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Book: A Necessary Deception

Author: Lucy Farago

Genre: Romantic Suspense. 

Part of a series but can be read standalone.




The agents of the renowned Investigative Collection Unit have to be the biggest, baddest, and brightest to take on missions no one else would dare. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also the sexiest. But in a shadowy world where reality means living on the razor’s edge of deception, few survive with their hearts intact . . .  

ICU intel expert Monty Buchannan’s idea of fun is creating software—not roughing it in a cabin off the grid in Alaska. But his team forced him to unplug when his intense need to be in control put a mission at risk. Being alone isn’t a problem; most people make him uncomfortable. But there’s

something about the woman he finds floundering in a frozen stream that warms his ice-cold heart . . .

Taylor Moore was once a spoiled socialite famous for her tabloid-worthy exploits until she broke out from under wealthy father’s thumb. Now she’s the self-made CEO of an online matchmaking service—and on the run from Russian mobsters who’ve hijacked her website. But when she’s suddenly plucked from a river by a half-naked mountain man, trust will become a matter of survival. And desire just might break down the defences that have kept them both playing it far too safe for far too long . . .

A Necessary Deception (Search and Recover #2)

A Necessary Deception by Lucy Farago
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release Date-22/5/18

A Necessary Deception (Search and Recover #2) by Lucy Farago blew me the fuck away; my first experience of this very talented storyteller but certainly not my last.
I’m not exactly sure quite what I was expecting here with this, but can definitely say this was all good, and this snuck up so stealthfully taking me completely unawares.
If I could award this more stars I bloody would I thought it was that good.
This was a very addictive pulse-racing, romantic suspense; with a slow-build heat escalation between the two main characters Taylor and Monty.
I found “A Necessary Deception” to be in itself more story and action-based; With the romance between these two slowly progressing in the background as our story unfolds.
The sexual heat of this excellent narrative was dialled up notch by notch; building an almost sense of anticipation for the players as well as the reader; until it finally acclimated in Monty and Taylor being unable to deny the red-hot chemistry that had been built up between them anymore.
And when it finally does happen; the emotion and sentiment I felt here, was just so believable.
I adored the interaction between Monty and Tyler; they had such a rapport; the extreme circumstances of there situation had cultivated in such a deep connection; which had formed much faster than is usual.
especially in terms of Monty; he doesn’t play well with others; a mixture of his past baggage and solitary personality combined.
He’s also so different to your usual action hero; being his teams resident computer geek.
Montys really rocks the smart, hot nerd vibe; but he’s also able to handle himself and is buff to boot; Taylors one lucky girl finding her own personal Rambo way out in the boonies.
So this is set in the Alaskan Wilderness; where Monty has been offloaded by his team-mates for an unwanted vacay at one of there safe houses after screwing up on the job.
Stranded and without power, all he wants is to return to his beloved control room but knows he has to suck it up and deal.
Enter Taylor; CEO of her own matchmaker company; she luckily finds herself rescued by the hot computer expert after being abducted from her home by persons unknown and then after giving them the slip; taking an actual tumble into Monty’s creek.
It’s not long before these two are teaming up and fighting for survival as they try to escape the attention of Taylors Russian pursuers.
So; For a book with very few in-depth character portrayals; rather than the main two and also one so lengthy this was surprisingly good.
And All-though we spend all our time with both Monty and Taylor “A Necessary Deception” was also packed full of action, intrigue, suspense and romance.
It also had a surprisingly humorous vibe to it at times; the humour actually helping to actually defuse the stress of the whole sorry scenario.
This was told in my favourite dual POV and was such an intense experience overall.
And although part of a series can definitely be read as a standalone; I did and had no issues following along at all; the stories are connected but each is also separate.
I can’t stress enough how well written and engaging this was; this author has a talent for making you actually believe what your reading.
Romantic Suspense is not my usual go-to genre but this is one that certainly ticked all my boxes.
This is one read I highly recommend it was fantastic from start to finish; a job well done by the author.
Give it a go you might surprise yourself.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “A Necessary Deception (Search and Recover #2) ” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Meet the Author

Lucy Farago is an award-winning, romantic suspense author whose sixth book, A Necessary Deception, released this May. A native Canadian, she began her writing journey twelve years ago when she joined the Romance Writers of America. Although she reads all genres, she prefers turning that final page with a smile on her face. She strives to give her readers the same satisfaction.



“Admit it, you were scared when you first saw me, but when you

woke up, I was wearing the glasses. Your opinion changed. You thought

I was smart. Most people trust someone they perceive as intelligent…and

relatively harmless.”

“You mean nerdy. You wear glasses so people think you’re smart. Why

is it you have to convince anyone of that?”

“I’ll admit I’m not a patient person. I don’t want to have to continually

convince people I know what I’m doing. I…I did a lot of…convincing…

when I was a kid. I won’t do it again. You asked who I was earlier. I’m a

computer expert.”

Okay. “But not a normal techy.” Normal techies didn’t have underground

hidey-holes. “So, what is it? Information officer for the military. Hacker

for the CIA. What?” She’d feel a lot better if she knew he’d gone through

some security clearance.

 “You watch too much TV.”

“I don’t watch any television. Except for The Bachelor, and that’s purely

for business.” That was her story and she was sticking to it. “And who else

but the government would fund a place like this?”

He sighed like a man not used to people questioning him. “I work for

an agency that specializes in search and recover. Every team member has

a role. I’m the computer guy. Mostly, our job is to find…things.”

“Judging from the hardware out there, I’d say they don’t hire you to

find their missing pet.” Of that she was certain.


“And isn’t it the police’s job to find…things?”

“Sometimes,” he said.

“You with the police?” How much could she trust him?

“You’re asking too many questions.”

“Put yourself in my shoes.”

He got up and went into the kitchen. “How about some food? All you

had was soup, and I haven’t eaten since this morning.”

Why didn’t he want to answer her? “Avoiding my questions when you’re

stuck with me for who knows how long isn’t going to work.”

“I’m not avoiding. I’m hungry.” He opened a cupboard and pulled out

a large can. “Chili? It says right on the can, fit for kings.”

“Sure,” she said, more to stay agreeable than actually looking forward to

canned chilli. She joined him. “You don’t work with the police. Do you work

against them?” Although even to herself that sounded like a stupid question,

because if he did—if what they did was illegal—he wouldn’t tell her.

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