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Title: Liberty

A When Nothing Is All You’ve Got Spin-Off Novel

Author: Kirsty Dallas
Genre: Standalone Action/Dystopian Romance
Release Date: June 20, 2018

“Face your enemy,
show no fear, fight to survive.”

I was a child
delivered to hell,


imprisoned in endless darkness,
until I found the light again.
I was gifted freedom
while still trapped inside a cage.
He helped me forget my confinement
He made me feel safe
And once I was old enough to know what love was,
He made me feel unwanted.
My name is Grace,
And this is life in Liberty.
Mature reader
content warning – This is a dark romance, with violence, drugs and sexual


Liberty by Kirsty Dallas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Release Date-20/6/18

This was my first experience with this talented author and got to say this one blew me away with its fantastic world building and imaginative storyline.
I have already been checking out further titles by this particular author so much did “Liberty” impress me with its unique and original take on a future dystopian America.
The “USA” a hundred years from now is a vastly different place to what it is now; with rules put in position to help keep tight control of the masses.
The country is kept in check with a prison system called the Underground; here crime is punished in exactly the same way for all; with incarceration in a vast beneath ground penal colony.
Man, woman or child; Murder or stealing; this is where you end up if you’ve broken the law.
Or been born to a parent who has committed such a crime.
Thrown underground or just born into a nightmare of darkness; here the inmates themselves are the Kings and Queens of this insane system; No way out once in; you’re a guest of the Underground till the end of your known days; however long or short that lifespan might be.
The rebels; a breakoff army faction who disagreed with the current government’s stance and harsh position on crime.
staged a breakout of all the perceived innocents thrown or born into this corrupt government system.
liberating them from there underground prison sentences and shipping them off into secret compounds across the country.
Assisting them to heal and recover from the trauma they have been cruelly exposed to; some from birth, these places have become almost places of regrowth and hope.
This is the tale of one such fugitive safety net, aptly named “Liberty” and the events that escalate here when it borders are breached by an outside force intent on destroying all that “Liberty means and stands for.
This is a spin-off story; set in the already fictional world of “When Nothing Is All You’ve Got” but can definitely be read as a standalone no problem at all.
Got to say though that I enjoyed this so much I will definitely be reading the original novel that this addictive tale evolved from.
Events here are told from dual POV; Grace and Ink; two of Liberty’s inhabitants and I really did adore so much the overall dynamic portrayed here between these two individuals.
Ink is a Rebel fighter; in Liberty to head up protection and defence for the colony; Grace or Gracie as Ink calls her is one of the liberated Underground Inmates; thrown in there at Twelve after accidentally killing her stepfather.
With an already established relationship of friendship here, it was just so easy to get lost in the easy rapport between these two; even despite some initial misunderstandings that were mainly the fault of Ink and his sheer stubbornness and total man-brain moments.
So; Ink and Gracie really do come into there own when they need to collaborate together to save there home and rid their borders of these unwanted invaders.
“Liberty was such a gripping and raw experience; with some truly reprehensible actions and characters throughout.
There was pure evil in some of the people here and this certainly didn’t pull its punches; like not one little bit at all.
Do Prepare yourself as this book shows you the depths of human depravity and Wickedness and what we as a race can be capable off when the rules are dispensed with; How far we can actually sink when we throw our common decency and morality out that window.
But it also reflects back at us; just how far we can push back for the people we care about and love; how strong a community can be when they stand as one but also how one rotten apple can topple the barrel; Liberty had its own Trojan Horse within its walls just like the famous Troy itself.
There were just so many fabulous diverse characters in Liberty; too many to actually mention and give them all the justice they so deserve.
I honestly never truly knew what was coming or what some peoples involvement or actual agendas entailed; this author had some seriously spellbinding story weaving Skills that I truly did appreciate.
It’s was like a superpower all of its own making.
Rather than just concentrating solely on the romance “Liberty” I found to be much more story and action focused; The romantic elements were all there They were just more of a secondary factor to the whole entire experience.
I also loved how strong and kickass a female Gracie was; It was also refreshing to see Ink try and allow her to be herself and trust in her abilities even when it made him feel uncomfortable to not be in complete control of events and their actual outcomes.
So before I go I’ve got something small to add on; there was a situation here that after I had reassessed my original thoughts; I was so ashamed of myself for being so blind and heartless to the whole event.
It’s an actual Trespass no matter how you look at it; just wanted to get that out there.
I’m just so glad that certain individuals here had compassion once they had the complete picture, and treated all concerned in the correct manner.
So just a brief trigger warning before I depart; “Liberty” contains very dark themes you have been warned.
But still saying that; I can not recommend this story enough it was one hell of a read That I couldn’t put down.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC copy of “Liberty” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Author Bio
Kirsty Dallas is the
Best Selling and Award Winning Author of the comedy romance novel, Decker’s
Wood and the highly acclaimed Mercy’s Angels Series. She has also written stand
alone novels, Breeze Of Life, Violet Addiction and the award-winning dystopian
fiction, When Nothing Is All You’ve Got.
Kirsty has also worked as a screenwriter, most recently embarking on a
joint project with Director and screenwriter, Chris Sun. As co-writer and script
editor on the film Boar, this highly anticipated horror has been signed to
Universal Pictures Australia and will release internationally in 2018.
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