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Release Date-October 9th 2019 Genre-Fantasy Romance

Kindle Edition-184 pages

His court is dying, and she’s his only hope …

Monsters of the Tywyll Forest have poisoned the Winter Court, unleashing a prophecy that demands a human sacrifice to save the withering land. Willing to do whatever it takes to save his people, King Cadewyn of the Winter Court ventures to the human world in search of one insignificant life to claim…

Amber was used to her life being in shambles, but getting kidnapped and whisked off to a magical fae realm was a new low, even for her. While feeling drawn to the fae King by a sizzling attraction, her apprehension builds to a panic over why he brought her there.

When Cade discovers that Amber is his mate, can he still carry out his plan to sacrifice her? Or will the malicious plotting of others within the court leave Amber trapped in the mystical realm with nowhere to run?

Winter King is a standalone steamy paranormal romance with a HEA. Each book in the Wyth Courts series will feature a different couple, with a complete story, and a HEA. Suited for readers 18+ due to language and sex scenes.


Winter King by J.S. Dark
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was an intriguing and imaginative read. The winter court needs a sacrifice to save it from a spreading curse that is infecting his land. A selfless and pure human. One human life weighed against and the entire court of the Fae and for the winter king there is no contest. Amber a down on her luck and now jobless young girl is that human. Kidnapped and taken to the winter court Amber suddenly finds herself a part of a whole new world one she never dreamed existed. Cadewyn is the winter king of Wyth and from the very first moment, he feels himself drawn to his new houseguest. He’s aware he has to sacrifice her for the greater good but wishes it was otherwise. His feelings naturally deepen the more time he spends around Amber and naturally he feels such guilt especially as he is also withholding the full truth from her to gain her cooperation. Cade fights his feelings his need to protect her conflicting with his ultimate goal. I wasn’t much a fan of his blowing hot and cold even though I was aware of the whys I just felt so sorry for Poor Amber. She was such a sweet girl who just wanted someone or something to call home. and the constant push and pull was not fair. This in itself wasn’t an incredibly angsty read and if you like the romantic fated mate type of stories this one would definitely be a fit for you. It also could have done with some fleshing out as I wasn’t always feeling the emotion between Cade and Amber and some of the scenes and secondary characters were a tad choppy. Quite a quick read, I managed to read it in one sitting and it’s dual POV which I do prefer. This really was an easy and enjoyable read with a lot more positives overall than negatives. Giving this one a thumbs up from my camp. I would be interested in seeing what comes next from this author.

I voluntary reviewed a copy of Winter King (The Wyth Courts, #1).



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