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Release Date-24th March 2018
Genre-Romantic Suspense 
Kindle Edition-428 Pages

Laura Stevenson needs to get away. She is looking for isolation. She is looking for tranquillity. Instead, she finds Jack.
Laura thinks she has found the perfect place to spend a summer working on her book, a small cottage on the North Sea in Scotland. There will be no kids, no memories of the perfect life she once had, and no distractions.
A chance meeting with the mysterious Jack Ross changes everything. No matter how hard she tries to fight her desires for the sexy gardener with green eyes and a chiselled body, she just can’t stay away from him.
But what Laura doesn’t know, is that Jack is running from his past and it’s about to catch up with him. Laura is about to enter a world she could not even dream of writing. Can Jack and Laura mend each other’s broken hearts, or will it all crumble apart as they try to bring down the one man that could destroy them both?


Island (Portentous Destiny Series, #1)

Island by S.E. Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Release Date-24/3/18

Island (Portentous Destiny Series, #1) is the first book I have experienced by this particular author and I found it to be an extremely positive endeavour.
A Contemporary romantic suspense; this is one story that is full of twists and turns throughout.
Managing with no problem whatsoever to keep my full attention.
There were only a few teensy issues here for me and that was mainly down to my own personal reading preferences.
So first I really adored both the main characters here; Laura and Jack both have had there fair share of knocks in life and each has rather admirably dusted themselves back off and climbed back on the old merry-go-round that is life.
Their past experiences good and bad have ultimately shaped their future destinies providing them with an almost humble thankfulness for what they now hold dear and close to there hearts.
I warmed to Laura much more initially than Jack, but feel that maybe that was more down to the authors writing style and the fact that we only got to experience events from Lauras POV.
This resulting in me taking much more time to get an almost sense of the what and the why with Jack and where he was ultimately coming from; when I eventually did it was pure magic; totally worth waiting for.
Jack was such a decent guy who had suffered his fair share of knocks; in some ways, because of his own crappy choices in this life, but ultimately this didn’t define him as a person he had re-steered his fortunes towards a superior goal and for that, he deserved commending.
Jack wore his heart on his sleeve and what I liked about him most was his unwillingness to play games; I loved how he was so open with his affections; yes he may have been keeping a lid on his past, but I didn’t get the overall impression that this was due to any inate deceitfulness on his part.
I perceived more of a protective vibe from Jack rather than a dishonest one.
Laura, well I really appreciated her love for her family; they were her world which was so lovely,
After the total redirection of her expected pathway due to events totally outside of her control.
Laura could have wallowed in the unfairness of it all; instead, she had re-evaluated and this course had led her unexpectedly to the doorway of a totally new beginning with Jack.
Maybe the fates were in play for Jack and Lauras Chance at a HEA together; After the shitty knocks in life, these two had experienced I would so like to think this was the actual case.
Another great personality trait of Lauras was her inate loyalty; when she was onboard and invested she was there for the long haul; There was no unnecessary drama when the truth eventually emerged; she was just supportive and committed to understanding the whys and whatnots ; it was such a refreshing attitude to have and was just nice to see her love and care for Jack in his time of need despite the danger this actually placed her in.
So as I mentioned earlier we only get to experience events from Lauras POV; I would have prefered to also have got Jacks take on things too as I feel I would have warmed to him much quicker than I actually did.
“Island” was mostly set in Scotland where Laura as a writer had rented a remote cottage to complete her latest work; this is where Laura first encounters Jack.
There was great chemistry throughout “Island” I felt the actual connection here got more intense the further on I read.
This also had some fantastic secondary characters that were extremely well rounded and after a somewhat slow first half things then started to build in momentum until I felt a bit like I was on a runaway train with no idea of the actual destination.
I also really enjoyed how this one was wrapped up; it was realistic, but still gave me that sense of these two are going to be alright now vibe that I was looking for.
So this was a great read that easily kept my attention; if you like your romantic suspense then this is a good one I look forward to the next in this series; which I believe features Laura’s daughter Lily and is set in South America.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with a review copy of “Island (Portentous Destiny Series, #1)” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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