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Let the abduction and the seduction begin!
Alien Captive by Lee Savino & Golden Angel is NOW LIVE!!!

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Who knew reading sexy alien abduction stories could get a girl into trouble? Or that an e-reader could also be the gateway to another galaxy? I definitely didn’t… but here I am anyway, mated to the Tsenturion High Commander just like the unwilling human heroines in my favourite sci-fi romances.

The Commander demands obedience. He intends to claim me, train me, and turn me into his perfect little pleasure trophy. He doesn’t believe in love. I don’t believe in giving in without a fight. There’s no amount of discipline or ecstasy that could break me to his will… I hope.

Alien Captive is a hot alien abduction romance, starring one feisty human and the Tsenturion Warrior strong enough to potentially master her.

Disclaimer: the authors are not responsible for any actual alien abductions that may result should you purchase this book.

Alien Captive by Lee Savino
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So really enjoyed this one; found it so very amusing and its super scorching hot to boot.
I also really adored that oh so ridiculous disclaimer.

The authors are not responsible for any actual alien abductions that may result as a consequence of your purchase of this book.

Love it; that definitely got a chuckle out of me. Both are actually relatively new authors for me but it was all good from my corner as I certainly did enjoy getting acquainted with them both here.
So this one is red hot and does contain a lot of Alien hanky-panky, not that I’m complaining mind.
There are also some very unique differences in this interspecies romance that had my tongue hanging out in pure unapologetic delight, the fiercely descriptive originality of the narrative was fantastic and despite the many sexy scenarios we are introduced to here there is also a great imaginative storyline thread also running throughout.
I loved how Dawn ultimately arrives as a tribute for the commander it was really so inventive and was just so refreshing to also experience an alien romance that doesn’t take itself to seriously.
In fact, that was one of this books greatest assets its ability to make the fantastical just so mundane.
The scenario we are introduced to here was just so fanciful and ingenious that I found myself devouring every impossible word.
I bet we have all fantasised slightly; Ok I confess in my case a lot, about being the heroine in our own starring roles never for one minute thinking that fiction could become reality.
Be careful what you wish for as for Dawn; well her x-rated daydreams have certainly become her new reality; lucky lucky girl.
In fact, I only have one question left where can I get one of those E-Readers and where do I sign up?


On a final note, I really did enjoy the brief glimpse into what could be an excellent continuing series.
It really managed to pique my attention and interest and I for one would love to learn more and also explore where this could ultimately go.
So pleased Gavrill and Dawn got there much deserved HEA; fingers crossed that we do get a book two in this series; I for one definitely want to continue on here.
I mean come on we so need grumpy old Bogdan’s story next.
Thank you to the author for providing me with an ARC of “Alien Captive” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

About The Authors

In addition to being an author, Lee Savino is a mom and a chocoholic. She’s written a bunch of books, all smexy romance. Smexy = smart + sexy.

Angel is a self-described bibliophile with a “kinky” bent who is happily married, old enough to know better but still too young to care, and a big fan of happily-ever-afters, strong heroes and heroines, and sizzling chemistry.

Visit Lee’s Website →
Visit Angel’s Website →


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/ Arc Book Review / Everything Under The Sun / Jessica Redmerski /



Release Date-28th August 2017
Genre-Dystopian Romance
Kindle Editions-657 Pages

Thais Fenwick was eleven-years-old when civilization fell, devastated by a virus that killed off the majority of the world’s population. For seven years, Thais and her family lived in a community of survivors deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. But when her town is attacked by raiders, she and her blind sister are taken away to the East-Central Territory where she is destined to live the cruel and unjust kind of life her late mother warned her about. 

Atticus Hunt is a troubled soldier in Lexington City who has spent the past seven years trying to conform to the vicious nature of men in a post-apocalyptic society. He knows that in order to survive, he must abandon his morals and his conscience and become like those he is surrounded by. But when he meets Thais, morals and conscience win out over conformity, and he risks his rank and his life to help her. They escape the city and set out together on a long and perilous journey to find safety in Shreveport, Louisiana. 

Struggling to survive in a world without electricity, food, shelter, and clean water, Atticus and Thais shed their fear of growing too close, and they fall hopelessly in love. But can love survive in such dark times, or is it fated to die with them? 

Everything Under The Sun

Everything Under The Sun by Jessica Redmerski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Thais, I would stain the rivers red with blood of a thousand men for you—I would do anything for you. 

Holy Batman this book was good.
Where has this author been all my life, “Everything Under The Sun” has knocked me shocked on my derriere with just how amazing it actually was.
Despite being such an extensive read this kept my attention fully; quite a remarkable feat considering the sheer length of this epic saga.
I was so enthralled and enmeshed in this addictive story that I managed to lose parcels of time, this was and is one of my most enjoyed reads of this year, quite an accomplishment in itself when you consider the sheer amount of books I do get through annually.
Not going to do a big rehash of the plot as I do think you really just need to read and envelop yourself in the richly imagined dystopian post-apocalyptic landscape.
This story centres around Thais and Atticus and the events leading up to and then beyond there pathways crossing.
Maybe fate or even just random chance but from the very beginning of there initial connection a bond that will last and endure the tough brutal times ahead is formed.
And the road that Atticus and Thais are now traversing is one paved in tears, heartache and steadfast endurance.
A journey not only across country pitted against the harsh elements but also exposed to the darkness of the human psyche and how low mankind has plummeted back into the dark ages of the distant past.
Where woman are chattel to be bartered and everyone is out for themselves, the ugliness of human nature exposed in all true and hideous form.
Peel back the disguise of civility and the bitter truth buried beneath the surface is finally revealed, just waiting for its chance to shine.
“Everything Under The Sun” does a fantastic job of portraying the breakdown of society in all its unapologetic glory.
This was not an easy read emotionally and my heart broke and shattered several times throughout.
This was harrowing and heartbreaking whilst at the same time also uplifting and inspirational.
Just when I thought human nature had all gone to the dark side and all hope in peoples inert goodness was lost.
Someone or something would surprise me reeling me back from the brink, just one simple act of human kindness was enough to pull forth from me that tangible hope.
So this was fantastic reading, it made me feel so much emotionally.
By the time the curtain temporarily closed I was crying like a baby; overwhelmed and so immersed in this epic love story that I had been temporarily transported to another world.
A landscape that the author here has done such an incredible job of creating; the world-building here is one of the best I have ever envisioned, a real accomplishment for this author, one that has suitably impressed me.
So where this left us, well let’s just say I need part two like now, Talk about a cliffhanger I really need to continue this chaotic journey wherever it is heading.
This was a fantastic book that everyone needs to give a chance to.
Do not be put off by its length that is a plus, not a minus, I honestly myself didn’t want this to end.
So come aboard and embark on this fraught perilous journey with both Atticus and Thais.
Follow in their footsteps as Atticus attempts with all his heart to hang onto his fading humanity. keeping Thais safe when everything else around him has withered and died a bleak death; She is the new sole purpose to his very existence.

You may be the only good thing left in this world, and I’ll be goddamned if I let your light fade.

In saving Thais; somehow Atticus manages to save himself right back.
So do yourself a favour, just add this to your TBR list I really don’t think you’ll have any regrets.
Thank you to the author for providing me with a Review copy of “Everything Under The Sun” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions are entirely my own.


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/ Book Review / Sovereign (Irdesi Empire #2) / Addison Cain /



Release Date-1st December 2016
Genre-Sci-Fi Dark Romance
Kindle Edition-401 Pages

There is no Quinn without Que. 

Her only family murdered, the males of her species governing the prison designed to contain her, she mourns. Que had been her world, but it is Sovereign who enters her body day and night.

No man has loved a woman more, and no woman has hated a man with such passion.

She cannot help it. Designed to be the perfect slave soldier, programmed to exterminate her own kind, Sigil wants nothing more than to butcher those who would save her.

Sovereign’s many Brothers lavish her with attention, taking turns practising seduction to woo the only female who might propagate their species. No matter twisting limbs or thrusting bodies, no matter opulent gifts and distraction, Sigil sees what they seek to hide.

There is a dangerous secret Sovereign and his Brothers cannot conceal forever, though they are willing to risk the empire, their lives, and even her sanity trying. Is that not the definition of love?

Publisher’s Note: The second instalment in Addison Cain’s provocative and raw Irdesi Empire series is a dark tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange. Some scenes are written to be disturbing. If such material offends you, please do not purchase. 

Sovereign (Irdesi Empire, #2)

Sovereign by Addison Cain
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This gets a full house in regards to my rating just because as per usual whether I actually liked where the story was heading or not there was no way on heaven or earth anyone would have been able to prise me away from this disturbing tale of events.


I don’t want to actually go into to much detail here mainly because this just needs to be experienced in all its unapologetic entirety.
To actually comprehend the whys and whatevers of all involved here you need to intermesh yourself fully into the landscape and mindsets of all involved.
We are dealing with an almost hive mindset with a morally reprehensible outlook on all its society.
So basically the alliance and sigil are actually the bad guys and though you never can really condone their actions I could at least get to a point in my head where I could see how they had arrived at this current crossroads in the Alliances overall objective.
It is really all about protecting and acquiring precious sigil she is really the key to everything that has occurred and will occur despite her abhorrence for this fact.
In Sovereign, we delve more into the emotional side of Sigil but don’t expect her to suddenly blossom into all that is good and kind Our precious girl is still the psychotic sociopathic killer from the previous book as the brothers discover time and time again.
This story was so interesting and despite certain directions that I would have prefered otherwise, I was transfixed throughout; Addison Cain is definitely an author I can’t get enough of.
Her dark mind delves into crevises others fear to tread appaling and enthralling me equally.
So this was left in my opinion slightly open-ended for future story development which was great as I felt I got closure while still eagerly anticipating the next shocking chapter.
As such I am happy to wait even though I really do want it right now; just because I am so bloody impatient for my next fix.
I am going to leave you with my favourite quote from the whole book just to entice.

“Stop?” Sovereign’s grip tightened his voice razor blades. “It is always stop, isn’t it? I give you gentleness, you fight. I build you an empire, you hate me for it! I could take you here, on these very dead right now. I could make you, and you couldn’t stop me—just like you couldn’t stop me on Pax. I could push into your body anytime I wanted.” He bit at her mouth, lapped her lips before he shoved the startled woman away. “There is no STOP! There is only wait. Wait while you fuck my Brother. Wait while you mourn a being who never loved you. And I will wait, Sigil. You would be surprised how far my patience will extend. But there is never, ever going to be a stop. I don’t even think the grave could keep me from you


I borrowed Sovereign (Irdesi Empire, #2) with my Kindle Unlimited subscription.
All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


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/ Arc Book Review / Beauty’s War (Gods Reborn) / Claire Marta & Anna Edward / Release Blitz /

(and they’re as sexy as they are powerful)
Beauty’s War by Anna Edwards & Claire Marta IS LIVE!

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I thought I knew who I was.
A girl from Devon with a love of drawing.
A trip to Rome shows ancient forces at work, which I never knew existed.
Beauty in my world has died.
Can he save me from the encroaching darkness?

I’m the God of War.
The God of Masculinity.
If I want something I take it, such is the power I wield.
Is it really possible for a human woman to bring me to my knees?

History tells us of mighty Gods that once ruled the Earth. What it doesn’t say is that over time their powers were suppressed by hatred, violence, and suffering. Many have forgotten their true nature, and those that remain behind strive for balance in a modern world.

Welcome to the Gods Reborn Series, a place where emotions can destroy a planet, supremacy is the ultimate goal, and the possibility of love can change everything that you know forever.

My Review

Beauty’s War by Claire Marta
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Was excited to read a collaboration between these two authors as they are both ones I have loved previously.
And this was for me, for the most part, was great; It has so much to recommend itself and was such an easy read to get lost in.
Focusing on the Roman gods, the basic premise here is that Jupiter the king of the gods has a law firm in Rome that he runs with the help of his godly offspring.
This is a front to help and assist mankind in an ongoing war with his brother Pluto the god of the underworld.
Pluto also has a rival firm and his end game is to cause as much chaos and evil insanity in direct opposition to his family’s directive.
His goal; to totally eradicate life for the humans as they know it and he will use any means necessary to achieve this objective.
Including a goddess who has no idea of her original origins.
So this is the story of the god of war Mars; a lawyer working on the side of good for his father’s Law firm.
Tasked with befriending the newly awakening goddess of beauty and love Venus and protecting her from his uncle Pluto it’s not long before events start to escalate leaving behind destruction and devastation in its wake.
So for me, the fallout here was rather shocking and was not quite what I was expecting from this.
This is where things lost a bit of there glitter and shine for me as this was so much darker than what I was actually expecting.
Please do be aware there are some dark situations depicted in Beauty’s War (Gods Reborn).
My rating reflects my struggle with this dark material and is no way a reflection on these authors combined talent; this was as expected excellently written.
Despite my pains with the overall brutality here I still did enjoy this.
I adore anything mythology related and this had that in spades.
This was such an imaginative perspective on the gods, one that I truly appreciated.
It had some extremely likeable characters alongside the dregs of humanity and beyond.
Such a real vivid contrast of extremes that when placed side by side really reflected this picture back so starkly.
This on reflection was such an interesting beginning to a new series.
I for one will be watching keenly to see where this is heading.
Just be aware as I mentioned earlier that this was extremely dark and brutal in some places so please do avoid if this is an issue for you.
Thank you to the authors for providing me with a Review copy of “Beauty’s War” (Gods Reborn) of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions are entirely my own.

About The Authors

Anna hails from the rural countryside near London. She previously worked as an accountant, and while she still does a bit of accountancy on occasion, the majority of her time is now spent writing and looking after her family. An avid reader herself, Anna turned to writing to combat depression and anxiety after her diagnosis in 2015. She loves travel, hunky heroes with dirty mouths, demure but spunky heroines, and dramatic suspense. You will find all four woven into each of her magical stories.

Claire has a passion for writing and finally took the plunge getting published. She has always been a fan of everything paranormal, especially romance books. A native Brit, she lives in Italy with her husband and daughter. When she is not writing and drinking copious amounts of tea, she enjoys taking photos of her adoptive country, trying to stay fit with running, reading amazing books and being a stay at home mother.

Visit Them Online!


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/ Young Enough (Book 2, The Age Between Us) / Charmaine Pauls / Release Blitz /

Title: Young Enough(Book 2, The Age Between Us)

Author: Charmaine Pauls

Genre: Dark Romance

Release Date: August 28, 2018


I thought I’d lost everything when my husband left me. My life was in tatters when Brian broke into my property and forced his way into my future. Being half my age, our love is forbidden, but I’m single and he’s all the taboo I crave. For once in my life, why not? But what if I start wanting more than a fleeting love affair? I had no idea how much more I stand to lose.

(Young Enough is Book 2 of The Age Between Us duology. Book 1, Old Enough, must be read to follow the story.)


Order your copy today!

AmazonUS | Amazon UK| IBooks | Nook | KOBO


About The Author

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

Charmaine Pauls was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa. She obtained a degree in Communication at the University of Potchestroom, and followed a diverse career path in journalism, public relations, advertising, communications, photography, graphic design, and brand marketing. Her writing has always been an integral part of her professions.

After relocating to Chile with her French husband, she fulfilled her passion to write creatively full-time. Charmaine has published ten novels since 2011, as well as several short stories and articles. Two of her short stories were selected for publication in an African anthology from across the continent by the International Society of Literary Fellows in conjunction with the International Research Council on African Literature and Culture.

When she is not writing, she likes to travel, read, and rescue cats. Charmaine currently lives in Montpellier with her husband and children. Their household is a linguistic mélange of Afrikaans, English, French and Spanish.


More in the series!

Amazon US | Amazon UK | IBooks | KOBO | Barnes & Noble



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/ Book Review / Sigil (Irdesi Empire #1) / Addison Cain /



Release Date-1st October 2018
Genre- Dark Reverse Harem Sci-Fi
Kindle Edition-325 Pages


He will possess her in every way.

After a century, The Irdesi Emperor has finally cornered their species’ only female. Sovereign and his fanatic brothers are closing in, driving Sigil to desperation.

They outnumber her, they are stronger, and they are relentless.

Sovereign knows her secrets better than Sigil knows herself. He knows she was conditioned to hate him. It changes nothing. The Emperor cannot help but crave her—just as his loyal brothers crave her.

The entire future of their species hinges on Sovereign’s ability to dominate the slippery renegade and make her feel the truth of what she is. She is his Consort. She is his obsession—a bride destined to be shared with and adored by his kin… to be satiated and ruled, to be overpowered and healed of her compulsions by any means necessary.

She has no choice in the matter. The empire will stop at nothing. Sigil will belong to them; she will be made to love them, even if they are forced to rip the galaxy apart to claim her.

Publisher’s Note: The first novella in Addison Cain’s provocative and raw Irdesi Empire series is a dark tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange. Some scenes are written to be disturbing. If such material offends you, please do not purchase. 


Sigil (Irdesi Empire)

Sigil by Addison Cain
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I suppose we’re both monsters; Black hair hung in his eyes as he turned her chin to taste her mouth. “At least I didn’t try to eat her, lost lamb.

Oh, my Star and moon this was bloody good.
Like seriously I really couldn’t get enough of this darkly sadistic depraved tale.
I’m not even sure how to start describing this madhouse of mayhem.
So this places us in a fictional fantasy landscape set in space, so its a sci-fi Yes?
Well, it sort of is but its also so much more sci-fi / Erotica / Horror / dystopian; We have a bit of everything all mashed up together to create this fantastical adventure that I honestly have nothing to compare it to.
everything that shouldn’t have worked did; this author has the exceptional ability to create whole masterpieces when it comes to her world building skills.
This is something she absolutely excels at.
What she’s is also a master at is giving me a story that I didn’t even know I wanted never mind needed.
I am having quite a time lately with dark fiction that I am actually struggling to accept emotionally which as a result is reflecting in my final book ratings.
I am not even sure what the correct combination for myself even is so to expect anyone else to get it is a bloody long stretch, but Addison Cain seems to have punched my ticket because she gets the formula correct for me every single time.
Definite auto-buy author.
This is dark dubious material skirting the edge constantly in regards to its content.
dub-con bordering at times on non-con and I seriously devoured every depraved scenario we were given here.

Oh, Sigil.” Sovereign slid his lips over her ear. “It had to happen this way. Can you not already feel me working inside you, undoing the damage? Does it not satisfy to be mounted by your own kind? Every time we mate, you’ll know completion. You’ll chemically recognize your place until you are healed of the poison they inflicted on you to punish me.

Sigil/Quinn is a complete psychopath with very few redeeming qualities of these anomalies was her compulsion to save neglected children and provide them with an alternative (probably an understandable result of her own horrific childhood)
And her love of Que her unemotional alien companion and saviour.
Her devotion and internal gratitude to this particular individual is very apparent.
While playing the role of master and slave on the space station Pax Sigil is discovered by the very species that she has been evading for years.
With Sovereign and the brothers ready to reclaim Sigil as imperial Consort to the Irdesi empire they are willing to do whatever it takes to claim and dominate this elusive escapee.
Sigil is right back at ya and the trials and agonies she is willing to endure to evade sovereigns attentions was truly astounding.
Sovereign I’m still not sure of but I do think he generally cares in his own unique fashion and even when he does what is necessary his words still reflect his hope and blind devotion that Sigil will return his affections some day.
We left Sigil (Irdesi Empire #1) on a shocking cliffhanger that had me screaming NO!!!


Will be starting the next instalment immediately after that one; how could I not.
Before I go just a small observation Sigil, in my opinion, is one of the most crazy-ass female characters I have ever encountered.
I mean geez this girl has actually eaten people.

Quinn envisioned plucking out one of his unimaginable eyes and crushing it to jelly—or maybe eating it, swallowing down a piece of him while he watched. The fantasy blossomed, made her smile, and she slipped further into manic bloodlust.


What am I saying she was completely the bomb and I adored her crazy lab-engineered butt.
You so rock girlie.
I am really looking forward to my next Sigil fix.
This won’t be one for everyone, but this one was definitely my particular brand of bad.
As an added bonus Sigil (Irdesi Empire #1) is also available through KU.
For clarification, this review is for the re-released book.
All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


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/ Arc Book Review / Island Captive / Jane Henry / Blog Tour /


I was hired to apprehend a monster – a Dom who’d been sentenced to life for murdering his submissive. I’ve seen what he’s capable of, and the images will haunt me forever. I swore I’d stop at nothing to put him behind bars.But then our plane back to the States crashes.We are the only two survivors.

And the monster will make me wish I’d died along with the rest of them.

“Where are you taking me?” she asks, a nervous lilt in her voice.

I stifle a smile.

She’s with me. I’m not sure she truly comprehends how much danger that puts her in.
“We’re looking for food and water sources,” I explain. “The shit from the plane won’t last long, so we need to see what our options are.”

“They’ll find us,” she says, staring at me defiantly, as if daring me to contradict her.
“If they do, l’ll bind you and gag you, hiding both of us and any evidence of our life here, until they leave here convinced there were no survivors,” I say. She winces. I mean what I say, though. I’m not fucking leaving, and neither is she.

She’s either right or wrong about rescuers, and what I think about that won’t impact what will actually happen.

For a moment, I wonder if I didn’t punish her well enough. But as a dominant I know better. Control isn’t about brute force. She needs to know I’m someone who can be trusted. Will she be more compliant if she feels more than pain from my hand?

I stand and cross my arms on my chest, looking at her thoughtfully so long that finally, her gaze comes back to me. Her eyes are pained, shielded from me.

“Come here.”

I will not soften. I’m not going to be anything but her tormentor. She’s nothing to me but my captive. But she captured me because of what she believes me to be. Who she believes me to be…

No. She can’t be trusted, so she remains my captive.

I shove the weak thoughts from my mind.

I’m not really going to comfort her. I am curious, however, if she’s more compliant when she’s given both the carrot and the stick.

“Nadine,” I say, warningly. “I gave you an instruction. Come here.”

She clenches her jaw defiantly, but her gaze wanders quickly away.

She doesn’t want to be punished again.

When she nears me, I put my arm around her shoulders and hold her close, then place a finger under her chin tipping her head back so I can look her in the eye. “Are you in pain?”

She blinks in confusion. “Of course, I am,” she says. “You whipped me.”

“And you deserved it. And honestly, sweetheart, that wasn’t a whipping. I spanked you with my belt. You’re lucky I don’t have a real whip with me.” I’m so fucked up, the idea of curling my hand around the handle of a bullwhip and wielding it on her gorgeous ass makes my dick hard.

She turns away with a grimace, but I bring her gaze back to me with my finger on her chin.

“Is there anything else that hurts?” I ask. “How’s your leg?”

“Of course, it hurts,” she says, her body wavering. Back in the shelter, in our supplies, I have some pain relievers I could give her.

No. I push the thought from my mind.

Those will be for a real need, not for a cut on the leg and a spanking. Hell, I’ve spanked submissives at the club harder than I punished her.

I reach my hand to her ass, feeling the heat straight through her panties, throbbing against my palm. I knead, and she hisses, her fingers clinging onto me, but when she realizes what she’s doing she releases me, trying to take a step back. She moves so quickly, and is likely distracted by her injuries, that she loses her footing and stumbles. I grab her as she falls, holding her so close it’s almost intimate.

We’re panting from the near fall. “You alright?” I ask her, looking at her eyes, and fuck me if I don’t really want to know.

It’s part of how I’m conditioned, I tell myself.

I’m a dominant. When I administer punishment, it’s in my blood to see to the aftercare of my submissive, to check on their emotional and physical wellbeing. I spent the last year of my life in various clubs. I was never satisfied in any relationship unless I had a full-time sub.

But she isn’t your submissive.

It’s a constant fucking refrain in my head.

Who we are is a goddamn synthesis of our pasts and experiences, what we’ve done and what we hope to do. I can no more ignore the dominant training in my blood than I can ignore the fact that I’m a white male. That my father was a ringleader in organized crime. That the blood of an innocent woman will stain my hands until the day I die.
So when I hold her to me, it isn’t a conscious thought.

Her eyes look at me, wide and frightened, and I don’t know if the fear I see is because of what I’ve done to her, what I plan on doing, or that she knows where this can take us if we aren’t careful.

I release her, holding onto her arm to make sure she doesn’t stumble again.
“Be careful,” I say, rougher than I intended. I don’t want her to see weakness. She needs to fear me.

She needs to fucking fear me.



Island Captive by Jane Henry
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


I devoured “Island Captive” in like one sitting it was that good.


And no this was not no insipid flowery fairy-tale but it was definitely my kind of bed-time story
one where my evening is most certainly going to feature sweet dreams of the more carnal variety; if I’m very lucky that is.


The premise behind this storyline is simple Nadine works for a government agency that apprehends hardened criminals that have gone AWOL.
Along with her partner, she is hot on the trail of convicted killer Adrian who has been convicted of brutally murdering his submissive.
Nadine feels this one personally; despite her trying to stay detached and manages while recapturing Adrian to earn his own brand of personal hatred.
When their charter plane encounters difficulties mid-flight and crashes Adrian and Nadine are the sole survivors.
The roles these two started out with are dramatically reversed; Jailor becomes prisoner and the prisoner holds all the cards and is damn sure ready to use them all to his advantage.
I think someones definitely got a case of bruised feelings here.


So this is where our story really takes off and it’s fabulous.
Adrian in control making Nadine pay for every little slight while he in a way punishes here for her past treatment of him.
I have to be honest here I was struggling initially with whether I could grow to like Adrian as he just seemed so cold and single-minded in his interactions and overall mindset.

giphy (1).gif

no matter as the story unfolded, I began to warm to him as he gradually started to redeem himself.
The slow gradual burn between Nadine and Adrian really appealed to me.
I would have liked him maybe to show a bit more in terms of feelings as the book progressed.
But that was just more of a personal preference; I do like my dramatic declarations of loves and devotion and sadly that for me was missing here.
We do get the eventual HEA here, but it was just a little anti-climatic for my liking.
This had plenty of action and was super enjoyable, do be aware it is slightly dub-con in nature but that was half the draw here for me.
The eventual connection between Adrian and Nadine here was completely consensual just initially this does skate the boundaries please avoid if that is at all an issue for you.
So yeh my removing half a star was mainly due to the lack of emotional declarations something about seeing a tough grown man brought to his knees by the fairer sex just gets me all a quiver.
despite my above gripe, this was still a fantastic read that I really did enjoy.
So Imagine a naughtier version of the Blue Lagoon (Love that film) one with lots of spankings and you’re halfway there with picturing this.
This may be my first Jane Henry book but It definitely is not going to be my last.
Thank you to the author for providing me with an ARC of “Island Captive” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions are entirely my own.

USA Today Bestselling author Jane has been writing since her early teens, dabbling in short stories and poetry. When she married and began having children, her pen was laid to rest for several years, until the National Novel Writing Challenge (NaNoWriMo) in 2010 awakened in her the desire to write again. That year, she wrote her first novel, and has been writing ever since. With a houseful of children, she finds time to write in the early hours of the morning, squirreled away with a laptop, blanket, and cup of hot coffee. Years ago, she heard the wise advice, “Write the book you want to read,” and has taken it to heart. She sincerely hopes you also enjoy the books she likes to read.


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/ Blog Tour / Over The Edge / CD Reiss /


“This series grips you by the throat and refuses to let go—and you’ll be begging for more the entire time.” — Sierra Simone, USA Today Bestselling Author

Over the Edge, the stunning conclusion to the “intensely sexy” and “mind-blowing” Edge Series by New York Times bestselling author CD Reiss is available now!


The epic conclusion to the intense and dark Edge Series.

Limits tested.

Boundaries shifted.

Descend into sanity.


This is Caden and Greyson’s final story.


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About CD Reiss:

CD Reiss is a New York Times bestseller. She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print. Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn’t pick up she’s at the well hauling buckets.

Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master’s degree in screenwriting from USC. In case you want to know, that went nowhere but it did give her a big enough ego to write novels.

She’s frequently referred to as the Shakespeare of Smut which is flattering but hasn’t ever gotten her out of chopping that cord of wood.

If you meet her in person, you should call her Christine.


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/ Book Review / Meik & Sebastian (Obsessed #1) / Quin Perin /


❄️Book Review❄️

Release Date-14th July 2018
Kindle Edition-75 Pages


Quin Perin presents “Meik&Sebastian – Obsessed” – A best-selling Gay Erotic Romance 

All Meik cares about is lust, not love.

An eager boy toy, that’s what he’s looking for. Someone who worships the ground he walks on. The very second he lays eyes on the enigmatic, street musician Sebastian, he believes he found his new playmate. Obsessed with the young man, Meik introduces him to a world full of sins and desire until the man’s presence threatens to reveal dark memories he had locked away tightly.

This is the first book of the Gay Erotic Romance “Obsessed” and features explicit adult m/m content. The book ends on a cliffhanger but can be read as a standalone. This part does not entail any romantic elements.


Meik & Sebastian (Obsessed #1)

Meik & Sebastian by Quin Perin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Meik & Sebastian (Obsessed #1) does what It says on the tin.
It was a super dirty hot bite-sized portion of erotica.
One that I needed a good scrub to wash away the filth after reading.
This was Decadent and Dirty with capital D’s.
This is exactly what it promises, not a romance but a step through the looking glass into Meik’s hedonistic lifestyle, where he unapologetically engages a young musician he observes busking into everything that is sensual, filthy and hot.
introducing and initiating the young Sebastian into a whirlpool of pleasure and indulgence.
This was a short read the first part of a novella series and though short was packed in more ways than one.
Meik himself is a bit of an ass but no matter the lovely Sebastian more than makes up for the formers antics.
Will be interesting to see where this one goes.
This is one rude, explicit, indulgence and is currently free on Amazon if you want to give it a whirl.
All opinions are entirely my own.



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/ Book Review / Theirs to Protect (The Marriage Lottery #1) / Stasia Black /



Release Date-26th March 2018
Genre- Dystopian reverse harem Romance
Kindle Edition-322 Pages


In a world where there’s only one woman for every twelve men, a lottery is the chance for five lucky men to win the prize of a lifetime… her hand in marriage.

Nix never put his name in the marriage lottery for a reason.
He doesn’t need a woman.
There aren’t that many to go around anyway, not after a genetically engineered virus wiped out 90% of the female population.
He has his job as head of the Security Squadron and it’s all he needs. He looks out for the township. He protects the few women who are left.

But when his name is called to be one of the five husbands to the woman rescued from the badlands, he doesn’t speak up to correct the error.

Because Audrey’s like no one he’s ever met before.
That’s the name for her.
She might be just the woman to handle a rough, brutal man like him.

Sharing her with four other men is a small price to pay.
In fact, the closer they all grow, the more Nix realizes he might finally have again what he lost so long ago—a real family.

But when Audrey’s life is endangered, will Nix be able to save the woman he’s just learned how to love?


Theirs to Protect (The Marriage Lottery, #1)

Theirs to Protect by Stasia Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not usually a great fan of Reverse Harem tropes but this for me really worked.
Maybe because it was set against a dystopian post-apocalyptic background I found myself much more willing to accept the unconventional arrangement.
The female population has been decimated by a man-made virus that has wiped out 90% of them. On top of this nuclear warfare has also further ravaged the world leaving behind a new age of violence and fear especially for the fairer gender.
Audrey and her brother and attacked while trying to reach a safe zone and Audrey herself finds herself tranqued by Nix who is head of security and then escorted unconscious back to town.
Upon awakening, Audrey finds herself the prize of a marriage lottery where all interested parties are welcome to put there name into a hat for the privilege of becoming one of her five husbands.
Yes, I kid you not five of them.
Well I suppose 1/5 of a wife is better than no wife at all
But what I essentially loved about this reverse harem offering is that Audrey’s new potential husbands were not all your typical jock beefcakes, but each brought there own unique personality and separate flavour to the table.
We have Nix head of security protective, gruff, scarred and a bit of an ass.
Clark the smooth handsome charming ladies man.
Graham the resident smart Techie who is definitely on the spectrum.
Danny the buff sweet puppy dog.
Mateo Mr Fix It who has a dark past and just wants to serve Audrey in any way he can.
Together Audrey and her five husbands are Clan Hale; all taking Nix’s name as he is the Alpha and head of there, new family.
Each Man was just so different and this was one of my most favourite aspects of “Theirs To Protect”
Each husband had his own distinct personality and wasn’t your atypical romance hero.
This wasn’t an especially dark read despite some recountings of past horrific misdemeanours but there was definitely some darker triggers; my level of dark is quite high so this for me was rather sweet.
Just to clarify though; there is no grey ground here when it comes to Audrey’s boys everything here is totally consensual they all court her and treat her like a pampered princess.
There’s only really Nix that gets a bit bolchy with her bratty antics.
My only complaints here was really Audrey herself I found her slightly annoying at times and if she had just opened up and talked about what was bothering her then things could have been resolved much sooner.
But I suppose their wouldnt really be a story then.
I also was a trifle shocked by her lack of visual grief over her brother’s fate; I get she was trying not to think about it but she hardly gave him a second thought after arriving in town.
The only times she seemed to react here was when she was thinking about escaping.
But essentially at its heart, this was a really interesting read that I really did adore.
So uniquely different and a great start to a new series.
I accessed “Theirs to Protect” (The Marriage Lottery, #1) with my KU subscription.
All opinions are entirely my own.