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Release Date-31st May 2018
Genre-Contemporary Romance
Kindle Edition

A broody bartender, a sassy-as-hell dancer, and a surprise twist on second chances; this swoon-worthy romantic comedy will have you laughing, blushing, and believing that maybe opposites do attract. Can be read as a standalone!

We had one night together six months ago. One terrible, no good tangle in the sheets.

I should be over him, right?

But James, with his gorgeous, ginger beard, shoulders that go on for miles, and soft, steady manner, is the only thing I can think about.

We couldn’t be more different. James is quiet and reserved, where I’ve never had a thought I didn’t express. He’s broody with a tendency to be reclusive and I’m just a little bit reckless and a whole lot of wild.

But when we meet in the middle? Those differences don’t seem to matter very much.

And now I wonder if maybe, just maybe, we can have a second chance at our first time.

Cut Loose is a funny and sexy story of second chances and happy endings. Also included is an excerpt of my next book, Cut Free, which releases in August 2018.


Cut Loose (The Sublime Book 3)

Cut Loose by Julia Wolf
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Release Date-31/5/18

“Cut Loose” by Julia Wolf was such a sweet emotive read.
I bloody adored James like so much; he was just so god damn adorable in his whole un-surety and inexperience.
I felt almost like we had reversed the roles here; with Frannie taking the part of the take what you want man with the fucking and chucking and James being just that much younger; Twenty-three to her twenty-nine and lacking the social skills and life lessons to maybe quite keep up with Frannie’s matter a fact attitude to all things romantic.
Now It was really nice to see James emerge from his shell and find his confidence and voice.
He was so eager to absorb everything Frannie had to teach him a ready and willing student.
And in my opinion, his masculinity was only enhanced by his inexperience; he was such a fast learner and it wasn’t long before he was taking the lead reins with Frannie which she really digged.
It was also quite ironic to see Frannie flounder in confusion as she realises she’s in deep for the first time in her life and watching her running scared and in self-sabotage mode was like observing everything to not do if you want to succeed in the matters of the heart.
Frannie was her own worst enemy; take about shitty logic this girl had it in spades.
To be on the other side of those pesky feelings is something she was ultimately struggling with.
I thought James seemed more than a match for his girl; his overall personality made him seem much more mature than his actual age and at times he definitely had more logic and wisdom than she had in her entire little finger.
I read so many alpha male books that this was such a lovely refreshing change to just kick back and appreciate the sweet simplicity offered up here.
And I especially loved the contrast between James manly size and his gentleness; a real-life gentle giant.
What else can I tell you about this great read; erm Frannie is a former dancer and now hair stylist.
James is a bit of a computer nerd slash bartender; he also had an especially well-conditioned beard; that Frannie really likes to sniff a lot; well I didn’t say she was quite normal now did I folks.
This was dual POV fiction which is my favourite; there was a fantastic cast of great supporting characters and though “Cut Loose was part of a series this can definitely be read as a standalone; which I did fine.
My only slight criticism here was that I thought Frannie was a bit OTT when it came to her deciding James had lied to her; come on now; pfft they were slight omissions at best; hardly the crime of the century; get a grip girl.
I think its more likely she was just creating reasons to condone her own unreasonable and unlogical behaviour.
So with “Cut loose” Frannie may have started things initially but its safe to say James definitely caught up and then some, and though there are no great shocks in the narrative here I still enjoyed this ever so much.
“Cut Loose” at its heart was a fantastically easy read that pulled you into its warm gooey centre; a truly positive. fun and at times humorous experience.
And on a final note; just go to say; my heart went pitter patter every instance these two uttered the repetitive words of Hi Frannie; hi James; it wasn’t what was said it was the way it was delivered.
I was like Aww; how awkwardly cute; and that is where I’m going to leave it.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Cut Loose (The Sublime Book 3) ” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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