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Release Date-22nd May 2018
Genre- MC Romance
Kindle Edition-298 Pages



She was just a job.
I needed to get in and uncover the Iron Fists’ next move. They’d hit the Oath Keepers enough in the past, and being the newest member, it was up to me to get close. Had I known I’d be getting close to Chevelle, maybe I could’ve prepared myself. I went in seeking revenge and came out wanting to protect one thing—her.


Running The Pit was my life.
I needed nothing and no one except my cars and a heart-thumping race. Gear head, Pit Master, alpha bitch, take your pick on what you’d rather call me. However, make note of one thing: I take shit from no one. Not even a broody, bossy, gorgeous biker aiming for my race spot and heart.

Complete standalone/HEA/No cheating/Over The Top Alpha


Chevelle (Oath Keepers MC)

Chevelle by Sapphire Knight
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chevelle Teaser 2
Release Date-22/5/18

I really adored “Chevelle” like so much.
This story had at its centre; one of my most favourite ever Heroines
Chevelle; and got to say I’m totes loving the name; was absolutely kick ass.
A takes no prisoners Alpha female; whose resilience and sheer stubbornness has been forged on the streets she was forced to grow up on.
An orphan from a young edge and foster runaway, Chevelle has fought tooth and nail for all she now holds dear.
A complete petrol head and owner of the Pit Chevelle has only ever relied on herself.
This girl is definitely one tough cookie.
Enter Mercenary bit of a loose cannon; definitely, the Alpha to challenge Chevelles don’t touch persona; he’s a recent transfer to this towns chapter of the Oath Keepers and after only one encounter with the gorgeous pit owner and Merc is practically salivating to get up close and personal with this sassy mouthy gearhead.
So I loved the banter between these two; the dynamic here was incredible and the chemistry off the hook.
It made me smile every time Chevelle called Mercenary Cupcake, and to be fair he took it all in good fun.
It was actually quite humbling to watch Chevy slowly lower her walls as she began to realise that Merc was the real deal for her; he really was quite the sweetie despite his somewhat vulgar language and Alpha tendencies.
Trying to reign himself in as he attempts to give Chevy space was cute.
Well; Merc was actually quite shit at that if I’m honest, but it was ever so sweet that he still tried to go against his very dominant nature; was never going to quite work out though.
It was amusing then to just see him think; fuck it and just tell her how it’s going to be; a very Tarzan moment that; obviously what was ultimately needed from him though as it does work much more in Mercs favour.
A strong woman needs an even stronger man; cheville needed this to really respect Mercs Dominance.
This was told in Dual POV and has no OM or OW drama.
It’s part of a series but can easily be read as a standalone; I did and followed along no problem.
“Chevelle” has some fantastic diverse characters and was action packed throughout.
I thought an exceptionally nice touch was the inspirational quotes at the beginning of each chapter.

Woman who say “I want a bad boy” are clueless. What you need is a man who will break someone’s face for you but also make you breakfast in bed.

Bikes are like ol’ ladies, if it ain’t yours don’t touch.

Woman are like teabags. You never know how strong they are until they’re in hot water.

Loved this little feature and these sayings did bring a smile to my face often.
I also adored the epilogue; I especially liked how far into the future it was set.
Was so adorable to see Chevelle and Mercenary so many years later and discover what had ultimately changed in there lives.
One of my favourite epilogues ever.
So this was a great well written read that I enjoyed immensely and can definitely recommend.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Chevelle (Oath Keepers MC #8) ” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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