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Release Date-30th May 2018
Genre-New-Adult Romance
Kindle Edition

Raven Elliot blasts into town like a wrecking ball—striking and devastating.
With a few simple words, my reliable routine crumbles to dust.

“Is this seat taken?”

I could close my eyes and let her voice wrap around me like a lover’s caress. 
But this isn’t that type of story.
And I’m sure as hell not that kind of man.

She hovers in my space, batting her lashes and smiling shyly.
The glimmer in her sapphire eyes is a promise of peace.
But I’m not falling for it.
And Raven doesn’t take the hint.

What starts as a battle of wills, explodes into a turf war. 
She stands directly in my path everywhere I turn. 
No matter how hard I shove, she won’t budge. 
Raven seems dead set on driving me insane.
But I was here first. 
And I’m not going down easy. 

After all, no one ever taught me how to treat a lady.



GENT by Harloe Rae
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENT Teaser 5
Release Date-30/5/18

Harloe Rae was a new author for me so wasn’t quite sure what to expect; So pleased to report that “Gent” was a very enjoyable endeavour indeed.
So first the characters portrayed here were in their early twenties; And while I usually prefer an older Hero as my go-to age choice; I also do enjoy the occasional New Adult book.
So this is an enemies to lovers romance.
The H Trey is a complete tool; like a major obnoxious, rude, opinionated man-whore with a ginormous chip on his shoulder.
The h Raven is his complete opposite in personality always willing to see the best in people.
Open, friendly and a complete sweetheart.
When Raven arrives in this small town after college to work at her friends business; Trey and Raven’s paths collide with epic fallout.
From day one Trey makes it his mission in life to alienate Raven; while in return she tries to reach out to him; extending an olive branch.
Both have similar life experiences but have ultimately coped in completely different ways, and it was quite apparent from the start that Trey was hiding behind his gruff rude-boy persona.
A shield erected to protect his heart from future wounds.
So I loved this story; it was simplistic and fun; A sexy hot read with your classic misunderstood Hero.
This wasn’t any major plot shocks here, and it was slightly predictable in places, but that really didn’t bother me as what we do get is still a lovely warm read; that was so easy to get lost and swept up in.
It was told in dual POV and had the added bonus of a great supporting cast.
I can definitely see future stories emerging from there.
This also had a sweet and romantic HEA and is your classic Girl saves boy from himself.
So “Gent” was great; I found it to be a very positive experience and if you like New Adult Contemporary romances this one is definitely well written.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Gent” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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