome to the Clemente Clan.
Be careful. We Bite.


Regally Bitten by Lexi C. Foss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So this is book three in the fabulous blood alliance series and as usual, this blew my socks off. This one, in my opinion, reads much darker than previous books. I don’t know why I had it in my head that the lycans would be more merciful than the vampires but can tell you now these Lycans are vicious. This is a menage romance with M/M as well as M/F and M/M/F. So we have newly turned Silas who competed and won the right to immortality on blood day and has now been sired by Edon the son of the current Alpha of clan Clements. Silas is also not exactly thrilled by his new immortal existence, as a mutt and with no status, he is not exactly living the dream. Then we have Luna an Alpha female in her own right and Edon’s new mate a fate she is also not happy with. Told from all three POV’ this is a menage set in a dark dystopian universe with shifters and Vampires and where all humans are just property to be owned. So the pack that Silas has been sired to is viciously cruel and the only winners are those that are close to the current alpha. The woman here are second class citizens and are kept broken with cruelty and forced matings. Although originally it seemed that Edon was of the same calibre as his father it quickly becomes apparent that he is far from his father’s son and is playing the long game until he can rule in his own right. In fact, Edon is very protective over those he cares about and from the start he senses something in Silas, While at the same time he is also drawn towards his sassy new mate. This expertly built the tension between all three and when things eventually come to a head this is explosive reading. These three are going to have to work together as a unit to get Edon through the Alpha Trials unscathed especially with the current Alpha gunning for any weakness. We also get to see some familiar faces from the previous books which was great and I am most definitely looking forward to the next in this series which I believe features willow and Ryder. This is such a fantastic series and each story has such a different vibe to it so you never know quite what to expect. This was such a great read and I fell in love with Edon, Silas and Luna equally recommend this series highly.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Regally Bitten (Blood Alliance #3).


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